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National/Local real estate topics, and Real Estate and the Internet topics. I write about the real estate business on Cape Cod and about the Internet. I am a real estate Broker, and I provide a national website that helps other agents and brokers get their web site found at no cost to them. I make a living listing and selling real estate on Cape Cod.



California was one of the Top Ten States Searched for Real Estate in the REindex.com report of the same name.  CA - There isn't much that can be said about the California real estate market that isn't already being said except, wait.  Waiting is what everyone there has to do.  There are no foreca...
In reference to the Top Ten States Searched report that REindex.com just placed on its website:  NY - There are market areas of strength apart from the weight of NYC population that are the reason for so many people searching for NY real estate.  In an area that supports 2 teams for football, bas...
What if you could see where customers are searching for real estate before they call to see a property, or apply for a mortgage, or ask about an attorney? Would you keep it a secret?  How could such information be gathered?  It would take a very extensive and very targeted web site.  And with thi...
I just bought two, One TeraByte external hard drives!  WOW!  If you have ever had a crash and no way to recover your "stuff" I think there is a way to avoid it like never before.  I bought 2 so I could get my dayghters to save all their photos and movies to it.  I was amazed to see a terabyte ext...
Many customers aren't aware, but there are 2 Multiple Listing Services (MLS) on Cape Cod for Cape Cod real estate.  One is the traditional one that has been here since the pilgrims started selling houses between each other, and the other is from "Off-Cape" and is working hard to "annex" the Cape ...
Some of the top cities that have appreciated in 2008 so far are: Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux, LA Grand Junction, CO Wenatchee, WA Austin-Round Rock, TX Billings, MT Provo-Orem, UT Anderson, SC and The report can be found on the OFHEO web site. There is good data here that shows the first part of 2...
There was a paper/speech delivered at a meeting in Switzerland that was attended by representative from most major corporations world wide.  This speech is a reasonable and thoughtful presentation about the world economy and what the actual future has in store.  This is not a political speech, no...
The OFHEO has released their data for the beginning of 2008 and it shows again that 36 states are still appreciating! The data in the report from the OFHEO shows that homes in 36 of 50 states have appreciated in price this year! While the report tries to say that prices on the average in the US a...
Tennessee real estate sales were ranked 14th out of all 50 US states in home price appreciation in 2007!. Since the 1980s home prices have appreciated in Tennessee by almost 215%! One of the cities that gained attention for real estate values in Tennessee is Chattanooga. There are less than 100 c...
South Dakota real estate sales were ranked 11th out of all 50 US states in home price appreciation in 2007!. Since the 1980s home prices have appreciated in South Dakota by almost 200%! One of the cities that gained attention for real estate values in South Dakota is Rapid City. There are less th...

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