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Gotta love Hawaii I was driving through Ohau, at the north end of the island, and snapped this picture...  Kind of neat. This was also from the side of the road in ohau. A boat tied up at the side of a inlet... Interesting tidbit...  These pictures were taken before digital, and had to zoom to cr...
  In reading this awesome book, I wanted to highlight the things that it covered in chapter 3. Working your mets. Too often agents think that they only way to work our SOI was to send email, postcards, snail mail, etc...  Well, understanding social media can help you increase your awareness using...
I pull the stats daily for Cupertino and the county.  There have been some interesting things going on in our market. As you can see from the monthly stats that I pull, the market seems to be going in the right direction!  Pending sales are up, sales are up.  Great time to get into the market! (s...
iPhone update! So you have an iPhone now, and WANT a new iPhone, but are going to wait...  Did you know you can update the OS (operating system) on your phone?  What I mean, is upgrade the software that runs your iPhone so it is better...  stronger...  faster...  (oops, I thought I was watching t...
Great video on how Social Media is changing the landscape on how businesses are advertising and getting more customers. It clearly illustrates the impact Social Media is having on our lives. Came out last year, however it is still a great video. Have you seen it before? What do you think? Enjoy! ...
          Habits form very quickly.  Like watching TV at night, going to the gym daily, putting on your shoes right foot first, etc...  Good ones and even bad ones. Human nature also makes us want to take the easier path in life.  The path that is more comfortable, less hassle, not as much troubl...
  Love the book...  Not sure if you have had a chance to read it, it is pretty awesome.  There are so many books out there on social media, advertising, web 2.0 and on...  This book, is purely based on what Real Estate Agents should be doing right now, not what big companies should do.  So it rin...
Every memorial day, Roaring Camp Railroad hosts a Civil War Reenactment.  So I thought I would share some of the awesome pictures from the event this year. As you can see, we sit across from a huge feild and watch as the Union Soldiers try to overtake the Confederate strong holds... See the steam...
  In reading the new book Soci@l (by Ben Kinny and Jay Papasan) really opened my eyes, and the eyes of the countless agents that have read this, or have attended classes regarding this subject.  We all know what we should do, however this book was a "Wake up and smell the coffee, and get off the ...
  Silly isn't it?  Would you actually loan a dollar out, just to receive the same back?  Or How about $500 dollar loan (or investment)...  Then in about 5-8 months, you get the $500 back with no return on your principal.  Makes you think why bother loaning the money anyways.  Interesting concept....

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