buyers: So the listing has a pool... - 03/14/18 04:53 PM
So the home you're selling or buying has a pool or spa...
Who cares right?  A pool is a personal preference. Some love them, some loathe them.  Either way, you sell homes with and without pools every day.  Sometimes they have safety equipment, many times they do not.  
Is there something you're missing?
The state of California Senate Bill 442 now requires that all homes with new or remodeled pools/spas have at least 2 of the 7 safety features listed here with the State of California under section 4
It is also now required that a property inspector include in their reports whether there is or is not pool/spa safety equipment … (1 comments)

buyers: That house sold for $400K over??? - 02/21/18 02:05 PM
Seems like we have been seeing headlines like this in the current market. Why is that?
Is the market actually swinging up by $400K in one month? Are people really paying that amount over asking? Are houses even appraising?
Let me see if I can break it down just a bit.
15-20 years ago, when Sellers said they wanted $500,000 from the sale of their home, we would suggest listing for $550K. Then in the process of negotiating, we would end up at $500,000. We would issue counter offers or multiple counter offers, and it often took several days to get to a final price. … (2 comments)

buyers: 🤔 What does a "Sellers Market" actually mean? - 02/13/18 03:04 PM
Ask this question, and you will get a variety of answers.  So it really depends on who you ask.  The three types of markets that economists talk about are buyer, seller, and transitional markets.
The idea behind the answer comes from how many days/months of supply any given area has.  This is calculated by the actual number of units (Homes) on the market, and how many actually sold over any given period of time. Say there are 1,000 homes, and 500 sell a month.  This would mean you have two months of inventory.  The same market at 5,000 homes with 500 sales a … (0 comments)

buyers: Hottest neighborhoods in the United States? - 02/01/18 10:18 AM

I was reading the San Jose Mercury News the other day.  Well, not an actual newspaper, but the online real estate section.  An article caught my eye...
Instead of a news story about states or cities that have booming real estate markets, it was hyper-local forecast by Redfin.  It talked about which "neighborhoods" are the hottest across the US.  
It seems that 8 of the nations hottest markets are in the South Bay Area (Silicon Valley), one in the East Bay and one in San Francisco.  So basically, the top 10 neighborhoods are in the Bay Area of California.
Zillow is projecting San Jose has the hottest housing … (3 comments)

buyers: Been thinking of a fresh start? Now’s the time… - 01/26/18 03:19 PM
Beginning your home search can feel like a completely overwhelming and daunting task.
At Live Play Silicon Valley, we want you and other potential buyers to understand the steps we take to make the process as easy and painless as possible. By the end, with our support and guidance, you will live happily ever after in your new, dream home.
We broke it down into these 8 simple steps for you: 
Let’s get to know each other! Sit down with the Live Play Silicon Valley team and help us understand what you're looking for in your dream home. 
Be prepared to dig into paperwork during this part … (4 comments)

buyers: Effects of a hot housing market - 01/17/18 10:49 AM
The San Jose Mercury News (In the heart of Silicon Valley), is showing that San Jose will be the nations hottest market in 2018 based on a Zillow report.  They believe we will see an increase in values of about 8.9%.  San Francisco to show 3.8%.
So why are the prices going up up up?  Talk to 10 economist, and you fall asleep, right? But put it this way, a homeowner in Silicon Valley must have a reason to sell. If they are moving out of state, then it is a no brainer that they will sell.  But if they are not … (0 comments)

buyers: That Home Shows Up as Active on the MLS, but it's Sold? - 12/29/15 03:23 AM
Huh?  Ok, so you are saying the home you want on MLS shows up as active...  But in fact, it is actually in contract?  With a buyer?  So it is pending sale?  Why?  I mean, in Silicon Valley, it is a MLS violation to list a home as "active" on the Multiple Listing Service if indeed it has entered into contract.  So that begs the question as to why an agent would leave the status as active, when it actually is currently in contract with a buyer.  Lets break it down into two parts.  One, is what we are required to … (27 comments)

buyers: “I’m Selling My Home As-Is… Why is the Buyer Now Asking For Repairs?” - 04/15/14 08:59 AM

“I’m Selling My Home As-Is… Why is the Buyer Now Asking For Repairs?”
Ironic, huh?  You tell your real estate agent that you want to sell as-is.  I mean you really tell them that you are not interested in doing any repairs or alterations to the home you are selling.  You want the buyer to take care of anything that is needed to be done, as you are ready to move on. The buyer has to take it or leave it!
Your agent recommended that you get some inspections, so that the buyer will know what they are … (12 comments)

buyers: Getting cold feet??? 5 simple ways to overcome! - 04/02/14 08:09 AM

Getting cold feet??? 5 simple ways to overcome!

