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National/Local real estate topics, and Real Estate and the Internet topics. I write about the real estate business on Cape Cod and about the Internet. I am a real estate Broker, and I provide a national website that helps other agents and brokers get their web site found at no cost to them. I make a living listing and selling real estate on Cape Cod.



Hollywood East, the new movie production, sound stage, etc., continues to grow its organization here in Massachusetts!  Now they have an office at MIT so they can tap into the robotical mental pool in Boston.  As the snow melts here on Cape Cod, we are looking forward to movies being made. As Lam...
I laughed when I read this.  Sounds like someone in the courts is still a little conservative.  Even if it isn't a true case, I thought it might cause a few more smiles. A Florida judge has set a holiday for atheists.  Here is what happened. An atheist created a case against the Easter and Passov...
I have published a free Java Script that will allow you to give site visitors an instant value for their property.  It is a strict math function based on assessed values.  You can customize it, personalize it, and adjust it for your particular area.  (And yes, it is as incorrect as you find on th...
This is for brokers more than people looking for real estate who may be reading my personal blog.  Although, it is an interesting glimpse into some of what is going on in the real estate business apart from listing and selling property. There is an interesting legal case in Boston MA.  As I under...
Real Estate investors ask "How much could this rent for?" and tenants ask "Is this a fair rent?"  Well I found a government website that takes the liability off of us brokers.  It can be found in the mish-mash of HUD web sites and information.  For my area it is pretty accurate.  Rents here are b...
There are real estate articles beginning to circulate that New York is in for one of the biggest declines in real estate values they've seen in decades.  Hold on!  Before you chime in on the negativity with, "Well what were they expecting with condos selling in the millions," or "Of course with t...
It must be insurance month.  The other day I posted about a new insurance product specifically for open houses.  Today I see one about lock boxes.  Although I agree that placing a listing on a lock box has some risks, I haven't seen an insurance offering for listings on a lock box before.  I don'...
Open houses require attention by the attending agent that goes beyond letting customers walk through the property.  Now, I have received an advertisement from an insurance company offering an insurance policy for open houses.  This type of policy may have been available for awhile, but I haven't ...
The Massachusetts state government web sitehas posted some suggestions to keep in mind if you are pursuing a Property Tax Abatement.  (You must request an abatement if to lower the tax if you believe the tax assessment on your property is too high.)  First, check for the forms you need in your lo...
Have you heard about the MLS in CT that presented "The MLS Bill of Rights" stating that they think every Realtor in the state should have access to all Connecticut real estate MLS listings regardless of which MLS they are in? Well, it is the latest in the debate over a National MLS. There are dis...

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