chinese real estate website: Orange County 橙县 California is a Hotspot for Wealthy Chinese Home Buyers - 03/14/12 12:02 PM
Orange County is booming with wealthy Chinese according to this recent Bloomberg segment. Several factors are driving more wealthy Chinese buyers to purchase homes in the US, and locations like Orange County are particularly appealing. Check out the video below. The reasons may suprise you.


chinese real estate website: Chinese Websites for Luxury Real Estate - 01/18/12 02:34 AM
New for 2012. Hosted Chinese sites for your luxury portfolio.
Want to really impress your clients?
List your properties internationally, and in style. Interested? Email me for pricing. Getting started is easy!


chinese real estate website: Caimeiju Connects Los Angeles Real Estate Icon with Chinas Richest Tycoons - 11/28/11 09:37 AM
Caimeiju Connects Los Angeles Real Estate Icon with China’s Richest Tycoons

At Caimeiju, we are a company of doers. Sometimes we write about what we do, or in this case what we do for our clients. This is one of those moments.
Sally Forster Jones, Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate Icon and listing agent for the property, recognizes that international buyers are the key to success in this challenging market, so when she contacted Caimeiju to learn about our services, we were eager to show what we could do.
The Proposal Sally informed us of her upcoming trip to China … (0 comments)

chinese real estate website: Want real estate buyers in China to visit your website? Be on Chinese Search Engines - Part #1 - 09/22/11 01:52 PM
How do I get people to find my website from China? I get asked this question all of the time so now I will attempt to answer.
The internet in China plays by a diffrent set of rules then we are familiar with here in the US. For one, Google is not the search engine of choice. Theirs is Baidu.
The Great Firewall of China - This is a term referring to the websites in the west that are essentialy blocked in China. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even parts of Google are sites we rely on here that are not accessible for the Chinese internet user. … (3 comments)

chinese real estate website: Malibu Estate on Auction - Caimeiju Marketing Project - 09/16/11 12:29 PM
It is Friday afternoon so I am keeping this one really short. A property originally listed at $65 Million ( Yes Million ) is now going to auction with opening bid of $22 Million. For all of you bargain shoppers sitting on a pile of money, this one is too good to pass up.

All joking aside, I really just wanted to show off the marketing we did for this on Caimieju. The auction company knows that buyers for a place like this could very easily come from overseas, especially China.
If you have a special listing that … (1 comments)

chinese real estate website: Chinese / English Social Networking site for Real Estate - 08/04/11 04:22 AM
Hi All,
If you ever wanted to network with Chinese real estate professionals (or happen to be one ), now you can. Caimeiju has created its very own community.
Make friends, post photos, and network with other like minded real estate professionals. We have about 320 registered members right now so it is not exaclty Linkedin, but about half of the users are from China and involved in real estate in some way. The other members are realtors just like you. Give it a shot and enjoy! 
Direct link to English sign in page:


chinese real estate website: Caimeiju page on Soufun Chinese Real Estate Website - 100,000 hits - 06/09/11 03:59 PM

chinese real estate website: 875,000 Chinese Millionaires - 01/31/11 11:08 AM
Chinese millionaire's (and billionaires) continue to grow in numbers.  Highlights from the prestigious Hurun Rich List were published this October. Hurun Report is widely recognized as the foremost authority in tracking the rapid changes amongst China’s high net worth individuals. “People often aren’t considered truly rich until anointed by Hurun Report…”Wall Street Journal US Edition Jan 2008"  
Below are highlights from the list. To see the full report, click here.• Today there are 1363 individuals with billion Chinese Yuan (US$150 million),up from 1000 last year and only 24 ten years ago. There are 189 US Dollar billionaires that we know of, suggesting … (6 comments)

chinese real estate website: The FACEBOOK of CHINA - China's Social Networking Site Structure - 01/25/11 03:32 AM
Attempting to explain Chinese Social Media is no easy feat, especially when most people are not even aware of its existence.  For businesses like Caimeiju we pay close attention because this landscape is always evolving and determines how we leverage it in marketing efforts for our clients.
In many of our blog entries I attempt to highlight some aspect of Chinese Social Media, so you can imagine how excited I was to find this month's issue of Fast Company Magazine with"The FACEBOOK of CHINA" boldly written across the cover.
The SOCIAL (IST) NETWORKS - Link to article click here
"Netizen" is the name given to describe Chinese internet users. In China the percentage of Netizen's using some sort … (0 comments)

chinese real estate website: 金嗓子流浪汉成媒体红人 (Man with the Golden Voice) - 01/06/11 03:41 PM
Let's just call this a social experiment. Caimeiju has been extremely busy since returning from Beijing and will be putting out a few big announcements very soon. So before we get into all of that I wanted to have a little fun...

By now most of us have seen video of the homeless man named Ted Williams, who is now what everyone is callling the "Man with the Golden Voice".  Well, we wanted to share it with China and posted it on Caimeiju. Our Social Media team in Beijing is pushing the link out on the Chinese social media sites. So what is the point? To be honest, there … (2 comments)

chinese real estate website: Realtors Visit China for Real Estate Expo - 12/15/10 05:20 PM
Caimeiju 采美居 travels to Beijing to attend the 2010 LP-Showcase Luxury Property Expo
Along with an impressive list of global exhibitor's, there was quite a good turn out from North American Brokers, Developers, and Realtors at this event.
Representing Hawaii were Neal Norman from KOA Kauai, Cheryl Dillon and James Wright from Century 21 of Honolulu, and Johnny McElree from Century 21 All Islands.

