misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: Are Microwaves a thing of the past? - 01/10/11 10:34 AM
I have a fascination and love for new technical things even though I may not be able to operate them right away.  After running across this amazing technology, I think there is no need to invent anything else.
Fulton Innovation was in Las Vegas demonstrating their new wireless charging technology that is mind boggling. This technology is called "Induction Power" and it can literally light up boxes of cereal to make them like eye-candy to children and adults alike.  It can illuminate in stages which creates an eye catching effect.
The company also had a can of soup which had a heating coil … (9 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: St. Patrick's Day Parade photos in NW Houston TX - 03/17/08 05:13 PM
The NW Houston 1960 Parade was Sunday and I went to watch and took some photos.  Northwest Houston has a very festive parade with music, many floats of every kind where they throw beads to the croud along with candy, St Patrick's Day hats and other St Patrick's Day trinkets. 
Here are some of the floats and people in the parade.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

There were many floats like the beautiful one on the left and on the right is from Crazy Frogs Saloon.

The above Float is shaped like a Pirate Ship and the one on the right is from Miller … (22 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: Party animals social mixer in Houston TX - 03/16/08 06:23 AM
Party Animals is a new dog friendly social mixer series at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.  They are hosting The Mutt Strutt on April 5th from 3-5 pm at Memorial Park.  (Weather permitting)
Dogs on leashes and their owners are invited to come out and enjoy music, refreshments (poochie punch) and receive a doggie bag with a treat for their furry friend.  Lawn chairs and blankets allowed.
The April host will be Sunshine, a friendly boxer who will be there to greet everybody.
Spring doggie Fashion Show at the Mutt Strutt with prizes for best dressed dog so come out for a dog … (9 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: The Houston Rockets 21 game (in a row!) winning streak! - 03/16/08 04:30 AM
The Houston Rockets has had 21 wins in a row!  They have won 30 of the last 33 games, jumping from the number 10 spot to tie for 1st in just two months. 
Today they play the LA Lakers in L.A. and I hope this winning streak continues for the Houston Rockets. 
The last several games have been without Yao Ming, as he has an injury.  I wish him a quick recovery.  Ming is a great role model for Houston and said he feels unlucky, but this will give him time to rest up and get prepared for the Olympics where … (16 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: My unique, Spring Texas birds were such a mystery! - 03/07/08 05:27 PM
Recently I started getting the prettiest birds in my birdfeeder and was so excited about this.  Soon, they told all their friends and I had so many pretty birds that they were lining up and some were waiting in the tree outside my window and the bougainvillea right next to my kitchen window for their turn to eat.  I had so many birds I am now filling the bird feeder up every other day! 
I told my friend Shellee up the street about my gloriously happy little birds and that I could not find out what special breed they are!  I had searched … (32 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: A campaign to thank our veterans - 02/29/08 03:19 PM
I want to share this Campaign to Thank our Veterans.  This is a crussade to show appreciation for all our soldiers and veterans.  They give so much for us, we can give back in this small way.  This sign means "Thank you from the bottom or my heart."  Sometimes we just do not know what to say, so this is a way to say, Thank you from the bottom or my heart, believe me,  they do appreciate it. 
To make the sign, simply place your hand to your heart as if you are saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  Pull your hand … (22 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: The 2008 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo - 02/17/08 09:55 AM
The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo annual event will be held March 3rd - 22nd, 2008.  Houston is home to the world's largest and richest rodeo. During February and  March Houston is known as the cowboy capital of the world.  It is nothing to be driving around any area of the greater Houston area and see the trail riders who have come from miles away, heading to Memorial Park where they camp out and ride in the Parade.  This is a Rodeo and Livestock show like no other! 
This is no ordinary Rodeo!  For more than 75 years this event has … (28 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: Before you put your house on the market - Part 2 - 02/14/08 03:40 PM
This is a continuation of my first post on listing your home, titled "Before you put your house on the market-first steps." 
There are some key market factors in selling your home.  People often ask," How long will it take to sell my home."  There is not an easy answer-some homes sell in a few days, others may take several months or more.   Here are some basic ideas on what to expect and how you can enhance the home selling experience.
There are several things which could expedite your sale:
Location:*Location is one of the greatest factors affecting value.  *Neighborhood desirability is … (15 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: Kings Mill Subdivision , Kingwood, TX - 02/09/08 07:03 PM

