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I really should entitle any post I write about short sales as "Musings from the Edge of Sanity."  I keep reading posts about Realtors frustrations with various banks, and how loooong they are taking to approve a short sale.  I think it's time for us to take a look at how WE, the wonderful, hardwo...
My very first clients in the real estate business have been building a heck of a business for themselves.  Pernell and Karen Disney started their own wedding videography business and have keep it growing! I've seen their videography work in their finished products, and their work is excellent.  I...
Last week, Virginia Governor Kaine signed into law the bill that makes the Northern Virginia Tranportation Authority Tax unconstitutional, and sets the timelines for refunding the money collected from home sellers since January 1, 2008.  You can review a copy of the bill the Governor signed at ww...
I had the opportunity to be a part of a conference call to motivate Realtors last summer.  It was not my coaching service, but a friend who believed in sharing what she was learning.  It was a slow day in the office so a few of us in the office gathered around the speaker phone with this very gen...
I just read a great post by Jeremy Blanton of Myrtle Beach, SC, talking about the difference between REALTORS and LICENSEES.  If you have time, you should make that your next stop on AR. His post reminded me of an incident that very clearl...
What a great tip I just got from a friend of mine.  I have to share it. Dial 1-800-FREE-411 from your cell phone and you won't be charged.  Seems you wouldn't be charged if you called from home either...but I haven't yet tried the service. If you dial information as much as I do, this will save y...
Yesterday my family and I met at one of the only open restaurants in Gainesville...The American Tap Room.  It was Easter Sunday, and the idea to eat out was spur of the moment.  The restaurant really wasn't very busy at all.  There were a handful of cars when we pulled up, and a handful when we l...
I'm sure all of us have had a bad haircut or two in our day.  It's no big deal usually, unless it's before your wedding or other special event.  But even then, your hair grows back and you find someone more capable of doing the job.  Sure you may have some unflattering photos of the bad "do" layi...
I think the answer is MOST DEFINITELY. (though I didn't know he was a Dad when this adventure started).  Part of what made my husband and I finally take in the three kittens was the wounded white kitty in the litter.  I recently adopted three kittens who were feral, and eating the food I was leav...
As if we didn't already have enough to think about.  When we go on listing presentations for a sale, we have to determine if the sale might end up being a short sale.  When we take buyers into ambiguously listed properties we have to inquire, "Is this a short sale or a bank-owned property?" The e...

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