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I have indicated that I thought Mitt Romney would be the beneficiary of Fred Thompson’s departure from the race and that would push the Governor to a photo finish tomorrow in the hotly contested presidential preference primary.  Mitt is actively working the state and I get more calls from his cam...
I don’t usually use the title of the featured article as the title for my post – but in this case I couldn’t improve on it.  I am not impressed with the economic stimulus package announced to the public recently.  With the cooperation of the Speaker of the House, the President plans to provide ca...
I haven’t had this much fun since Winter Haven was assigned a zip code by the US Postal Service.  Even the liberal press and commentators are piling on the Clintons.  I wonder if it will make any difference.  The feminists are complaining that the first woman candidate seems to need her husband t...
I always have admired Peggy Noonan as a writer.  She is thoughtful and articulate and this week, writing for the Wall Street Journal, she is right on the money for several points in the same article.  It is my personal opinion that Bill Clinton, masterful politician that he may be, has always bee...
 I have previously mentioned a blog maintained by a friend of mine called  We do not always agree on politics, but he brings forth some of the most interesting (and sometimes off the wall) items on the web. The following is a recent post from  The t-shirts spoken of ...
Dr Ron Paul is clearly going to exert continuing influence on the presidential primaries and the political process.  He attracts dedicated supporters and he has raised a substantial amount of money – through mostly non-traditional means. He is a force that will influence the outcome of the proces...
Yesterday the annual March for Life took place in Washington DC to protest the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade. The topic of abortion has been the most difficult and divisive issue in American politics.  For those who oppose abortion on demand, the issue is religious and moral and there...
Fred Thompson has announced today that he has dropped out of the race for the Presidency. With my Florida primary coming up in a week, the question is where do the Thompson supporters go. Mike Huckabee is pulling back on expenditures in Florida in order to conserve resources for super Tuesday, Fe...
I have mentioned in my personal blog ( that one of the highest compliments I can pay to Senator Obama is that he is the Senator from Illinois who happens to be Black - I do not view him as the Black Senator from Illinois.  That comment is intended to be high praise indeed.  He is educ...
Well - it is true - and you can read about it < here >.  You certainly won't see it reported anywhere else. But, once you get past the headline, you kind of have the story - so I will talk about something else.  I expect the concerns about a close primary season and brokered conventions will go a...

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