feng shui: What Do I Do? "I Color Your World!". That's a better introduction, isn't it? - 07/26/09 07:00 AM
People are often times put off when I introduce myself as an Interior Designer/artist/feng shui student/home staging instructor (not necessarily in that order). They actually take a step back especially here in the small town of Selma CA.
"I Color YOUR World" really says it all for me. Pleople want to know HOW?
Finding a simple and understandable one liner to identify ones profession is a thrill and what a lucky find and solution to a common problem when I came across the following article. Please pass it on...it could make introductions more enjoyable and colorful for all of us. … (14 comments)

feng shui: Did I Get Lost Again or "Does Feng Shui Really Matter in Sales"? - 04/24/08 07:48 AM
Don't get me wrong; I know EXACTLY where I am! (if I don't, I have people who will) I'm somewhere between too much metal and not enough wood and I am on the lookout for two turtle doves, really!
How did I get here...AGAIN? Due to my deep interest in feng shui, I decided to Google Alert 'feng shui and feng shui cures' just to see what was OUT THERE and if there was something NEW I would find interesting. New is an understatement!
How far can feng shui go? How about creating good chi for your mobile phone so all … (10 comments)

feng shui: High End Decor - A Home Stagers Nightmare! - 04/14/08 04:24 AM

High end sophistication is an acquired taste but once you have it, you just cannot deny the opulence and the complexity of the style...this room alone would run upwards of $30,000 or more to put together. Don't try this at home kids! Who could sleep in this room...is there a feng shui consultant in the house?
I found this photo on the cover of the latest issue of Window Fashions magazine and it takes me back to a time when everyone wanted coordinating (matchipooh as we say in the biz) fabrics and papers!  It is obvious that the window fashion industry … (16 comments)

feng shui: Feng Shui Tip #1 Sharing - Crown Molding - 11/29/07 08:07 AM
Don't get me wrong...I am about as far from being an expert in feng shui as the next person, but I have a tendency to apply what I learn and then I want share it with everyone...so if you are interested, I will be posting some of the easy to remember feng shui tips that are helping me with my Feng Shui Journal series. I figure in about 30 years I may actually get the hang of it but right now I am working on developing my feng shui eyes and sharing helps me hang onto it.
For Feng Shui Eyes: … (37 comments)

feng shui: "What You Blog About Matters" - I got the DREAM CALL and it was the wrong one :( - 10/05/07 04:21 AM
Active Rain is not only active...it is everywhere and everyone is getting wet. The search engines are flooding with Active Rain Blogs and I got my first big phone call yesterday! 
So what is wrong? Nothing really...but a big lesson has been learned...and maybe some of you already know this but for those who don't...
Here is the lesson #1: You are what you write about!
If your posts are full of complaints, your name will pop up in the search engines when someone is looking for "The Biggest Complainer". If you want to whine and nag everyone to death with your bloging … (22 comments)

feng shui: Sharks, Feng Shui and the Internet...they never sleep! - 09/14/07 12:57 PM
If you have been under a rock then you probably don't know that I have been dabbling in the mysterious arts of Feng Shui personally, with the help and gentle guidance of Carole Provenzale, a few e-books, and some paper books trying to find a starting point of incorporation. 
And as some of you know...my funny bone led to believe that if I followed this path, my home would turn into a Chinese restaurant. A light bulb went off and I thought I could take on the challenge of upgrading the trinkets and bobbles and superstitious behaviors with a decorator's eye and … (62 comments)

feng shui: Find out how much YIN or YANG you have... - 08/21/07 11:27 AM
In doing my research for my feng shui adventure, I ran across a chart that shows what characteristics are of Yin and which are of Yang and if you have too much of either one then...well, I know this is another side trip but Feng Shui for me seems like a whole series of side trips so taking that into consideration, I really like this one and want to share it with you.
First you need to find your attributes on the Yang and Yin charts so I will enter them here. (From the book Feng Shui Chic)
No one is entirely yin … (31 comments)

feng shui: A Feng Shui Journal From A Decorator's Point of View; The First Miracle! - 07/21/07 01:06 PM
You are not going to believe this! It may take you a couple of minutes to read but it is really worth it...let me know what you think. You have been on this journey with me since the beginning.
Let me start from the beginning. I started a FS journal about the The Love Stones, had a good laugh and decided  to keep exploring with the Tale of Two Hearts.  Then Carole Provenzale, our true resident Feng Shui Consultant of Long Island New York took pity on me and came to my rescue before I could do any real harm.  … (19 comments)

feng shui: You will never believe what I did today! - 07/17/07 01:35 PM
One of my greatest fears was turning 60, wearing a moo moo, and talking to myself; happily! I can't tell you how close I came to actually living that image today. I am certain that the weirdness would not be so weird if I wasn't so far away. Away from what you ask? Well, my Feng Shui Consultant of course. Neither one of us knew what a huge project I was going to be and being the perfectionist that she is, Carole Provenzale cannot leave me in any distress. The problem is she is in New York and I am … (41 comments)

feng shui: Active Rain is Fertile Ground! - 07/02/07 11:26 AM
Many of you know that I have been a decorator forever and love every aspect of the biz including staging homes for resale which is how I found AR to begin with. (breathe) Creating my own path...I went to the school of Ladders and Chutes and have always run the other direction when groups and structure loomed in the distance. Active Rain is my first real life group that I feel like I am a part of. 
I have had the distinct pleasure of being guest moderator for the Stage It Forward group the month of June and it opened my … (24 comments)

feng shui: Feng Shui Journal from a Decorator's Point of View: The Tale of Two Hearts! - 06/04/07 12:14 PM
  I was really thrown looking for the next step to take in my bedroom after the phenomenal success of my Feng Shui'ed "Love Stone's"  Well...a couple of flirtations at best but still a sign of good times to come.
The next logical step to me would be to move my bed (which I cannot and I will tell you that story if I ever find that part again) and then the issue of the master bath door opening is running in the back of my mind, or the color of the walls...surely there is more information as what to do for … (20 comments)

feng shui: Feng Shui Journal from a Decorator’s Point Of View Part One: “The Love Stones” - 02/20/07 06:50 AM
I am not here to challenge the ancient art of Feng Shui; Believe me, I am merely attempting to correct my Chi without compromising my decorating sense and I am inviting you along on a journey that I have never taken before. This is my journal…
As I am opening my first Feng Shui book, looking for some guidelines I could apply from this mysterious art in my own home, I quickly realized that if I did what was asked of me, my home would look like a Chinese restaurant! I hit my brakes of course and pondered confidently as I would … (66 comments)

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