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I think everyone must read this article! That is the same thing that our representatives should have done before they voted! But what can we expect when a 300+ page addendum was sent out at 3AM on the morning of the vote! What was the rush? It is time for us all to speak up!!Real estate is local ...
I was reading a blog post earlier today on Trulia from Renne Porsia, an agent from Philadelphia and it struck a cord with me. Here is the link to Renee's apost http://www.trulia.com/blog/renee_porsia/2009/06/should_realtors_be_paid_! Then I started thinking about an article I had done a few years...
I just wanted to let everyone I am alive and well in Cape Coral, Florida! Wow, what a run we have been on the last 3 months. It is like someone turned the faucet back on and we haven't stopped since. It seems that every home on the market is in a "multiple offer" situation and they are looking fo...
Greetings from beautiful Cape Coral, Florida! It has been quite busy down here and unfortunately I have not had a lot of time to dedicate to my blog! But I guess that is a good thing that once again the contracts are being written and real estate is hot! The passed 2 weekends we attended the wedd...
As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving here in beautiful Cape Coral, many buyers and real estate agents in our marketplace do have reason to give thanks this year! Reports out this morning show that the sale of single family homes in Lee County rose 78% from the same time last year! There were...
  Finally, an explanation that makes sense! Think about it before you go to the polls!        "Bar Stool Economics"      Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten      comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would      be split something ...
Baby it's cold outside! We woke to temperatures in the 40's this morning! Brrrrrr! Nothing to worry about though, it is already up to 70 and headed to 80 again by Friday! It was actually refreshing this morning and it is always fun driving around Cape Coral and looking at people dressed like it i...
  Greetings from Cape Coral, Florida! Today has been one of those 5 or 6 days we get every year without any sun at all! So as often happens on those type of days it is a little dreary around town. I always look for things to make me smile on those days and the following is what did it for me on t...
Well the humidity is gone and the nights are cooling down to the 6o's, But that is the only thing cooling off in Cape Coral! The real estate deals are hotter than they have been in years. Buyers are everywhere and it is a welcomed change! I was reading recently that baby boomers retirement will p...
I seems like only yesterday that I arrived in Cape Coral, Florida and in reality it has been over 8 years! Wow, how time flys when you are having fun! Well, I was having fun,for five years and then the market changed and the fun disappeared, but it is coming back! And although things have changed...

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