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The storms in New England have made a mess of many areas. However, Cape Cod is not among them! The Cape is a bustling place! Restaurants are open, shops are open, and even beaches still provide shells and relaxing waves. There is a lot to do here now, and the crowds aren't here this time of year....
Oh My Goodness! There has to be more to this story than what I read and watched in the videos! The reporters have written that this borrower/owner bulldozed his house when the bank would not accept a sale. As a professional, I wish the reporters had asked more questions, so more of the circumstan...
A recruiter for the 2010 US Census stopped in my office today. He said they are looking for a few thousand workers on Cape Cod, nd over a million workers nation wide. The work is up to 40 hours per week worked, and will only be for a few weeks in April and into May. The hourly pay rate is $16 per...
My Dad was a pilot yeas ago. He still likes to fly, but is only able to as a passenger these days. He sent me these humorous bits of communication. I had a few good laughs and thought you might like a few, too. Tower: "Delta  351, you have traffic at 10 o'clock, 6  miles!" Delta 351: "Give  us an...
It seems that the HUD Secretary has tried to make it easier to buy a foreclosure. Shaun Donovan has initiated a policy that will last 1 year (from Feb 1). It will allows buyers to use FHA financing to buy HUD owned property, foreclosures, or private resales. There are some conditions that have to...
On Cape Cod, in the month of January, the median sale price of a single family home was up over $62K! Last year the median price was just over $297K. This year it is at $360K. The median sale price for a condo was also higher. The $192K mark in '09 increased to $242K last month. That is an increa...

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