gainesville: Gainesville, VA: Short Sale Approved and SOLD!!! - 06/30/09 11:34 AM

This short sale, located in the gated community of Piedmont, hit the market on April 15, 2009.  It was under contract one day later and sold on June 30, 2009.
There was only one loan through Wells Fargo.  It was a very quick process.  And the final sales price was $385,000, just $4,000 below the appraised value...$13,000 below list price.
The sellers owed no additional money to the bank.  The buyers got a  GREAT HOUSE that others buyers may have avoided because of the necessary third party approval by Wells Fargo. 
It really does help the short sale approval process to have … (6 comments)

gainesville: Speechless Sunday: Broad Run in Gainesville/Warrenton, VA - 05/24/09 09:32 AM


gainesville: November 6th Flu Shot Clinic - 10/22/08 09:20 AM
Long & Foster's Gainesville Office is hosting a flu shot clinic on Thursday, November 6th, 12pm-2:30pm.  The cost for a shot is $25 and will be collected in the form of cash or check only.
Call 571-261-1400 to reserve your space, or  walk in the same day. 
The Long & Foster Gainesville Office is located at 7526 Limestone Drive.   From Linton Hall Road, turn onto Wellington Road.  Turn left onto Limestone.  Long & Foster is on the corner of the shops.

gainesville: Remember "Block Mothers"? - 10/10/08 07:46 AM
When I was a kid, my mother was a Block Mother.  She volunteered to have a bright orange and blue symbol in the front window of our home, indicating that a child in trouble would be safe there.  The qualification?  She had to apply for Block Mother status with the local school, and not work during the day.  In other words, she had to undergo a vetting by the school and be likely to be home during the days.
With the increased fear of child abduction and crimes against children, what happened to Block Mothers?  Seems to me, that the more we … (6 comments)

gainesville: Yum! Lunch at the Gainesville, VA Pei Wei - 10/08/08 08:08 AM

Today was a first.  I was having lunch at Pei Wei...the Asian Diner by P.F. Chang's.  Our own Gainesville, VA locaiton opened up about a month or so ago.

The service was great.  The restaurant was clean with plenty of seating.  A little noisy for a business meeting though.  Most of our business chat happened in the parking lot after our meal.
I ordered the Sweet and Sour Shrimp platter.  There were more shrimp than this when it was brought to the table, but I was more hungry than I was motivated to take a picture.
The shrimp were great.  The … (6 comments)

gainesville: Route 66 Construction Collapse - 10/06/08 07:07 AM
This is something that got my blood pumping today.  My Mom called and sounded panicked.  She said Route 66 had collapsed on Route 29 (a major intersection in Gainesville, VA).    She couldn't find any news about it on the local television stations.
I jumped in the car, camera in hand, to see what had happened.  Nothing quite as dramatic as a collapse of a running freeway, onto a major highway.  This is an insection that is frequently closed due to construction.  What happened was a construction girder collapsed onto Route 29, from a non-open section of Route 66.  Still the photo … (14 comments)

gainesville: Ahhh...the Smell of Fall - 10/01/08 09:37 AM
Today was the first day in Northern Virginia that actually FELT like Fall.  The cool, crisp air.  Even the sky was accomodating with it's overcast blue and gray layers. 
So we opened up some windows to air out the house.  It was finally cooler outside than inside.  Like a magnet, that window attracted some others who were happy to smell Fall.  Shadow and Phoebe are two of our youngest cats that we adopted last Winter.  They were six months old and feral at the time.  They are more lovable with people than we could have ever imagined.   I finally was able … (20 comments)

gainesville: De-Furred Maintenance - 09/17/08 07:02 AM
Any home owner with furry family members knows that pet hair can collect quickly.  Long hair or short, our four legged friends lose a lot of hair around the house.  And the more animals you have, the more often you have to handle the pet hair clean-up.  And if you are listing your home for sale, you may find that you are cleaning up cat hair even more frequently.
Going from a two cat household last year, to a five cat household this year, I have found that the best way to keep on top of pet hair involves five tools.
1)  … (12 comments)

gainesville: What a Difference! - 09/03/08 07:34 AM
I had a listing  some time ago that was sapping my energy.  It was a lovely home, but wasn't getting anyone's attention that came through.   The owner and I were at a loss.  The home was vacant, but minimally furnished.  It showed well....or so we thought.
Enter the professional stager.  As soon as she had given the home a face lift, I knew that we were going to see some action.
Take a look at these before and after pics in the kitchen.  On the left you'll see what the home looked like when I took the listing.  Not bad.  But on … (4 comments)

gainesville: Outgrowing your Condo or Townhouse? - 08/26/08 11:18 AM
Outgrowing your condo or townhouse?  Looking for something with more room?  There is good news on the horizon.  Given the current market conditions, your next home is more affordable now than it may ever be.
Waiting for your current home to regain the equity you had a few years ago, may see you paying more for your next house than you need to.  As the market comes back and home values go back up, so is the value of your next home going up.
Want to know if you can afford to rent your current residence and move on to something with more space?  Consulting a Realtor before … (10 comments)

