braemar realtor: Braemar Property Values: March-April 2014 (Heritage Series) - 05/25/14 06:20 AM
Braemar Property Values:  March-April 2014 (Heritage Series)
Memorial Day weekend 2014 has been fantastic in Braemar.  I took a walk the other day and loved the smell of the hot dogs and hamburgers wafting through the air.  Of course, I've been working most of the weekend, but I'm hopeful the weather will continue to be as perfect tomorrow when I get my down time.
Right now, it is time for another Braemar Property Value Report detailing sales of Braemar homes in the Heritage Series.  Heritage Series homes, for those who may not be familiar, are the mid-sized single family homes, built by … (4 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Property Values: March-April 2014 (Arista Series) - 05/16/14 11:56 AM
Braemar Property Values:  March-April 2014 (Arista Series)
Spring finally seems to have hit Braemar.  I looked in my garden the other day and saw purple flowers that seemed to have bloomed overnight.  Hopefully it won't get too hot too quickly, but at least you don't have to shovel heat.
This is the Braemar Property Value Report for homes in the Arista Series by Brookfield Homes.  These were the largest homes built by Brookfield and there were three floor plans from which to choose:  Allister, Buckingham and Canterbury.
Only one Arista Series home sold and that was a Canterbury with four bedrooms … (4 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Property Values: March-April 2013 (Heritage Series) - 05/22/13 06:56 AM

Braemar Property Values:  March-April 2013 (Heritage Series)
The sunny spring days are making it hard to concentrate on work.  Nonetheless, that is what I must do as it's time to roll out another Braemar Property Value Report detailing sales of homes in the Heritage Series from March and April.   If you don't already know, Heritage Series homes in Braemar are mid-sized single family homes with attached two car garages and include the following floor plans:  Exeter, Yardley, Zachery and Waverly.
During the months of March and April, there were five resales of Braemar Heritage Series homes.  The high sold price was … (7 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Townhouse Report: March-April 2012 - 05/13/12 09:22 AM
Braemar Townhouse Report:  March-April 2012
We're nearly midway through May.  Seems it was just the beginning of 2012.  That's what happens when you are busy helping people buy and sell in Braemar.  Our real estate market is on fire!  Since we've got two more months behind us, let's take a look back at the months of March and April and see how our Braemar townhouse market fared.  We'll make comparisons to last report (January-February 2012) and last year (March-April 2012.) And, as usual, we'll divide townhouses into Garage and No Garage categories.
To begin, Townhouses with No Garage saw two resales … (5 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Property Values: November-December 2011 (Heritage Series) - 01/07/12 11:09 AM
Braemar Property Values:  November-December 2011 (Heritage Series)
Seems as though Braemar will experience a mild winter this season.  Well, so far, so good.  It's only January 7th so anything can happen.  Some of the largest storms we've experienced have been in February or March.  We'll keep our hopes up that there are no major storms.  I know the HOA's would be super happy about that.  Snow removal can be a big expense when you have a rough winter.
Since the last two months of 2011 are officially behind us, we can take a look back at the Braemar real estate market … (3 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Property Values: November-December 2011 (Arista Series) - 01/06/12 10:08 AM
Braemar Property Values:  November-December 2011 (Arista Series)
One of the first things Braemar was hit with in the New Year was a snow squall.  The temperatures got bitter cold (mid-teens) and before you knew it, snow flurries turned into a furry of snow.  It didn't dump much on us, really just enough to turn the streets white for one night.  That was a few days ago.  Today temps were in the high 60's.
Now that November and December are behind us we can close out the 2011 stats with a look back at the Braemar real estate market.  In particular, we'll … (4 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Property Values: November-December 2010 (Courtyard Series) - 01/17/11 06:40 AM
The new year is here.  And while we are already enjoying 2011, it is time to take a look back to the home sales activity for Courtyard Series homes in Braemar for the last two months of 2010.  What's a Courtyard Series home?  It's one of three different floor plans that share a private pipe stem driveway and very small yards.  Floor plans include the Arlington, the Ballston and the Clarendon.
During the months of November and December, only one Courtyard home in Braemar sold.  It was a Clarendon model with a fully finished basement.  It's sales price of $340,000 becomes the … (3 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar: Bristow, VA's Largest Community - 07/05/10 02:39 PM
Braemar:  Bristow, VA's Largest Community
Braemar, Bristow VA's largest community, was built between 1996-2008.  It is made up of well over twenty-eight hundred residences in a variety of styles and sizes.  The homes in Braemar were constructed by three builders: Ryan Homes, NV Homes and Brookfield Homes.  Brookfield was the developer of the community and the lion's share of the homes are Brookfield construction. 
In Braemar, you can find a large single family home with over five thousand finished square feet of living area, or a townhouse style-condo, and just about everything in between.  Want a small single family home with a two car … (14 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Condo Quarterly: January-March 2010 - 05/12/10 01:44 PM
Introducing the Braemar Condo Quarterly!
The first quarter of 2010 was ripe with activity for home sellers in Braemar with properties below $250,000 in value.  First time home buyers were out in droves, looking to take advantage of the First Time Buyer $8,000 Tax Credit.   The condos in Braemar were a very popular option for many looking to live in Bristow, VA.
In the time span of January to March 2010, there were seven condo sales in Braemar.   Five of those sales were units with the one car garage.  The other two were sales in which the Buyer opted for more … (3 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Property Values: March-April 2010 (Arista Series) - 05/07/10 12:26 PM
It is once again time to look back at Braemar Proerty Values, this time for the months of March & April 2010 in the Arista Series.  The Arista Series consists of the large, single family homes built by Brookfield Homes and will be one of three models:  Allister, Buckingham or Canterbury.   If you have one of these models, this Braemar Property Value Report pertains to you.
Braemar Property Values were, once again, comprised of only one resale in the Arista Series in the last two months, so there was no averaging necessary.  One resale means the average market value is the sale price of the one sale.  … (3 comments)

