cape cod: Cape Cod Snow Storm January 2012 - 01/21/12 07:13 AM
Well, we have been spared until now. Today we showed a few homes but the conditions were less than ideal. The picture below is of the Bourne Bridge headed south over to Cape Cod.  I was on the way back to Falmouth from Sagamore Beach. This picture was taken at around 12:30 and the weather has continued to go down hill from that point.
Many drivers were going very slow, because the sand trucks and plows hadn't treated very many of the road ways.  no, from my Main Street Office in Falmouth, the plows are occasionally going by, but it seems … (1 comments)

cape cod: Brewster WaterFront Cape Cod - 01/05/12 08:55 AM


cape cod: A Week On Cape Cod Is Still Available - 05/30/11 04:31 AM
Falmouth TimeShare for RENT
Across the street from the beach! Available 2011 one week in July (7/29 to 8/05). Nicely appointed, sleeps up to 4. Only 1 week is available.
This time-share owner would like to rent their week in this unit to you. It is ONLY $1000 for the week at Beachside. The Owner says: there is daily maid service, a Queen bed and a pull out couch. You can cook in the full kitchen, watch tv, wash and dry clothes, use the swimming pool, and of course the beach is right there in front.
Main Street Falmouth is … (0 comments)

cape cod: Want To Eat Lobster? - 04/17/11 07:10 AM
This week we had a great seafood dinner. The kids were all away, we were in the mood for some good seafood, and we live on the ocean. It all added up to a nice evening with great eats.
While I was picking up the victuals for our romantic feast, I noticed that Falmouth Fish, , will ship live lobsters to your home address if you aren't as close to their Falmouth MA location as I am. They have overnight shipping for orders from "2 to 100, and anything in between."
If you're lookin fer some lobster, matey, try Falmouth … (3 comments)

cape cod: Falmouth MA is a Green Community - 03/23/11 02:03 PM
There are grants available to Green Community towns across the US. Falmouth MA is making a concentrated effort to be at the top of the list, and a leader. There are meetings coming up to help educate and elucidate Falmouth's plans.
There is a meeting at Lawrence School at 6:30pm Thursday evening. The Lawrence school is on Lakeview Ave and is the 7th and 8th grade middle school. The meeting will be in the auditorium.
There will also be a discussion of "Stretch Energy" at Town Meeting. This is the idea that building should encompass current energy conservation concepts and products. … (2 comments)

cape cod: Fat Tuesday In Falmouth MA - Fun On Cape Cod! - 03/06/11 06:56 AM
Hello Falmouth friends! This Tuesday is Fat Tuesday! And in case you can't make it to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, we are bringing it to you!  ArtsFalmouth and JazzFest Falmouth are hosting a mini-float paradeand Mardi Gras party at the Nimrod, this Tuesday March 8, from 7-11pm.  $25 per person gets you live entertainment, free apps, beads, and of course a mini-float parade!You can even make your own mini-float and enter the parade!One Krewe member gets in free with every float and there is no cost to enter a float. What is a mini-float? Its like a big float, only mini.  … (2 comments)

cape cod: Coast Guard Practices Rescues Off Falmouth MA Coast - 02/23/11 09:45 AM
It was around 40 degrees today and the Coast Guard was practicing rescues off the coast of Falmouth MA on Cape Cod. This helicpoter and the rescue teams repeated their routine over and over in the cold waters. The sun was out, but I'm sure they were cold.
I put my Droid camera lense up to the eyelet of a pair of binoculars I had and took this video. It is a little shaky, but clear enough to see one completed rescue. The waster was calm, the sun was out, and in general, a good day to practice.


cape cod: A Rainbow In Falmouth - 11/09/10 06:25 AM
Last week a storm whipped through Falmouth briefly. I took this picture of a double rainbow that formed outside my office. It changed in brightness and clarity over the few minutes it was visible.
I've seen double rainbows before, but this one was the brightest I've ever seen, double or otherwise. The rest of that week was very pleasant.  This week we have had rain to help all the leaves fall, and to let all the trees get their thirst quenched before the cold months arrive.
It is still a beautiful day on Cape Cod!


cape cod: Its A Beautiful Day On Cape Cod! - 10/23/10 05:21 AM
Its A Beautiful Day On Cape Cod! The picture below was taken behind my house. It is the view we get to appreciate here on Cape Cod.
Sometimes there are as many as 50 swans hanging out there. Today, there were swans and ducks. There is also a Ospreys and Hawks that hunt this area. With the colors changing and the air cooling, the Cape is a great place to enjoy fall.
Come on down to Cape Cod. We have open houses all weekend, and Its A Beautiful Day On Cape Cod!