gainesville: Bristow, VA: Enjoy Summer with Soft Serve Ice Cream! - 08/12/08 03:18 AM
Swirlies in Manassas opened for business in the summer of 2008.  It's located on Pennsylvania Avenue, just off of Route 28 in the Airport Commerce Center.  And don't rely on seeing it from the main road.  Swirlies is behind the Buger King.
If you live in the Manassas or Bristow area, try to make a trip to Swirlies this summer.  You won't be disappointed.  They are many ice cream choices to enjoy.  And you can enjoy the airplanes landing and departing overhead at Manassas airport.  The kids will love it!
And look in the Bull Run Observer for coupons.  Swirlies has been known … (4 comments)

gainesville: Manassas, VA: $49,000 Price Reduction on this Luxury End Unit Townhouse - 08/08/08 02:43 AM

gainesville: In the Year 2014----A Look into Transportation Solutions Coming to Gainesville, VA - 08/04/08 10:07 AM
It may seem a long way off, but several transportation improvements will be underway by 2011 to eliminate some of the common problems that Gainesville, Bristow and Haymarket residents have been facing.  Good things come to those who wait.  So what are we waiting for?
Linton Hall Road will be elevated over Route 29 Route 29 will be elevated over the railroad tracks that currently run across the road Bridges will be constructed over Gallerher Road and Route 29 over the railroad tracks A lane will be added on Route 29 starting at Route 66 and ending at Virginia Oaks Drive … (4 comments)

gainesville: Coming Soon to Gainesville, VA---Chili's!!!! - 08/04/08 10:02 AM
Gainesville, VA is growing so fast.  It's hard to imagine that feeling I had, when I first moved here from Fairfax, VA, that I had moved into the boonies.
So many shops and restaurants are springing up all around.  Linens and Things, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sports Authority, Pei Wei, Michael's.  And just the other day something that really caught my attention:

I love Chili's.  It's been one of my favorite casual dining restaurants for twenty years.  And now there will be a brand spanking new one in Gainesville, at the intersection of Wellington Road & Linton Hall Road.  Woo-hoo!!!  Anyone … (6 comments)

gainesville: Another Satisfied Bristow, VA Buyer!! - 07/25/08 10:05 AM
Relocating to the Washington, DC Metro Area from the Southwestern United States can be culture shock....especially when it comes to price!  My most recent homebuyers started off in a rental, then chose to buy once familiar with the area. 
This Canterbury Model by Brookfield, in the community of Braeamr, was the house they chose.  Over 5400 finished square feet.  Four finished levels, including the loft (princess suite).  Five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, hardwood floors, finished basement with bar, two car garage, trex deck and backing to a nicely wooded, tree save area. 
The buyers got a great deal.  They purchased the home (a … (8 comments)

gainesville: Know Your Pet's Woobie - 07/20/08 04:22 AM
Mr. Mom is a movie that stays with you.  Remember Kenny and his woobie?  That beat up old blanket he carried around?
Every one needs a woobie. Every one of our five cats have their own distinct woobies.  That one toy, bed, or blanket that they uniquely love. It's their "happy place".  The one thing that can bring instant emotional relief.
One of the most notable, and longest standing woobies in the house is the yellow rain jacket.  It's Rudy's woobie.  He loves this thing.  If he's seen it recently, hung up to dry, he'll sit in front of it, staring up and cry.  You … (13 comments)

gainesville: Curb Appeal: Give Your Home an Edge - 07/19/08 08:46 AM
Curb appeal is all about first impressions.  There are many details that you can attend to in an effort to make that positive first impression.  Edging is something that requires sweat equity.  And in the Northern Virginia summer heat, you may want to wait until an hour before dusk to get started on an edgiing project.
Edging creates clearly defined borders.  While most people associate edging with the definied border between grass and sidewalk, edging can also be done around your mulch beds and gardens for that extra WOW factor.
An edger may not be effective if you haven't been maintaining … (4 comments)

gainesville: Another Satisfied First Time Home Buyer - 07/17/08 07:25 AM
I love helping first time home buyers become first time home OWNERS.  There is such a feeling of satisfaction helping someone through the process of buying their very first home.  It's the start of their financial future. 
Yesterday I had the pleasure of handing the keys to my buyer client, a first time home buyer.  We found this great townhouse in the community of Braemar.  Three finished levels, end unit, one car garage and a three level bumpout.  And it even had a deck!  It was in excellent condition. The home inspection revealed no problems.
We negotiated a sales price that was 21% … (12 comments)

gainesville: Welcome to Braemar's Clareybrook Park - 07/16/08 03:24 AM
Welcome to Braemar's Clareybrook Park, located just off the intersection of Rob Roy Way and Sudley Manor Drive.   This is one of two official parks in Bristow, VA's Community of Braemar, Braemar Park being the other. 

Clareybrook Park is most well-known as "the park next to the pool."  This area in the newer, or more recent built section of Braemar was carved out for recreation for kids twelve and below, but has some aurrounding attractions that serve residents of all ages.  For the purpose of this article, we won't focus on the pools in Braemar.  This is to acquaint you … (8 comments)

gainesville: FDIC's Reassurance after Demise of Indymac Bank - 07/14/08 08:24 AM
I was lucky enough to catch an exclusive interview that Rick Sanchez of CNN conducted with a muckety-muck with the FDIC regarding this Indymac meltdown.  It was 1am, so I was not exactly taking notes on who was speaking, but what this guy said really caught my attention.
Evidently, there are 90 banks on the FDIC's "watch list".  Indymac was not one of them.  Does that make your stomach flip the way mine did when I heard it?
The FDIC muckety-muck was very rather non-chalant about dropping this tidbit of information, and it was present so as to not panic, rather reassure.  … (8 comments)

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