braemar realtor: How a Bristow, VA Buyer Can Stand Out in a Mutiple Offer Situation - 03/26/10 02:57 PM
As a Gainesville-Bristow Realtor®, I haven't had any time to reflect on life's mysteries these days.  The real estate market has been keeping me quite busy.  I work representing both buyers and sellers in the area, though representing both sides in the same transaction is out of my comfort zone.  Dual agency is not something I feel is fair to the buyer or seller.  But I digress....
If I ever wondered, "What's a girl got to do to get noticed around here?" the answer had to be:
Find a seller to list their well kept townhouse in Bristow's Braemar at $250,000.
There were twelve … (6 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Townhouse Report: November-December 2009 - 01/16/10 05:06 AM
As we begin 2010, it is time to take a look back to November & December 2009 sales activity in this installment of the Braemar Townhouse Report.  As usual, our report is divided into two categories:  Townhouses with No Garage, and Garage Townhouses.
To begin, Townhouses with No Garage saw only two resales in the last two months of 2009, bringing the average market value to $185,000.  That's down nearly 13% since last report and down 9% since November& December 2008. 
If you put your No Garage Townhouse on the market and priced it to current market conditions, you could expect your … (11 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Property Values: Courtyard Series (November-December 2009) - 01/04/10 01:20 AM
Bramear Property Values are in for the months of November and December 2009 for the Courtyard Series homes.  What's a Courtyard home?  A Courtyard homes is one with nearly a zero lot line.  They are five to a pipe stem, fully detached homes and have two car garges.  Often referred to as "executive" homes, as they are ideal for folks that have no time, or want, for yardwork.    Courtyard homes come in three models:  Arlington, Clarendon and Ballston. 
The Braemar Property Values for Courtyard homes are calculated by averaging the sales within the last two months. In the months of November and … (6 comments)

braemar realtor: Braemar Property Values: November-December 2009 (Heritage Series) - 12/28/09 01:54 AM
Braemar Property Values are in for the last two months of 2009 for Heritage Series homes.  What's a Heritage series home?  That's easy.  A Heritage Series home is one of the mid-size single family homes with attached garages, built by Brookfield Homes.  They come in four models:  Exeter, Zachary, Yardley and Waverly.  Yardleys are by far the most commonly seen of the Heritage Series.
Braemar Property Value for the Heritage Series is an average of the sales for the two months prior.  In this particular report, five Heritage Series homes sold, representing varying sizes and floor plans.   And you'll see below … (4 comments)

braemar realtor: Northern Virginia Buyers Should Know Who Owns the Street Before Making the Home Purchase - 12/20/09 10:13 AM
Northern Virginia buyers should know who owns the street before making the home purchase.   Sure there are other, more important things to worry about like number of bathrooms, bedrooms, does the kitchen having an island, the family room having a fireplace.  Just remember to ask your Realtor who owns the street before making the purchase.  Why? 
I live in the community of Braemar in Bristow, VA.  It's a big community.  And one that has examples of all of the following types of street ownership:
PUBLIC (State Owned)
PRIVATELY OWNED BY HOA (Home Owners Assocation)
The ownership … (6 comments)

braemar realtor: Speechless Sunday: Winter Wonderland - 12/20/09 03:15 AM


braemar realtor: Bristow, VA: First Snow Day of 2009 Winter Season - 12/05/09 04:15 AM
Today is Bristow, Virginia's first snow day of the 2009 winter season.  A rare morning smile was mine as I looked out the window and saw the white flakes falling from the sky.  The world is so quiet on a snow day.  I love it that extra bit of sound insulation. 
And I especially love the views from my Braemar home on a snow day.  My husband and I purchased a lot where the views from the windows at the back of our home look at the FRONT of a house the next street over and the side windows look to woods.  … (7 comments)

braemar realtor: Wordless Wednesday: One Last Look at Bristow in Fall - 12/02/09 08:19 AM


braemar realtor: Braemar Holiday Lights Contest 2009 - 11/28/09 07:13 AM
If you are a resident of Bristow, Virginia's community of Braemar, you still have time to get up those holiday lights and participate in the holiday home decoration contest.  It's all about decorating the front facing exterior of your home with holidays lights and decorations.
Winners will be chosen in the following categories:
GRISWOLD (Most Outrageous)
TRADITIONAL (a.k.a. Home Sweet Home)
There will be winners chosen in each Braemar subassociation, in each of the three categories.  You've got until December 12th & 13th to get the decorations up.  And as of Thanksgiving weekend, it's good to see so many partcipating.  Braemar … (5 comments)

braemar realtor: What I Discovered Living in Bristow, VA - 11/25/09 04:05 AM
What I Discovered Living in Bristow, VA
My husband and I have been life long Northern Virginia residents.  We were both raised in Fairfax, VA.  With the Washington, DC suburbs being so transient, we are not surprised that we don't run into my people FROM Northern Virginia.
We lived in Fairfax County our entire lives, until we decided to buy a single family home.  At the time (the peak of the real estate market) our house buying dollars went much further in Prince William County versus the location of Centreville we were currently enjoying.  So we investigated Bristow, VA.  It was close … (12 comments)

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