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As we enter the next  calendar year during the run up to the election, we cannot afford to continue to coast without serious fiscal changes and budget cuts.  The President is already asking for another increase to the debt ceiling.  Last time in August I recommended a small debt increase because ...
I ran across an interesting article in a MENSA newsletter (talk about news you can use...) under the title "Why the smell of cinnamon makes you spend money".   It seems that the smell of cinnamon and pine scents wi...
I note that Kim Jong II, leader of North Korea has died.   Stratfor, a global information provider, states that Kim's third son, Kim Jong Un, will succeed his father.  This assumes that the Korean military will continue to support the family in power.  Because of Kim Jong Un's youth and inexperie...
I am looking at a deadlocked Congress, a do nothing President and another possible government shut-down on Friday.  Part of the problem is that we have a government of divided power and an unwillingness to compromise by either side.   But while we are borrowing 42% of every dollar we spend - we s...
I read a great post today from Mike Cooper in Winchester, Virginia. in which he used the proposed legislation against use of cell phone while driving as a springboard to rant against the increasing government intrusion into our lives. Thank you, Mike ! The activities of the current admini...
The US Supreme Court announced today that they were accepting the Arizona immigration law case for review.  Action by the Supreme Court in our Society is a significant event.  There is very limited power in the Supreme Court for original jurisdiction.  The Court typically exercises appellate juri...
An interesting conversation took place at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire this afternoon.  Presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman met in a two man, Lincoln-Douglas style debate.  I have a very high opinion of both of these men.  Their intellect and experience gives them both...

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