fort wayne indiana vacation 2008: We Came, We Saw, We Held The Giant Pickle! - 11/16/08 03:34 PM
We Came, We Saw, We Held The Giant Pickle!Many of you might have noticed a while back I finally updated my pic to this:
This picture is of myself in the middle and my husband Rick to the left and son Austin to the right.  While on vacation we visited a pickle factory...sounds kind of weird, but my son loves pickles and the factory offers tours and is located about 30 minutes from New Haven, IN where my husband grew up.The night we arrived my husband's mother, Juanita, told my husband about some locally manufactured pickles she had … (13 comments)

fort wayne indiana vacation 2008: Do you ever just sit and look up at the clouds? - 10/20/08 04:46 PM
Do you ever just sit and look up at the clouds?As a child I used to love staring at the clouds...lying in the cool grass...and seeing what shapes I could find.I haven't taken too much time in late years for this pass time...too much work to do,but thanks to Robert Swetz and Sharon Young I am again looking at what beautiful marvels are up in the sky.Robert & Sharon have a group called Clouds At Active Rain (Clouds Attached).I recently returned from vacation I took a lot of cloud pictures from various parts of the Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding … (38 comments)

fort wayne indiana vacation 2008: There Is No Place Like Home - 10/18/08 12:14 PM
Today has been a very interesting day to say the least and I can honestly say like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz "There's no place like home".  I am so happy to be home, but it seems like everything is just not going to well today.  We flew in last night from Indianapolis after driving from Fort Wayne.  Our flight was due to depart at 8pm Indiana time which put us driving through Indy during rush hour.Along the way I was answering questions since my partner, Crystal, told some people I was flying home at 10:30 am instead of pm.  We … (10 comments)

fort wayne indiana vacation 2008: Momma I'm Coming Home - 10/17/08 03:11 AM
Momma I'm Coming Home Momma I'm Coming Home

Well todays the day....I am flying home to Arizona.  My trip to Indiana is over and now I have to get back home and into my normal routine.  Yes, that means on Monday I am off to work...oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I look forward to getting home to my precious animals especially my beautiful cat Amadeus.  I also look forward to seeing my parents and sister again.  Visiting is always nice, but I am glad to be heading home.

I have a return flight song for … (8 comments)

fort wayne indiana vacation 2008: A Drive Through Scenic Indiana - 10/16/08 09:58 AM
The best part for me about about the Mid-West is the beautiful scenery, at least for me.  Growing up in the area I used to drive down little traveled roads just to look at the landscapes and the greenery.  On vacation here in Indiana I took tons of landscape pictures and wanted to share some with all of you.  These photos are taken from different areas around St. Joe, Wabash, Ft. Wayne, Peru, etc....  I hope you enjoy them.  I promised Robert Swetz I would share some photos so hopefully he likes them. I like pictures of rustic landscapes and … (16 comments)

fort wayne indiana vacation 2008: Random Cloud Pics For A Beautiful Day - 10/16/08 08:47 AM
Back home in Arizona the clouds are not usually out too much and usually when they are I never have have my camera handy.  I rushed home one day from work since I noticed the clouds were out and by the time I arrived it was too dark to get the clouds.  While I have been away, visiting Indiana and relatives, I have been taking plenty of cloud pics...that way when I want to have my head in the clouds I'll have plenty around.
Robert Swetz...I promised you cloud pics and here are a few.  Don't worry I have more!  

fort wayne indiana vacation 2008: Coney Island Wiener Stand in Fort Wayne IN, A Piece Of Nostalgia - 10/15/08 03:40 AM
Fort Wayne's Coney Island Wiener Stand has been a piece of its Americana since 1914.  The nostalgic hot dog stand is a must see for any visitor of Fort Wayne, IN.  
I cannot imagine making a trip to the city...or state for that matter...without making a stop to the famous Coney Island Wiener Stand.  Going to Coney Island is a local must and everyone around the area has heard of it.When I first met my husband in 1997 he brought me to the famous Coney Island and I thought "how bizarre" that you could actually enter through the back door. … (7 comments)

fort wayne indiana vacation 2008: The Allen County Public Library: One Stop Along My Vacation Way - 10/13/08 03:10 AM
My husband and I used to live in Fort Wayne, In and moved away in April 2002...not long after the tragic events of 9/11 so it is very easy to remember. During the time we have been gone so much has changed that whenever we come here for vacation we spend quite a bit of time driving through the city and surrounding areas to see what all has been changed.  My husband grew up in New Haven, IN just minutes from Fort Wayne so he knows the area very well.My son being the book lover he is always loved going … (15 comments)

fort wayne indiana vacation 2008: My First vacation In I Cannot Remember How Long - 10/06/08 06:30 PM
Finally, on Wednesday I am taking a much needed break from work.  My husband, son and I are heading to Fort Wayne, IN to visit my husband's family and my older twin brothers.  In preparing for our trip I have been reflecting on the last year or so and everything that has happened since last May.Last May my husband's niece was getting married in Colorado Springs.  Most of his family was going to be in attendance which was pretty exciting for both of us because for quite a few of them we hadn't seen in quite a long time.  We were … (26 comments)

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