Cherly Dillon and Johnny McElree
California had a few great booths as well. Kim Markham and Mimi Takeuchi held down the fort at the very impressive Engel & Völkers exhibit. Kim gave a presentation to Chinese … (3 comments)

chinese real estate website: YouTube... No Youku - 12/08/10 06:21 PM
Coming up with a title for this one eluded me. There are simply too many to choose from. Here are a few Google front page headlines about Youku's landmark IPO:
Youku IPO Mints A New Chinese BillionaireVideo site Youku's IPO raises $203mShares Of Youku, China's YouTube, Double At IPOYouku Has Biggest U.S. IPO Gain in Five Years on China DemandYOKU (NYSE Listed) Stock Surges: YouKu IPO Frenzy
So why is this a big deal? Because Youku is a copy of YouTube. YouTube is blocked in China, and China has more internet users than the U.S.
"China had an estimated 420 million … (0 comments)

chinese real estate website: 紧临Waikiki海滩 - 11/29/10 01:50 PM
Now that it is freezing in most parts of the country (even Southern California) I think now is an appropriate time to introduce our newest client, Catherine Lin of Patricia Choi Realty in Honolulu.
If you follow my blog you may recall a post, Chinese Buyers in Hawaii. Patricia was actually quoted by the New York Times about the activity of buyers from China in Oahu. We are flattered such authority figures as Catherine and Patricia trust Caimeiju to help market their business and listings to buyers in China.
To see all of Catherine's listings in Caimeiju, Click Here!


chinese real estate website: Sotheby’s Realty Director of International Marketing/Asia, Angela Wong partners with Caimeiju to interview with Shenzhen Radio Station. - 10/26/10 02:30 PM
Popular Chinese radio station "Shenzhen Radio Station" will interview Caimeiju on October 28th to discuss the current climate of U.S. real estate and answering questions Chinese People have in making a purchase overseas.

Representing Caimeiju to conduct the radio interview will be Sotheby's International Realty's new Director of International Marketing/Asia, Angela Wong. Trilingual in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, Angela's devout overseas and local clients praise her loyal character and integrity. As she continues to build her clients in the Pacific Rim and Hong Kong, she maintains her committed service to Southern California. Also contributing to the interview will be New York … (1 comments)

chinese real estate website: U.S. Luxury Real Estate Agent Visits China to Meet with Investors - 10/21/10 06:54 AM
Joyce Rey is not only one the the top producing Real Estate agents in the world, she is also a client of Caimeiju. Currently she is in China right now promoting her properties to investors in Beijing and Shanghai.
Apparently she is making an impression because I just came across this article from "The Peoples Daily", a Chinese based news publication.
"Chinese home buyers heading overseas" is the headline. Click the link to read the whole article.
Here are a few highlights from the article:
During her visits to Beijing and Shanghai, Rey will also be meeting high net worth Chinese individuals … (2 comments)

chinese real estate website: Chinese High Rollers Invest in US Real Estate - 10/13/10 04:15 PM
I hear the most difficult challenge about blogging is coming up with something interesting to write about. In my case, we have the opposite problem. It seems like every day there is a new headline about Chinese Investors making purchases in North America.
Today's headline is from 贝弗利山庄 Beverly Hills  where CNBC reports that Chinese High Rollers Invest in US Real Estate. 
A few highlights from the article:
"Yiu says they first started buying so-called "trophy properties" at the bottom of the market in the '90s, properties like the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and the Four Seasons in New York."


chinese real estate website: Chinese Investors - Immigrants Buying High-End Victoria, BC, Real Estate - 10/08/10 05:33 PM
Typically I like to reference articles written in well respected main stream media publications but this blog entry caught my eye. "Chinese Investors - Immigrants Buying High-End Victoria, BC, Real Estate".
About a month ago we took on a client named Paulette Marsollier from Sotheby's Canada who sells real estate in Victoria. She did confirm there are a lot of people from China picking up property there.
Here are a few lines from the blog " Last year, Soufun, China's largest real estate website, organized a trip to the US in order to buy overseas real estate. This year, Canada was chosen … (1 comments)

chinese real estate website: China's Internet: Their Facebook, Google, and YouTube - 10/05/10 03:32 PM
We write a lot about Chinese Social Media. It is not always that easy to explain so you can imagine how excited I was to find this little clip from CNN!
Take a look at the video here >  "Will China Miss Google ?"

What is really great is that it reinforces everything we have been talking about on our previous blogs. They mention QQ, Youku, and of course Baidu.
We use the methods discussed in the interview to market North American real estate to buyers in China. Below is a screen shot of the QQ real estate … (2 comments)

chinese real estate website: 百度搜索_美国房地产网站 ( U.S. Real Estate Website ) - 09/29/10 03:36 PM
If you follow the news, you may have heard that Google pulled out of China a few months ago to protest the Internet censoring procedures practiced by the Chinese Government. For a little background on this you can take a look at this recent article by Forbes "Google off'l: company's future in China uncertain"
The most popular search engine in China is called Baidu, and now with the retreat of Google it is even more popular. 
The image below is a search result on Baidu for 百度搜索_美国房地产网站 which means ( U.S. Real Estate Website ). As you can see, we have … (0 comments)

chinese real estate website: Chinese buyers in Hawaii? - 09/28/10 10:32 AM
I just came across this article from the New York Times "Asians See Value in High-End Hawaiian Homes".
It was very interesting because I always knew Hawaii was very popular with Japanese but until recently have not heard much about popularity with buyers from China.
"As evidence of the trend, agents referred to the recent sale of a $3.85 million home in the gated Honolulu community of Hawaii Loa Ridge to a mainland Chinese buyer. In May, a Chinese investor closed on a $7.8 million oceanfront property in Hawaii Kai and another paid $6.8 million for a Kailua beachfront property adjacent to … (6 comments)

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