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National/Local real estate topics, and Real Estate and the Internet topics. I write about the real estate business on Cape Cod and about the Internet. I am a real estate Broker, and I provide a national website that helps other agents and brokers get their web site found at no cost to them. I make a living listing and selling real estate on Cape Cod.



When I made my sixth lowball offer for one of my latest real estate investor clients, I started wondering if he actually wanted to buy anything or if he was just playing real estate investor.  I have shown him what I can prove are cash flow deals, and he lowballs to try to make the deal sweeter. ...
For a few years we have designated agents by the term ASR in my Falmouth real estate office.  This is a tongue in cheek description of those who Actually Sell Realestate.  There are so many that just answer the phone, or get one listing a year, or one buyer a year.When we talk to an agent we don'...
There was a little publicized interview on April 16, 2008 where the chief political advisor to the Prime Minister of Hamas says Hamas wants B. Husein Obama to win the US presidential election.  He says the only reason Obama is against Carter's visit to the middle east is because of the elections....
We have had an influx of foreign buyers lately.  Some are expats returning.  (Not exPatriots fans.  People who have lived outside of the US for awhile.)  And there are some with actual European accents.It seems that their dollars are worth more than our dollars.  Well, bring them on over here.  I...
Despite the Red Sox late inning wins, and the Celtics ruling the playoff courts, all the "black hat" and misogynistic politic-ing can get annoying. So I ordered a few of Joel Osteen's half hour lessons about positive thought and vision. I think the political campaigns could use a good shot of Joe...
I am lurnen to tawk like dthe people heeyah ahn cape cahd, aftah almost twenee yeyahs.  I had an agent ask me recently, "Howmanypichyus?"  It was all run together and said so fast that I had to pause to play it back in my memory.  I asked, "What was that? I don't hear as fast as you speak."  The ...
Its a beautiful day on Cape Cod!  People are all out enjoying the holiday in MA, and some are staying away from the traffic in Boston so they are on the Cape.  The marathon is being run, the Red Sox are playing again this afternoon, the Celtics won last night, and the Bruins are scheduled for ton...
Sometimes I really don't like statistics.  As an economics major in college, I learned to use statistics to make my point.  Now, when I hear statistical reports, I want to know what the variables are, if the comparrisons are apples to apples, and if there is anything I can't see that might skew t...
REindex.com, The Site Engine(sm) will be releasing the latest "Top 10 States Surfed" report near the end of this month.  This report shows where people are searching for real estate.  The last "Top Ten Report" was published in mid-January of 2008.  That report had some interesting indications of ...
I like "Late Breakfast!"  So many times in the last month I have been confronted with the difficulties of this business.  The ups and downs of prices, the disloyalties, the un-ethical practices from people who say they don't, and so on.  But today I am enjoying being a real estate professional.  ...

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