naa: Get Your Free BOJO!! - 10/15/08 08:43 AM
Get your free BOJO Today!!! I love my new BOJO!!!!Have you seen the best high-tech, high touch folow up system?  Well it is here check out my new BOJO.  This is a great marketing tool!!  It links people to my websites, while allowing them to communicate with me via the text me feature. 
This is Great and its  FREE!!!!!!!


naa: National Agents Alliance- NAA Puts you first. - 10/08/08 04:12 AM
National Agents Alliance - NAA puts its agents first. 
National Agents Alliance offers its agents 
Unlimited freedom, income and happiness. The best lead generation and distribution system in the industry. Unbelievable training and mentorship by the company's best performers. Amazing agent support and marketing materials to help you build your business. We help you to maximize every ounce of passion in you and drive you towards your goals These are just a few of the reasons why I joined National Agents Alliance- NAA.  NAA offers me the opportunity to proctect families by offering them mortgage protection. There are so many familys … (0 comments)

naa: What is Mortagage Insurance - 10/01/08 04:41 PM
What is Mortgage Insurance?
Mortgage insurance is protection to ensure that your family will never lose their home, even in the event of a tragedy. If you die, the insurance will pay off your mortgage. And, if you are hospitalized because of an illness or disability, mortgage insurance can make your monthly house payment for up to two years. With NAA policies even if you refinance your home , your coverage stays in place. The coverage that NAA offers does not decrease in value.  If you have purchased a home why not protect your most precious asset? 
With a mortgage protection … (2 comments)

naa: Wachovia Securities - 07/24/08 05:26 PM
Wachovia Securities  Wachovia Securities are experiencing problems in this economy. There are thousands of Wachovia Securities customers losing there retirement funds. Several of my clients have lost thousands of dollars in Wachovia Securities accounts.I have help them move there funds from Wachovia Securities account to a safe, secured, tax deferred, and triple compound interest retirement account. Did I mention that they earned 5% - 10% on there funds immediately depending on their age. I enjoy protecting families by offering them mortgage protection, but I also enjoy helping families plan for retirement and future goals and dreams. Cal CoakleyMortgage Protection and Retirement … (2 comments)

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