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National/Local real estate topics, and Real Estate and the Internet topics. I write about the real estate business on Cape Cod and about the Internet. I am a real estate Broker, and I provide a national website that helps other agents and brokers get their web site found at no cost to them. I make a living listing and selling real estate on Cape Cod.



Hollywood East is offering another acting class! The acting coach for the Plymouth Rock Studios will be holding another pre-opening acting class. It is scheduled for April 1, 2009 (a Wednesday) at 6 pm in Plymouth, MA. The video below is of the acting coach explaining the class objectives. The st...
The tax incentive for buying real estate has made it out to the public.  It is a credit or a loan.  It has to be paid back, or not.  It can used in 2008, 2009, or both.  Simply put, it may or may not, you can or can not, you do or you do not, maybe. If you didn't own a house for three years prior...
Here's what I think you need to know about your own site before you answer the latest email you received from the "greatest seo guru". First, are you in control of your code?  If you are using a template, you may not be able to change much of the seo coding.  If you have control over the code, ho...
Real Estate in MA is still moving.  There are pockets of good and not as good.  Last year the Attorney General of MA put foreclosures on a 90 day hold.  It appears that had both a calming affect and now a downward influence on pricing once again. As many of those properties that the banks could h...
I am often asked what the tax rates on the Cape are.  While we do have a state income tax, we don't have a lot of taxes that other states do.  Here are the latest tax rates for the towns on Cape Cod.  The residential rates are set by the towns and approved by the state/commonwealth.  They are pub...
Bourne's Pond isn't actually a pond the way I understood one growing up, because it opens to the Atlantic Ocean.  But here in MA a pond is defined a little differently - especially on the coast.  Here a pond is a body of water smaller than a lake, usually fed by a stream, but mostly still.  Bourn...
Recently the Wampanoag Indian Tribe was recognized by the US government.  For decades, the tribe has worked toward recognition.  As the Indians who helped the Pilgrims survive in a new world, their place in history has always been fact. Their web page http://mashpeewampanoagtribe.com/ has useful ...
I have a solution for the "bonus" problem at AIG and other similar companies.  Instead of dealing with all the BAD publicity, why not donate the funds to organizations that are rebuilding New Orleans homes?  They could donate to construction groups, to groups that house volunteers, or to groups t...
It seems that because of Mark to Market, some of the bail out money given to banks has only helped re-balance their out of balance ratios.  They still can't make new loans because that would cause their ratios to move out of balance again.  The ratios I am speaking of are the deposits to loans ra...
When you are tired of all the time you spend on all the social sites, what do you do to end your account?  I was surprised to find out that it isn't always easy to delete yourself.  Of course the time you spent updating them all should now be taken up by all the increased listing and buying activ...

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