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Kingsbrooke Townhouse Report:  October 2014 Long holiday weekends always throw me off.  It doesn't feel like Sunday to me, or the last day of November.  Nonetheless, it is both of those things.  That means it's time to recap October's Kingsbrooke townhouse market activity.  We'll make comparisons...
Kingsbrooke Single Family Home Report:  October 2014 Tomorrow is December 1st, so you may be wondering, "Why are you publishing the Kingsbrooke Single Family Home Report for October?  Why not November?"  Well, the answer is simple.  Stats can only be run for a month a couple of weeks after it is ...
Victory Lakes Townhouse Report:  October 2014 Today it finally felt like the holiday season.  I walked into our Long & Foster Manassas office and saw paper snowflakes dangling from the ceiling tiles and glowing trees with sparkling lights.  Even though it is time for the year end holiday season, ...
Victory Lakes Single Family Home Report:  October 2014 We are officially in the holiday season.  And being stuffed with turkey and green bean casserole (a holiday must) from yesterday's feast, I am feeling completely content.  Then an alarm goes off in my head and I realize that I haven't put out...
Giving a Seller Another Reason to Be Thankful In the world of Bristow-Gainesville Short Sales, there is no bad time to get a Short Sale Approval letter.  Well, now that I think about it, there is a bad time to get Short Sale Approval---that would be AFTER the buyer has bailed on the contract beca...
Happy Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving turns out to be a mixed bag for me.  The great news is that my cousin Vincent and his two girls will be joining the extended family for the holiday, and staying with me.  I am so excited to see him. The bad news is that my immediate family, for the first time...
Braemar Townhouse Report:  September-October 2014 It won't be long until we are welcoming in a New Year in Braemar.  Time flies.  And when you spend your time looking back at Braemar sales to help buyers make offers, sellers find list prices, or to prepare this report, it feels like time is going...
Braemar Property Values:  September-October 2014 (Ryan Homes) As this Braemar Property Value Report is being typed, I am sure there are many preparations going in the households in Braemar for Thanksgiving.  The holiday is rapidly approaching.  I should be doing some preparation myself, but I'll ...
Braemar Property Values:  September-October 2014 (NV Homes) If you stepped outside today bundled up for the cold that we Bristow residents had been experiencing lately, you were probably sweating by the time you got to the car.  It was a balmy seventy degrees and sunny.  Nice change of pace. Spea...
When Do You Decorate for Christmas? As I started to get the itch to get my Christmas trees (yes I said treeS,) I wondered when other folks start decorating for the Christmas holidays. When I was a kid, we waited until December 16th to put up the tree.  Why that date?  It was Dad's birthday.  And ...

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