ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Happy New Year!! - 12/26/07 03:34 AM
Happy New Year to all!!
I certainly hope that you are looking forward to 2008 as much as I am!  I have set some terrific goals, and I am really anxious to start out the new year to reach them all!
Having gone thru some changes this year (changing brokers and improving my online presence), I really anticipate an awesome year in 2008!!
Good luck to all in this changing market!!

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Real Estate Agents owning rental property - Can you take the tax loss? - 12/21/07 01:26 AM
I am sure that come of you Active Rain real estate agents also invest in real estate as rental property.  You may or may not be able to deduct your rental losses... READ ON.
Rental losses are considered "passive" losses, and usually can only be used to offset passive income on the tax return.  Now rental losses can be deducted EVEN IF (added together for all rental properties) they exceed passive income up to $25000.  I put up an earlier post on this topic (more of a general public kind of post) that you may want to check out... Deducting Rental Tax … (2 comments)

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Rebates - Yes or No? - 12/16/07 02:04 AM
One of my corporate partners would like to include me in a booklet that they hand out to all of their employees (over 7000 employees).  This booklet is a booklet of vendors, most of which offer discounts to the employees for using their services.
I definitely want to be in the book, and I have offered a rebate to their employees as incentive to use me as their real estate agent.
My question is...  What are your experiences with these types of situations?  I have been advised both ways for various reasons that I understand, but I am looking for your opinions.

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Cell Phone Spam!! Yuk!! - 12/15/07 04:54 AM
How many of you have started to receive text messages on your cell phone that are sales propaganda, the equivalent of junk e-mail?  Over the last two weeks, I have started to receive several of these.
Knowing that text messages end up being an extra charge to my bill, I contacted my cell phone carrier today to see what I could do about this situation.  I use Verizon Wireless.  They directed me to a website http://www.vtext.com/ where I could login to my account and set preferences to block all text messages coming from email or the web, and told me that if … (5 comments)

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: 20,000 Points! - 11/13/07 07:27 AM
Since joining AR over two months ago, I have really treasured the relationships I have found.  I look forward every day to reading the numerous blogs that have been posted since the day before and really enjoy offering any input if I have something to share.
There are many bloggers out there that I have found (and many more that I have yet to find, I am sure) where I just cannot wait to see what they post next, and many groups that I subscribe to, anxiously awaiting the next informative post.
I want to thank AR for being such a great place … (4 comments)

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Energy Efficient Home Tax Credits - 11/12/07 06:07 AM
Did you know that you could get a tax credit for energy efficient items that you installed in your main home in 2007?
The amount of the credit is 10% of the amount paid for qualified energy efficient improvements or 100% of the amount paid for energy efficient items installed, but there are some limitations to the credit on these items.
This means that you could go out right now in 2007 and install one of these products in your home, and get the money back (or part of it back) when you do your taxes!
There is a $500 lifetime limit per taxpayer, … (1 comments)

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Friends Getting Together - 11/08/07 10:49 PM
Being a huge Dallas Cowboys fan living in the middle of Washington Redskin country, I have always tried to make it to Dallas to see a home football game each year.  I have been maybe ten times or so, consistently for the last five years.
Five years ago, I started inviting friends to go, and ever since this group of guys (That's right, gals.  A guys weekend away!)  has grown from 7 guys to 27 guys.  It has turned out to be a complete blast every year, and as soon as it is over, we start counting down for the next year. … (3 comments)

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Real Estate Investors? - Frustrating! - 11/08/07 01:58 AM
When working with an investor (buyer), how many times have you heard the following...
"What I am really looking for is a deal.  I want you to find me the type of property and deal that you would buy for yourself."
Now honestly, if those types of deals were so easy to find, don't you think the listing agent, their family, or anyone in their office or their families would have already purchased it before their marketing exposed it to the rest of us?  Truth is... those types of deals are few and far between because agents gobble them up before the general … (5 comments)

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Mr. Potato Head Pumpkins - 10/30/07 02:31 AM
I really must say that having two four-year olds has helped me to relive my childhood, although I don't look any younger.
After a trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday, my little ones wanted to decorate their pumpkins prior to putting them on the porch.  This prompted a family event in which all four of us (Mommy too) decided to create a pumpkin in their own likeness, a virtual family of pumpkins.  Then someone (me) remembered that we had some Mr. Potato Head parts in a box. 
Then we decided to have "make a funny face with your pumpkin" time.  Have fun … (9 comments)

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: How $40 Can Save Your Life and Someone Elses - 10/25/07 11:41 AM
In all my riding around helping clients buy and sell real estate in Central Virginia, one thing really gets under my skin...the cell phone.  There's always some crazy driver out there on a cell phone pulling out in front of you or cutting you off in traffic.
I know, I know.  You have heard it all before:  "Don't use your cell phone in the car."  But I will bet I have something new for you here, as I know we all use our cell phones in the car.  Some of use our Bluetooth headset and some of us don't, and some only … (3 comments)

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Long Weekend Trip - 10/10/07 02:23 AM
Sometimes I just have to break away from the normal routine of being a real estate agent in Central Virginia.
Last weekend, my family and I went on a camping trip!  A long weekend with the family consisting of two four year olds in the car for a one way trip for five hours would present a lot of stress to some people.
But our four year old boys are really into Thomas the Train and we wanted to give them something special on this trip, so we went to spend a day at the train museum in North Carolina.  You should have … (5 comments)

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Going Camping! - 09/25/07 02:22 AM
My family and I have planned a long weekend camping at the beach this week that I am really looking forward to, primarily because we just purchased a new camper a few weeks ago, and I am anxious to try it out!
This was really fostered from a prior long weekend camping trip where we packed up the tents and went to the mountains.  Now, we have two four year old boys, so any trip presents its own sets of challenges because of that alone.
The boys asked that we take their bikes on the trip, so they could ride around on their … (5 comments)

ramblings from a central virginia real estate agent: Realtors and Ethics - Cleaning up our image - 09/06/07 07:57 AM
I am interested in hearing some stories from other realtors about ethical problems that you have had with other real estate agents.  I find that one of the biggest problems out there is overcoming the image that the public has of realtors.  It seems that a few bad apples tend to ruin the whole barrel of apples in the public's eye.  If you guys have any stories for me I would love to hear them, as I would like to learn what to watch out for and learn from your experiences. … (3 comments)


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