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  Elections in Cape Coral and Fort Myers have low voter turnout.   I don’t know what it takes to get people to come out to vote.  Residents of Cape Coral and Fort Myers are aware and living our troubled economy.  It just seems to me that this time more than any other would be important to come ou...
  Cape Coral Sun Splash waterpark for children of all ages.   Even in Florida we value summer fun.  One of the best entertainments around is Sun Splash in Cape Coral.    Water always makes us feel better and if you are afraid to swim in the Gulf  because of what also lives there, then Sun Splash ...
Gold Medal history being made in Cape Coral and Fort Myers  8 Gold Medals.  A super human feat.  That's what it feels like in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.  We are at a point that is history making and will be talked about for years to come.  The effort used to help people get out of the trouble the...
Cape Coral and Fort Myers wins the #1 spot in Foreclosures in the US  Foreclosures in Cape Coral and Fort Myers are not what we envisioned for the future of our area.  On the same news channel we are watching Michael Phelps take on Gold medal after Gold medal. This is your opportunity to get the ...
Be careful out there.  We seem to have a bunch of Active Rain people selling the same list for $99.  It is not a list to the asset manager.  It is to the same old list of companies that work with asset managers.  This isn't helpful at all.  It is just the same list. They are not taking anymore pe...
It is a fascinating world of mortgages.  I find that you need to be an accountant to be able to compare the figures and loan costs between lenders. They can quote a great rate but then have huge back end fees that are amazing.  Then they try to justify by saying they are normal.  NOT! Many of the...
The Rich Get Richer  It was just a matter of time for some of the high end homes to hit the foreclosure market in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. The recent homes to hit the skids are million to multi-million dollar homes.  They make fantastic buys for those that were secure during the recent real est...
Olympics are here. Very exciting to have something fun to focus on.  China truly has just gone crazy with the planning for this venue.  I can't wait to see the opening ceremonies tonight. They promise to be the best ever.  The USA is looking at some steep competition but seem ready and should bri...
What a great way to reach out and get a connection with your neighbors in Lee County.  In this over busy world we live in and high tech TV and computer etc. we tend to become more within ourselves and loose the connection in the neighborhood.  The old, borrow a cup of sugar, is not done anymore. ...
Welcome back Terry Stewart.  Now that his contract has been renewed with Cape Coral not everyone thinks he has done what is necessary for the job.  Well, I'm a firm believer that sometimes you just need to re-evaluate what you have done, what you can change to do better and use the hind site that...

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