sellers: So the listing has a pool... - 03/14/18 04:53 PM
So the home you're selling or buying has a pool or spa...
Who cares right?  A pool is a personal preference. Some love them, some loathe them.  Either way, you sell homes with and without pools every day.  Sometimes they have safety equipment, many times they do not.  
Is there something you're missing?
The state of California Senate Bill 442 now requires that all homes with new or remodeled pools/spas have at least 2 of the 7 safety features listed here with the State of California under section 4
It is also now required that a property inspector include in their reports whether there is or is not pool/spa safety equipment … (1 comments)

sellers: That house sold for $400K over??? - 02/21/18 02:05 PM
Seems like we have been seeing headlines like this in the current market. Why is that?
Is the market actually swinging up by $400K in one month? Are people really paying that amount over asking? Are houses even appraising?
Let me see if I can break it down just a bit.
15-20 years ago, when Sellers said they wanted $500,000 from the sale of their home, we would suggest listing for $550K. Then in the process of negotiating, we would end up at $500,000. We would issue counter offers or multiple counter offers, and it often took several days to get to a final price. … (2 comments)

sellers: 🤔 What does a "Sellers Market" actually mean? - 02/13/18 03:04 PM
Ask this question, and you will get a variety of answers.  So it really depends on who you ask.  The three types of markets that economists talk about are buyer, seller, and transitional markets.
The idea behind the answer comes from how many days/months of supply any given area has.  This is calculated by the actual number of units (Homes) on the market, and how many actually sold over any given period of time. Say there are 1,000 homes, and 500 sell a month.  This would mean you have two months of inventory.  The same market at 5,000 homes with 500 sales a … (0 comments)

sellers: Hottest neighborhoods in the United States? - 02/01/18 10:18 AM

I was reading the San Jose Mercury News the other day.  Well, not an actual newspaper, but the online real estate section.  An article caught my eye...
Instead of a news story about states or cities that have booming real estate markets, it was hyper-local forecast by Redfin.  It talked about which "neighborhoods" are the hottest across the US.  
It seems that 8 of the nations hottest markets are in the South Bay Area (Silicon Valley), one in the East Bay and one in San Francisco.  So basically, the top 10 neighborhoods are in the Bay Area of California.
Zillow is projecting San Jose has the hottest housing … (3 comments)

sellers: Effects of a hot housing market - 01/17/18 10:49 AM
The San Jose Mercury News (In the heart of Silicon Valley), is showing that San Jose will be the nations hottest market in 2018 based on a Zillow report.  They believe we will see an increase in values of about 8.9%.  San Francisco to show 3.8%.
So why are the prices going up up up?  Talk to 10 economist, and you fall asleep, right? But put it this way, a homeowner in Silicon Valley must have a reason to sell. If they are moving out of state, then it is a no brainer that they will sell.  But if they are not … (0 comments)

sellers: Selling a home "as is"... may not always be "as-is" - 01/08/18 05:39 PM
Ironic, huh?  You tell your real estate agent that you want to sell as-is.  You tell your agent that you are not interested in doing any repairs or alterations to the home you are selling.  You want the buyer to take care of anything that is needed to be done, as you are ready to move on.  You decline to order any pre-list inspections.
A buyer presents an offer, and your agent shares it with you.  They have a loan and property condition contingency. It is the price you want, and the terms are good as long as they agree to it being an as-is … (4 comments)

sellers: And You Wonder Why My Seller Didn't Choose Your Offer? - 12/10/15 05:51 AM
And you wonder why my seller didn't choose your offer?? Really??
You email me your offer... No, better yet... You fax me your offer. No warning, no notice, and I have no idea who you are. I mean, it's ok if I don't know you, but it's NOT ok if i've never talked to you. It could be gold plated or better yet, solid gold... Or maybe solid chocolate, like those easter bunny chocolates we get as kids. No, not the hollow ones that leave us sighing in sadness, but solid chocolate...But if I'd never talked to you prior to receiving your … (5 comments)

sellers: “I’m Selling My Home As-Is… Why is the Buyer Now Asking For Repairs?” - 04/15/14 08:59 AM

“I’m Selling My Home As-Is… Why is the Buyer Now Asking For Repairs?”
Ironic, huh?  You tell your real estate agent that you want to sell as-is.  I mean you really tell them that you are not interested in doing any repairs or alterations to the home you are selling.  You want the buyer to take care of anything that is needed to be done, as you are ready to move on. The buyer has to take it or leave it!
Your agent recommended that you get some inspections, so that the buyer will know what they are … (12 comments)

sellers: So the neighbor has parties all the time... Should the seller disclose it? - 02/02/11 04:52 PM
So the neighbor has parties all the time, should the seller disclose it???
Well, I don't know about you, but if my neighbor had parties all the time, he better be inviting me there!!!
Okay, seriously... 
Your seller is looking over the disclosures, and is wondering if they should disclose the fact that one of their neighbors has parties all the time.  I mean ALL THE TIME...
Now they are afraid that if they tell a buyer, the buyer may walk...
So this brings to mind a few things.
First off, if you do not disclose the fact to the … (181 comments)

sellers: The buyer asked my seller if they could move in BEFORE close of escrow... - 01/19/11 04:45 PM
So what comes to mind when you hear this...  Do you think of a scary movie, where the scary dude jumps out at you from around the corner, and your hair stand up on its end as you get knocked off your feet?
What would you say?  What would you do?  What would you tell your seller if they asked you for advice?
If the buyer wants to move into the home prior to close of escrow, this is considered "occupancy prior to close of escrow"
It can be done, but it is highly discouraged.  For many reasons...
If the … (104 comments)

sellers: The buyer is allergic to granite... Do your awesome counters have value in the eyes of the buyer then? - 09/09/10 05:06 PM

Hmmm...  Well...  I guess someone can be allergic to granite, right?  Break out in slate sweat, or recycled hives?  Maybe tile tilt?  LOL!
Sometimes our sellers seem to place such a huge value on things that may not necessarily have an intrinsic value to the buyer.  Like shelves in the garage, hardwood floors, blinds, carpet, new paint...
Buyers see value in two ways...  Similar properties, one with MORE features and benefits.  OR Similar properties one with a LOWER price.
So the granite counters may not add value as a dollar amount, they may add value in the eyes of the … (44 comments)