clarksburg: Clarksburg - Waterfront home on acreage - 06/05/10 06:28 AM
Clarksburg - Waterfront home on acreage … (0 comments)

clarksburg: Husick's Hardware in Clarksburg - 03/23/09 09:25 AM
Addition to earlier post-- I tried the sandwiches at Husick's. Yummy. A cute place with local art and wine. Great gathering spot and delicious food. The owners are really friendly.
I have not yet had a chance to try it, but there's a new place to get a bite to eat in Clarksburg. It's Husick's Hardware. I've been told the sandwiches are heavenly. They also have a selection of pastries. I think I'll run over there and try one now... More soon, Cari

clarksburg: Clarksburg - Oktoberfest - Saturday October 18th - 10/15/08 09:02 AM
Oct. 18 ~Oktoberfest

11:00 AM-5:00 PM. The Old Sugar Mill (35265 Willow Ave).
Celebrate Oktoberfest at the Old Sugar Mill with sausage, sauerkraut
and German potato salad with all the fixings! Besides the great food,
Walter Grob will be on hand with his accordion and there will be 6
different tasting rooms open for complimentary wine tasting!

clarksburg: Walnut Season in Clarksburg...Please be careful! - 10/07/08 09:02 AM
It's that time of year again when people descend on Clarksburg to pick the walnuts that fall from the trees along Jefferson Boulevard. It amazes me each year, how close some families let their children and pets get to the very busy road.
When driving along Jefferson, the shade from the old walnut trees makes visibility tricky. If a child is standing in the road, in a patch of shade, a driver may not see them.
If you or someone you know is going to engage in the walnut picking, be very careful. Park well off the road, supervise your children and pets, don't … (0 comments)

clarksburg: Enjoy an old fashioned burger and fries with a river view! - 09/17/08 06:29 AM
Before Winter hits, if you are looking for a nice weekend drive and a place to have lunch, I'd like to invite you to have an old fashioned hamburger, fries, and a real milkshake made with Crystal ice cream. All of this while sitting outside enjoying a gorgeous view of the Sacramento River. Where you ask? Why it's the Dinky Diner in Clarksburg. The friendly folks at the Dinky Diner will cook your burger to order and give you more than enough fries to satisfy even the hardiest of appetites.
Driving directions: go North on the River Road (on the Yolo … (6 comments)

clarksburg: Look At All The Pretty Houses... - 09/03/08 02:32 PM
In my posts about Clarksburg, I allude to all the pretty homes-- from charming to magnificent. I thought I would include some pictures of these beauties. One of the really nice things, that lend to the curb appeal, is homes in Clarksburg are on LAND! A bare minimum lot is a half acre. Most homes are on 20 acres or more. Often homes have a naturally occurring waterway and all have spectacular trees.
Other really appealing things about Clarksburg are these:
*Scarcity of homes for sale. This keeps property values high. There have been no short sales or foreclosures-- NONE. … (0 comments)

clarksburg: Clarksburg... We live in Paradise - 09/03/08 05:17 AM
My husband and I just returned from Key West, Florida. It was lovely. Lots of culture, diversity, art, great food, nice weather, ocean, etc. When we returned home to Clarksburg, California, we took in deep breaths of the fresh air and just sat and listened. Ah, silence.
We say it everytime we return from a vacation... "We live in paradise!" The views and sunsets are stunning. The peace and tranquility is relaxing. The friendly people are helpful and neighborly. We have constant wildlife activity-- otters, beavers, egrets, blue herons, turtles, ducks, occasional coyotes and have even had pelicans visit our waterway.

clarksburg: Sacramento Area Cyclist's Secret... Clarksburg - 08/06/08 12:24 PM

Looking for a beautiful area to go for either a leisurely or hard-core-workout bike ride? I know the secret! It's Clarksburg. If you are a road bike enthusiast/cyclist you may already know this, because I pass many of you (in my car) every day and evening.
Where else can you be assured of a nice Delta breeze, infrequent traffic, great scenery and motorists who make way for you AND offer a friendly wave? Why it's our little Delta Haven of Clarksurg.
Map out a start point of Holland Market (in Clarksburg proper), down Netherlands Road/west, to Jeffereson Boulevard/north to one of these … (0 comments)

clarksburg: Clarksburg... Yolo County's best kept secret! - 07/28/08 10:06 AM
While looking at Yolo County areas on Localism today, I noticed there are no posts on my own town of Clarksburg. I have decided to start posting information about our little haven. Since I live here and love it, I guess I could be considered the local real estate expert. In the picture below, you can see a white Egret flying away (they are very shy birds).
For those who are not familiar with Clarksburg, it's a little town in the unincorporated area of Yolo County-- in the southern tip of the county. This area is the begininning of "The Delta". Clarksburg is flanked on the east side … (4 comments)

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