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When Listing Your Home, It's Not Uncommon to Feel Rejected A home is a very personal thing.  Home owners have memories in every room.  They chose this particular house because they felt there was something special about it.  It's home.  And when they place their home on the market, it is not unco...
Like Moths to a Flame, Buyers Can't Get Enough Foreclosures I was meandering along the walkway in my front yard the other day and my eye happened to catch a really cool sight.  A furry bright red ant that had a black bad on its rear.  It wasn't a small insect.  It was about the length of half of ...
Sunday---My Least Favorite Day of the Week I think I don't like Sundays because they represent that feeling that was ingrained in me as a kid that my weekend was almost over and it was back to school in the morning.  Yuck!  Of course, having my least favorite dinner every stinking Sunday for my c...
At Least I Know I Come By My Tendencies Honestly In a conversation with my long time best friend last night I laughed and laughed at a memory from our collective childhood in which my father played the Survivor song "Eye of the Tiger" until our ears nearly bled.  We were too young to flee far fro...
Stop TALKING About What Your Clients Want to Offer and WRITE It Up! I think if I see one more call from a particular Buyer's Agent in my market, I am going to take my cell phone and throw it from the window of my moving car.  If you can't get a hold of me, or get a return call from me in the next...
Should Regular Sales be Compared to Short Sales When Pulling Comps? Oh how I LOVE this conversation.  I love it because there is a general sense in the Northern Virginia home buying and selling population that Short Sales are bargains.  Banks, staring foreclosure in the face are willing to do bar...
All the Marketing in the World Can't Sell an Overpriced Listing In the world of real estate today, marketing starts and stops with the Internet.  If you are there, you are EVERYWHERE.  The vast majority of buyers search for their home online.  Yeah you can insist on open houses every weekend, new...
When I Move Out of My Listed Home, Can I Disconnect the Utilities? If you have your Northern Virginia home listed for sale with a Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent, chances are you have signed an NVAR (Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®) listing agreement.  As such, when the seller sign...
The 2012 Braemar Doggie Paddle There's no better way to close out the pool season in Braemar, especially if you are an animal lover, than with the annual Doggie Paddle.  This year's Doggie Paddle will be on September 8th from 12pm-4pm.  Rain date will be September 9th. If you haven't been to a Br...

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