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Dunbarton Duplex Report:  May-June 2016We are in between thunder storms in Bristow, VA.  I bet it would feel great to step outside right now.  It was so humid earlier today that it felt like you were wading through soup just walking to the mailbox.  Days like these are great to stay inside and en...
Dunbarton Single Family Home Report:  May-June 2016The hot soupy atmosphere outside earlier today has given way to some serious thunderstorms in Bristow.  Nothing better to do on a stormy evening than catch up on things, like this Dunbarton Single Family Home Report.  This particular edition will...
Braemar Townhouse Report:  May-June 2016As I type this report, I am trying to revive my crispy, brown lawn with a sprinkler.  If I soak it a few days, maybe it will start to come back to life.  One of the things I hate about our summers here in Bristow is that our grass goes dormant if you don't ...
Braemar Property Values:  May-June 2016 (Ryan Homes)So much going on in Braemar real estate this week.  You wouldn't believe the amount of work that goes into to getting a home to close on time these days.  I've already had two Braemar homes with delayed settlements and narrowly avoided a third l...
Braemar Property Values:  May-June 2016 (NV Homes)Another summer day in Braemar meant another hot and humid day for folks to enjoy the pools, or kids to chase Pokemon on their cell phones.  Though 2:00am last night/this morning seemed to be prime time for Pokemon catching on Tartan Hills Parkway....
Braemar Property Values:  May-June 2016 (Heritage Series)It was another scorcher today in Bristow.  If I were a person of leisure, I would have spent the afternoon enjoying one of our Braemar pools.  Unfortunately, that wasn't in the cards for me today.  That's okay.  I'm used to having a busy ca...
Braemar Property Values:  May-June 2016 (Courtyard Series)It is time for another Braemar Property Value Report focusing on the most recent sales activity for Courtyard homes in our neighborhood.  In particular, we will be looking back at the months of May and June.  Too many time when I run this ...
Braemar Property Values:  May-June 2016 (Carriage Series)It sure was a hot one this Saturday.  In fact, it was so hot that my chronically cold mother complained about the heat.  That is unusual.  This is a woman that wears three-quarter length sleeves and jeans on a ninety degree day and never fe...
A Five Star Review of Chris Ann ClelandWhen recent Bristow Buyers, who purchased their first investment property, shared their review with me, I was thrilled.  It's not often that our clients get a chance to see a Listing Agent bring their own Buyer's Agent a gift and compliment them on the ease ...
Unusual Finds During a Home InspectionNo day in real estate is ever the same.  That is one of the reasons I love this job.  I get to do different things every day. Working with a large variety of people and getting to see a lot of different home styles and decorating trends make each day interest...

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