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Braemar Property Values:  January-February 2017 (Courtyard Series)Cloudy days can be the best days for a busy Bristow Real Estate Agent like myself to get paperwork done... and market reports.  Today I'm working on my Braemar Property Value Reports.  This one focuses on sales activity for Courtya...
Braemar Property Values:  January-February 2017 (Carriage Series)A rainy day in Bristow is a great time to sit down in front of my computer and tell you all about the Braemar real estate market.  It is Braemar Property Value Report time, after all.  And in this report, we are going to focus on sa...
Braemar Property Values:  January-February 2017 (Arista Series)Spring is in the air in Bristow.  As I drive down our suburban streets of Braemar I'm seeing daffodils and hyacinths blooming and our trees are finally sprouting their buds.  While winter didn't give us much of a show this past season...
Another Centreville Townhouse SOLD!On February 2nd (2017) I had the pleasure of unveiling a new listing to the Western Fairfax County marketplace at 14308 Johnny Moore Court in Centreville.  Like so many sellers I interview with, these sellers had a lot to do to get the home show ready.  What mad...
Professional Real Estate Agent or Dream Crusher?Northern Virginia's suburbs are the most expensive places to buy a home, but they are certainly way up there on the list.  First time buyers, particularly in seller's markets, struggle to find an affordable, move in ready, place to call home.When yo...
There's a First Time for EverythingBeing a Bristow-Gainesville Real Estate Agent since 2005, I  would have thought that I had encountered every possible twist on a listing appointment.  That was, until today when I had door to door listing appointments.Back in 2012, I sold a great four bedroom ca...
St. Patrick's Day 2017My Mom doesn't get out as much as she'd like to since my brother and I took her car from her.  Her memory is beginning to fail and so are her reflexes, so we thought it best to end her adventures in driving.  It's been well over a year now, but she still won't forgive or for...
The Glamorous Life of a Bristow, VA Real Estate AgentWhen you picture a Bristow Real Estate Agent, your mind may conjure up a gal in designer clothes, jetting around in her Lexus or BMW, taking every opportunity to stop at Starbucks, but never getting off the phone.  That's not my life.Yes, my ph...
The Best Thing I Heard All Day:  No One Knows Braemar BetterYesterday, thanks to a dusting of snow, coupled with loads of panic, title companies in Prince William and Fairfax Counties closed.  That meant a delayed closing for my latest Braemar Carriage home at 9758 Tobmreck Court.  Nonetheless, i...
Snow Day in Bristow, VA Means Delayed SettlementWhen we were entering the fall in Bristow, I kept hearing about how a lot of the natural indicators were predicting a heavy snowfall for our area this winter.  One of those natural indicators was holly bushes with TONS more berries than normal.  To ...

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