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How Do You Figure Out How Much to List For When Selling Your Home? Picking a list price is not rocket science.  When you are working with your Listing Agent, they will bring comparable sales in your neighborhood to you to review.  These are the sales that appraisers hired by the buyer will be usi...
Selling Your Short Sale AS-IS?  Great!  You'll Still Be Wise to Get It SHOW READY. There's been a lot of discussion in my Northern Virginia real estate business this week about the meaning of AS-IS when it comes to selling a Short Sale.  There are two issues that seem to come up again and again. ...
Does the Game Monopoly Have Anything To Do With Real Life Real Estate? I have always been a fan of Monopoly.  One of my guilty pleasures is playing the computer version of the game on my brand new Droid tablet.  Angry's okay, but I'll take a game of Monopoly over that any day.  Wh...
Contrary to Popular Belief, Banks Aren't Giving Homes Away Ever heard one of those radio commercials offering a free list of foreclosures and talking about how you could buy a home for as little as $20,000?  When you come across offers like that, I want you to think about the phrase you probably ...
If You Want to Be a Real Estate Agent, You MUST Be Good in a Crisis Being a Real Estate Agent is a very satisfying job, but it isn't all fun and games.  We are portrayed in movies as well dressed, smiling professionals driving high end cars and showing property.  Like I said, it's a very satisfyi...
Can You Offer Less Than the Approved Price on a HAFA Short Sale? This was a question that came across an Internet forum last night from a buyer in Bristow, VA.   Questions that buyers have regarding Short Sales are often best answered by starting from the listing side.  When a seller has been app...
Buyers Need to Stop Getting Caught Up in List Prices There are all kinds of buyers out there in the Northern Virginia real estate market.  Some don't take the list price into account at all and bring in low-ball offers on every property they wish to pursue.  Then there are those who have a mental...
The Importance of a Road Maintenance Agreement When Buying Rural Property You learn something everyday.  As a Bristow Real Estate Agent, I do most of my work in subdivisions...the land of cookie cutter houses, state maintained streets and public water and sewer.  When I recently connected with a ...
Kingsbrooke Townhouse Report:  December 2011 Just a few days ago temperatures in Kingsbrooke were in the low  60's.  As I type this Bristow is expecting a "wintery mix" and it's already below freezing.  I am told we will not experience any significant snow accumulation.  We'll see.  Predicting th...
Kingsbrooke Single Family Home Report:  December 2011 Kingsbrooke has been enjoying a mild winter so far.  Barely a snow shovel required.  Let's hope that keeps up for the rest of the season.  Now, with the last month of 2011 behind us, let's take a look back and see what happened in the Kingsbro...

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