So we won!  We got you in contract to purchase your dream home….  It took weeks, maybe months, but we did it! There was competition, we stretched ourselves, and finally secured that home of your dreams!
But… You now have apprehension or strong doubt that is trying to prevent you from taking the planned course of action that we just secured…  This loss or lack of courage is common when people buy homes.   This fearfulness or lack of confidence can be described as “Cold Feet”… 
Since socks will not … (11 comments)

buyers: He was mad because his friend didn't use him to buy a home... - 03/23/11 05:02 PM
We have all had this happen...  Our friend didn't use us to buy OR sell their home... 
They tell us this, they tell us that...  They say it was a deal they couldn't pass up.  They say they got caught up in the moment.  They say it was their wife's/husbands fault.  They say that they wanted to keep your friendship separate from business.  They seem to have every excuse, and you just sit there and listen in awe...  When just the week before you both agreed that you would work with each other.
Remember, last week you were chillin' with your … (165 comments)

buyers: He asked "why should I order a pre-sale home inspection when I am the seller!!!!!" - 01/10/11 04:16 PM
He asked me why he should order a home inspection when he was the seller.  It seems that in the past it was always up to the buyer to discover whether he wanted the home, and a home inspection was one of the best ways to find out if the house was what you thought it was and if you actually wanted to buy it.
So let's consider a few things, before we directly dive into this answer.
A seller should disclose anything that could affect the value and/or desirability in the eyes of the buyer in their decision to use … (30 comments)

buyers: How to create urgency with your buyers... - 01/04/11 04:57 AM
As real estate agents, we spend so much time looking for the perfect 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home for our clients, that we may be missing the point.  They call us, tell us what they are looking for, then we become a computer in trying to find exactly what they are asking us to find.  Or we put them on some auto search, and forget about them completely.
They day that buyers bought homes out of impulse, or because someone else would steal their home, or because their friends are, or because the news is telling them to buy has long since passed...  … (158 comments)

buyers: Ever sat at an open house, and lost a buyer? - 08/06/10 03:15 PM

Seriously!  Several years ago, when I was selling real estate...  I met a buyer while I was doorknocking.  We hit it up great, and looked at several properties.  He was a mountain guy.  Wanted rural property, out in the sticks.  Away from everyone and everything!  The trips out to view property took several hours, due to the travel time. 
I had to drive my big Chevy to make it up the dirt roads out there.
We visited a particular home several times, and he was really interested...  But wanted to wait.  I had talked to the listing agent, built up … (16 comments)

buyers: They described the master bath as "and here is the master bath..." - 05/07/10 10:43 AM
Kind of funny when an agent describes a feature to a house as the actual feature...  Like when they are showing a home and when they get to the master bedroom they describe it as a master bedroom then they describe the master bathroom as the master bathroom...
Seems like the right way to describe a room, but most likely the buyer knows what each of those rooms are for. 
A master bathroom or fireplaces are features that will improve the buyer's life...  You don't really add that much value if you just describe what they may already know.  In … (2 comments)

buyers: Buyer getting cold feet? What can you do? 10 things you can do. - 05/07/10 06:19 AM

You get your buyer into contract on the house of their dreams.  You did you buyer consultation which took over an hour.  You dug deeper to find out what their wants and needs are in their next home.  You unlocked the reasons why they wanted to buy.  You sold them on benefits rather than features of the home they can see themselves living in.
You spend countless hours, and days helping them make a decision on the place to hang their hat.  Happiness right?
Hmmm...  What do you do when the buyer starts getting cold feet?  I mean, that they … (1 comments)

buyers: Helping your buyers overcome buyer's remorse - 04/06/10 08:00 AM
Helping your buyers overcome buyer’s remorse
Making a big decision can sometimes lead buyers to have remorse over their decision to purchase their dream home...  This can lead to the buyer backing out of the deal, and maybe even the whole process.  All of the work that the agent has put in, and the emotions the client has put in.
 If you take the time to understand the dreams, and desires, the life changes that occur with your buyers, you will better understand them in most situations. 
 A great idea is to have your clients write down in their own handwriting … (1 comments)