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: Monster Jam at Reliant Center - 02/03/08 07:22 AM
Monster Jam was at the Reliant Center last night (Feb. 2, 2008) and as always it was entertaining for everyone!  There was much excitement when Spring, Texas' own  Daron Basl w/El Matador was in the semi finals with Pablo w/Gravedigger.  The hard charging Daron Basl was even with Gravedigger when after the final turn at the finish line, Daron flipped his truck ending up on it roof and ripping off the tire. 
David Smith w/ King Krunch is also from Spring, Tx and did a fantastic job as well.
Maximum Distruction, driven by Tom Meetz went on to take the win over Gravedigger.
The … (12 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: Before you put your house on the market-first initial steps! - 02/02/08 05:58 PM
Your house could sell faster and at a higher price if it shows well!  Potential buyers will get the best impression if your house is clean, light, airy, uncluttered, neat & in good shape-after all, the first impression is usually the only impression. 
Most of us think our homes are in fine shape, but you need to really see it from a buyers' point of view, so here are some things you can do to spruce it up and get the edge up on the competition.  It can mean the difference between a potential sale or a sale on the one down the street.  I … (27 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: What's happening at the Barbara Bush Library - 01/27/08 11:02 AM
There is always something happening at the Barbara Bush @ Cypress Creek Library!  They have story time for small children ages 3-6 years.  People of all ages can benefit from the vast amount of books, videos, magazines they have. 
This library is offering an Adult Microsoft class where you an learn Excel, Word, Publisher and computer basics.   This is a wonderful thing they are offering.  They have classes on learning how to crochet and a teen cooking club.  I am just amazed at what all this library offers. 
This week they have Story Time for ages 3-6 on January 30, … (13 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: Lighting of the Doves Festival - 11/15/07 08:35 AM
The 25th Annual Lighting of the Doves Festival, November 17, 2007 is going to be a day of family fun!  Santa arrives at the festival at 6:55pm and There will be fireworks at 7:30. 
The Lighting of the Doves Festival has 3 stages for the Entertainment of the whole family!  The International Stage, The Festival Stage & The Celebration Stage will have constant entertainment.  In addition to all of this, there will be the Snow hill and Balloon twisting, Ice carving competition, Fireworks at 7:30pm and Santa! 
Snow hill and balloon twisting 3pm-9pmIce Carving Competition 4pm-6pmFire spinners, fire eaters & fire jugglers 6pm-9pm 
 DATE: Saturday, November 17, 2007
PHONE: … (22 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: The Wind Beneath My Wings - 11/13/07 03:21 PM
The Bette Midler song, "The Wind Beneath My Wings" is the song that my son Ryan picked for the Mother-Son dance at his wedding.  It really got to me and I didn't even know what song they had chosen for sure until that night.  I could see through blurry eyes, my friends standing there wiping tears from their eyes.  I could not look at them.  This was such a special night for my Son and his Bride, yet he picked such an appropriate song for us.   
Leading up the the wedding, all I could think of was my little boy and remember the cute little things he used to do. … (39 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: Halloween Safety Tips - 10/29/07 02:48 PM
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misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: So, what about MEME! - 10/21/07 02:41 PM
I received a MEME from Mary Warren a couple weeks back and really tried to put this out of my mind!  Well, I didn't really know what a MEME was--I called my friend, Marchel and asked her, "What the heck is a MEME?"  Well, I was not going to do that!  I only really tell my close friends about me and there is nothing very interesting anyway!  Ok, I see I was being stubborn!  You asked for it Mary...
#1. I was born in Kansas City, Mo (photo at left of-MEME at 1 yr old) and the youngest of three children.  My brother, Ronnie (at … (37 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: This is the future!! - 09/18/07 01:01 PM
And we thought Color Television was a great invention!  This will soon be available in stores and then to the general public.  I can't wait until it is more affordable.  This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. 
Perhaps some of you have seen this.
Popular Mechanics is describing and showing us what this amazing computer will do.  This computer is like a flat screen TV that you can use as a table and you can move the objects around, while each piece is a moving object. I would try to describe to you more in depth, but, you really have to see … (36 comments)

misc ramblings from a spring tx realtor: No bait needed for this kind of Phishing! - 09/10/07 01:45 PM
Phishing is on the increase as criminals are using this technique to create fake, but very real looking e-mails and Web sites to gain our personal information for identity theft.  These emails usually "appear" to come from legitimate businesses such as (Wells Fargo, PayPal, eBay, Citibank) and they design them to look so real so they can fool recipients into divulging their personal data such as account numbers and passwords, credit card info. and Social Security numbers. 
Often these e-mails ask you to divulge your personal information and they even have a very realistic looking link that goes right back to … (18 comments)

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