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Carriage Homes in Braemar have been a constant source of sales during the downtrending market in Prince William County.  These last two month, a total of three Carriage Homes sold.  First of all, if you are not familiar with the Carriage Homes, to put it plainly, they are the homes in Braemar tha...
What a great day for a settlement!  My buyers made a terrific deal on this 3 level, one car garage townhouse in Sterling, VA.   The unit has a fully fenced backyard, deck, finished basement, three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.  Don't forget the walkout basement and hardwood floors on the...
I have a family member who is selling his home and moving to the So. Cal. area.  He is looking in the areas of Studio City, Hollywood, West Hollywood or Santa Monica for a place to RENT.  He will very likely be relocating premantly, but needs someone to help with a rental first.  If you are inter...
It seems that everyday when I turn on the news, I hear more and more about the housing crisis in our country.  Foreclosures continue to increase, home sales are decreasing.  And somehow, ARM mortgages are the ones that are given the bad wrap. ARMS have specific least the plain ol...
As a Realtor, I got involved in my HOA because I understand the benefit of great community amenities and community covenants.  But when I first learned about Tartan Hills Village's relationship to Braemar (the larger community that THV is located within), I was shocked.  To begin, the concept of ...
I logged onto one of my AR groups yesterday and saw an ad for MMAs (Money Merge Accounts).  It was stated that this type of account could help you pay off your mortgage, giving you more money to spend, and utterly change your life.  Who wouldn't want THAT?!!!  Dad taught me, "IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOO...
Parents are always the first ones we go to for advice, especially with big decisions that they have already been through.  And why not?  They raised us from infancy.  They taught us right from wrong, nursed our physical and emotional wounds, and helped us blossom into the adults we are today.  In...
In my three years selling homes, I had never gotten that one buyer that had a reaction I will never forget....that was...until today. It began with a negotiation that had my buyer and I on the edge of our seats.  An additional offer came in at the last minute, just when we had verbally accepted a...
After a day of looking in the $250,000-$300,000 price range in the community of South Riding in Loudoun County, Virginia I am utterly exhausted.  It is more of a mental fatigue than a physical one. 99% of the homes I have seen in the pat three months have been bank owned properties.  Yep, bank ow...
In my neighborhood of Braemar in Prince William County, VA we've experienced a couple of break-ins recently.  While no one was hurt and very little was taken, there is nothing like it to shake up the neighborhood and make you feel vulnerable.  Several of my neighbors and I got together and made a...

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