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best homes: 31809 Delfina Way Winchester Ca.: Like New Bank Owned (REO) Condo. - 05/29/10 10:37 AM

best homes: Call your Sellers as I'm going to Write an Offer: I Don't Think So!!!!!!! - 05/24/10 03:49 PM
 There has been much discussion recently about calling the home seller when an agent calls and says they are "going to write an offer" for their clients. Most Real Estate Agents were not in favor of calling the home seller to relay this information but a few made valid points that the seller should be informed. I personally do not inform the seller of "a what if offer" as I was hired for my Professional abilities to keep them off of an emotional Roller Coaster. You can't take an "I'm Going to Write" offer to escrow. I'm going to win the Lottery … (15 comments)

best homes: Price Reduced: Rare Bank Owned Single Story Home In Bear Creek Just Fell Out of Escrow. - 05/21/10 04:02 PM

best homes: Considering Purchasing A Home in Murrieta California? Don't Overlook the Short Sale Homes. - 05/18/10 01:42 PM
 By now virtually everyone has heard the term 'Short Sale' when it pertains to Real Estate. Many of the things people heard were negative such as they take forever to close, they never close or that you will be wasting your time looking at them so many buyers would not even look at them. A few years ago there was some truth to all of these statements but the times have changed.
 Simply put a Short Sale is a property where the seller owes more on their loan than the homes value. The sellers current lender will need to accept a lesser payoff than … (7 comments)

best homes: Texting and the Real Estate Business: Give Me a Break!!!!! - 04/13/10 01:54 PM
 Life is always in constant change and even I try to embrace change. Indoor plumbing is phenomenal and electricity never seizes to amaze me when I turn on the TV to watch a ball game. A refrigerator that keeps my beer cold is a wonderful invention built out of necessity by a like minded person. Computers have changed our world and even I have embraced this Blogging stuff to bring in more business.
 When rotary dial phones went the way of the Dodo bird I had no problem with it and then the invention to top them all came along: the … (12 comments)

best homes: 28669 Chapparral View Drive Menifee, California: Big, Bold and Beautiful - 09/20/09 11:05 AM

best homes: Time Is Running Out for the $8000 Dollar Tax Credit for Murrieta Home Buyers - 09/18/09 01:46 PM
 Virtually everyone in the country has heard the Federal Government has been giving away free money not only to corporations but first time home buyers as well. As with all things an end of time will come and the $8000 dollar tax credit for first time home buyers is scheduled to end on November 30th of 2009. If you have not owned a home for the past three years you can qualify for this credit but time is running out quickly.
 Many home buyers have taken advantage of the credit to purchase a home in Murrieta, Temecula and Menifee California. Some of them amended … (12 comments)

best homes: Protecting Personal Information In A Real Estate Transaction. - 06/25/09 03:02 PM
 Real Estate transactions are  complicated with much information being exchanged between the involved parties. Every buyer will be required to get a loan, other than cash purchases, and as we all know much information will be needed. Credit reports will be pulled, bank account balances will be verified and tax returns will be looked at. This is necessary to obtain a loan and you will be safe giving this to your lender.
 The problems can arise with other aspects of the transaction in my opinion. I haven't seen any bad things take place in the transactions I have been involved with … (9 comments)

best homes: Crystal Balls and Real Estate: Most of the Balls are Dusty!!!!! - 06/23/09 03:21 PM
 When it comes to Real Estate it seems everyone has an opinion or question. In today's market almost every day on TV, the Internet or in the newspaper you will get the opinion of a so called expert as to what's going on with the market and what the future holds. The experts hold their opinion as the Gospel Truth but in the scheme of things it's only an Opinion.
 With so many different talking heads people throwing their so called expertise into the mix it's no wonder the consumers are confused. Last week on TV I so a reporter in … (5 comments)

best homes: 35676 Crossroads St. Wildomar Ca. Beautiful Bank Owned Home. - 06/18/09 01:03 PM

best homes: Buying a Home In Todays Market: Sprint or Marathon? - 06/01/09 12:31 PM
 If you listen to the media you have probably heard stories that there is a glut of properties on the market at this time. In some markets this may be well and true but the thing you must remember is Real Estate is local and not all areas are the same. If you are considering buying in Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee or the surrounding communities the inventory has shrunk to dramatically and we have many buyers looking for the best deals.
 The choice you need to consider is how soon you want to move and are you ready to act quickly to make … (7 comments)

best homes: Testing 123 Testing: Can You Hear Me Now? - 05/31/09 11:28 AM
 Unless you have been in outer space for the past 2 years you already know many folks in Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee and surrounding communities in California are selling their properties via Short Sale. I will not go into the details of a Short Sale other than to say you need to sell your property for less than is owed to your current lender. The reasons can be varied, job loss, illness, divorce etc but the property needs to be sold. Choosing the right Agent is critical for your success and this little story will show you why it's so true in … (13 comments)

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