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Wait for the Market to Give You Equity or Sell in a Short Sale?  As a Northern Virginia Short Sale Agent, I meet plenty of home owners who are hanging on by the skin of their teeth, waiting for the market to bring back some much needed equity so they can either refinance their existing mortgage(s...
Northern Virginia Short Sale Quiz:  Question #5 I started this series of questions because there are a lot of misunderstandings about Short Sales in our Northern Virginia market.  If you want to catch up with question #1, question #2, question #3 or question #4 just click the appropriate link. Bu...
Chris Ann Cleland, Individual Top Producer for Long & Foster Gainesville for 2011 Why bury the lead?  That's what I learned in my journalism studies while attending George Mason University.  Today was Long & Foster REALTORS® Gainesville's annual awards breakfast.  Most people come for the breakfa...
Northern Virginia Short Sale Quiz:  Question #4 Northern Virginia Short Sales are a topic on which there is a TON of misinformation.  We've already had question #1, question #2 and question #3.  In question #4, we are going to address a really critical point. Sellers of a Northern Virginia Short ...
Northern Virginia Short Sale Quiz:  Question #3 To clarify some of the major misunderstanding that buyers, sellers and real estate agents have about Northern Virginia Short Sales, I've decided to give you this quiz.  We've already had questions #1 and #2.  Now we are on to question #3.  It's goin...
Another Manassas, VA Short Sale SOLD! This Manassas, VA Short Sale was on and off the market four times starting in August 8, 2008.  The first attempt at Short Sale had a denial from the first trust holder, Bank of America.  The second go round was better, but Bank of America countered the contra...
Northern Virginia Short Sale Quiz:  Question #2 If you'd like to see the first question in my Northern Virginia Short Sale Quiz, click the link provided. Today's question is one I hear agent's giving both possible answers on, and clearly, there is only one answer. Can home owners who have had the...
Should You Include Your Children in the Search for Your Next Home? The Northern Virginia real estate market is anything but slow.  Demand for homes in our area has been outpacing supply, particularly in areas like Western Prince William County.  In this type of market, a buyer can find themselves...
Northern Virginia Short Sale Quiz:  Question #1 Seems there is a lot of misunderstandings about Short Sales in Northern Virginia on the part of buyers, sellers and even other agents.  When you've been working with Short Sales like I have since 2007, they really aren't as complicated as people mak...
Keeping Home Owners in Homes They Can't Afford is NOT the Answer Our national housing market is still a wreck from the subprime lending fiasco.  Some local real estate markets, like the one I work in Northern Virginia, have stabilized and seen some modest increases in value, but that doesn't mean...

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