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Unfortunately the web site of Scott Brown, Senator, hasn't been updated, but there are numerous reports about his Thank You tour. The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Herald, and other news outlets are reporting that the new Massachusetts Senator will be visiting a few places in the state to thank...
The new Senator from MA is going to be in Falmouth tomorrow. Word on the radio this morning is that he's going to be here at 7 pm. The Falmouth Inn is hosting the event. Since this seems to be the only place on Cape Cod that he will be visiting, there will probably be lots of people here. I made ...
If you know McAllen Texas and have some insight into the growth there - potential or real - send this author a note. She has put out a request for help. The magazine she is writing for appears to be new. You can probably get quoted if you provide good information. Her name is Tonya Whitaker and t...
One more reason to use a real estate professional when looking at property - is that multi-family approved or not? I just read a case in Illinois where sellers had been delayed from closing on their homes because the city had not inspected the homes for code violations. Yep, there is a new local ...
Companies and businesses have been watching for the predictors that will help them make economic decisions. They will now watch for both the reactions of Congressmen and for the reaction of people in other states. When Congressmen start voting on their own, companies and businesses will gain conf...
Well, it looks like the political machine that controls MA has its hands full. For the first hour of local talk radio on Cape Cod, there was nothing but calls from Scott Brown supporters reporting their vote and the status of the polls in their towns. Neither of the other candidates had one calle...
I saw a new listing today that is not waterfront, but the agent made the first picture a picture of a beach!? This is frustrating to me. I work very had to present our company listings with WYSIWYGpictures. WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get. It is pronounced wiz-ee-wig. It seems to me th...
When economists try to predict the future, one of the variables they can be confident in is that Congress won't do anything. This variable is only available when there is no one group in control of decisions. If Scott Brown is elected in MA, it could be good for the whole US economy. It isn't his...
I get requests to sell a time share every so often. I got one this week where the heirs don't want their timeshare, and don't need to sell it for much more than closing costs. If you know someone who likes Cape Cod and who would like an inexpensive time share unit, have them email me. My fees in ...
Here's a question: Why aren't the mortgage servicing companies pushing to get more modifications? The answer might be because they are servicing this note, and will probably service the new one, too - they get paid either way. So who benefits from a loan modification? The problem for many owners ...

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