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Kingsbrooke Townhouse Report:  April 2014 The pool is open and I bet that is where a lot of Kingsbrooke residents spent the day.  I spent it showing Kingsbrooke and other Bristow homes to buyers.  It's been a very hot market.  So let's see what that meant to the Kingsbrooke townhouse market in Ap...
Kingsbrooke Single Family Home Report: April 2014 May is not coming to a close before I tell you what has happened in the Kingsbrooke single family home market.  I have personally shown several listings in the neighborhood and actually listed and got one under contract, which will show up as a sa...
Victory Lakes Townhouse Report:  April 2014 The Victory Lakes Clubhouse has a new face for the summer swim season of 2014, but I have been too busy selling houses in Bristow and Gainesville to pop by and update my photo.  What else is new in Victory Lakes?  Well, in this edition of the Victory La...
Victory Lakes Single Family Home Report:  April 2014 It is hard to sit at a desk typing a market report when outside is a gorgeous evening and the smell of honeysuckle is overtaking my back yard in Bristow.  However, I am a Bristow Real Estate Pro and and I will make this Victory Lakes Single Fam...
Braemar Property Values:  March-April 2014 (Ryan Series) Ryan Homes built in Braemar have a lot of variety in size and finishes.  There are very modest Ryan Homes in the neighborhood, very much like a Heritage Series home by Brookfield, and some grand ones that easily compete with Brookfield's Ar...
Braemar Property Values:  March-April 2014 (NV Homes) Summer may not be officially here in Braemar, but it sure does feel like it with the Braemar pools having opened on Memorial Day weekend.  I bet the kids just wiggle and squirm in their desks at school, itching to get and call the school year ...
Your Offer Was  Accepted With No Counter. Did You Offer Too High? The Bristow-Gainesville marketplace of 2014 has been a seller's market.  That means more buyers for fewer homes.  Multiple offers are not at all unusual, particularly in more affordable single family homes.   When a buyer is making...
Braemar Townhouse Report:  March-April 2014 Hope everyone that wanted to was able to enjoy this grand opening weekend of the Braemar pools.  I know the kids in the neighborhood are super excited about it, and a good number of adults too.  Me, I'm far too pale to be out at the pool during the day....
Braemar Property Values:  March-April 2014 (Heritage Series) Memorial Day weekend 2014 has been fantastic in Braemar.  I took a walk the other day and loved the smell of the hot dogs and hamburgers wafting through the air.  Of course, I've been working most of the weekend, but I'm hopeful the wea...
Braemar Property Values:  March-April 2014 (Courtyard Series) It is Memorial Day weekend and the weather is gorgeous in Braemar.  Got out for a walk in our neighborhood today and ended up helping a wayward elderly dog back home.  He got out because the gate to the fenced yard was open.  Oops!  Re...

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