cape cod: Nor-easter? Not on the Cape! Come On Down! - 10/15/10 07:27 AM
Well, the rumors that Cape Cod has blown away have been greatly exaggerated. Yes the winds came. But it is more like a "Winnie the Pooh" blustery day than a storm. The picture below shows a Falmouth beach earlier today, before the sun was completely out.
I like living in a resort! I like the idea that we are remote enough for the weather men/women to mis-predict the weather.  So, check here to see a pic every now and then. It is a beautiful day on Cape Cod!


cape cod: Just Listed on Lower & Outer Cape Cod - 09/21/10 10:29 AM
Just Listed on Lower & Outer Cape Cod … (1 comments)

cape cod: Coachlight Carpets Cape Cod - Chance To Win New Carpet! - 09/16/10 02:04 AM
Steve and David, the owners of Coachlight Carpets in the Centerville Shopping Center have a way for you to win new carpet for a bedroom! They are collecting non perishable food items at their location in the Centerville Shopping Center. For each item brought in, the donor will receive a "ticket for a chance to win a new carpet for their own bedroom, no matter how large the room," according to a promotion in the Cape Cod times today. (see page A5)
Steve says that what he wants to do is get sons, daughters and grandchildren involved in giving. He feels that the more one … (1 comments)

cape cod: Volunteers Needed In Falmouth MA for The Feasts of Falmouth - 09/14/10 10:38 AM
I just received this from the Falmouth Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS):
The 9th annual VIPS fundraiser, the Feasts of Falmouth & Beyond, is fast approaching and we anticipate another successful event with a tent full of local restaurants serving up their delicious specialties! The Feasts of Falmouth is scheduled for Saturday, September 25th, at the Falmouth Marine Park on Scranton Ave., from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. As this event continues to become more popular each year, our need for volunteers grows too. We hope you will consider volunteering. And, as more hands make lighter work, consider inviting a friend or family member to … (0 comments)

cape cod: Earl Shmerl! It is a Beautiful Day on Cape Cod! - 09/04/10 04:20 AM
Earl Shmerl!  Last night was no more than a tropical rain event here on Cape Cod. This morning is one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen here in Falmouth! If you are thinking about heading toward Cape Cod, the picture below was taken on my way in to the office.  This road is one of the ones that is usually washed over in a heavy storm. There isn't even any sand on the pavement this morning.
I guess I'll have to go walk on the beach later for those of you stuck inland.

I like living in … (4 comments)

cape cod: Creative! Amazing! Unique! Cedar Shingle Artistry - Wow! - 08/21/10 04:41 AM
I just received my copy of the Cape Cod View magazine. Inside is an article that has pictures of some amazing artistry with cedar shingles. These are normal cedar shakes that are used all over the Cape as siding on houses.  And in these cases, the artists are home siding specialists!
In the article titled "Great Shakes: Cedar shingling brings art to home exteriors", there are examples of cedar shingles which have been trimmed, shaped, and layered into a unique and creative new form of art! There are fish (including scales), hearts, flowers, diamonds, sailboats, and even a sea turtle! 
The … (1 comments)

cape cod: The New Skaket Beach Web Cam Is Operational ! - 08/19/10 05:27 AM
Here is the new Skaket Beach Web Cam! It went live this week. Now, when you want to verify the weather on this Lower Cape / Outer Cape beach, you can use the web cam. It is scheduled to refresh every 60 seconds.
Here on the Cape, we often have different weather than is reported by "Off Cape" TV stations and radio stations. With the introduction of web cams, you can now get traffic, weather, and event information. Many towns are installing web cams in various areas to encourage tourism.
If the camera posted in this blog is down, you can … (3 comments)

cape cod: Nauset Beach Web Cam Is Live! 2014 - See it before you go - 08/19/10 05:20 AM
Here is the Nauset Beach WebCam! When you want to verify the weather on this Lower Cape / Outer Cape beach, you can use the web cam. It is scheduled to refresh every 60 seconds.
Here on the Cape, we often have different weather than is reported by "Off Cape" TV stations and radio stations. With the introduction of web cams, you can now get traffic, weather, and event information. Many towns are installing web cams to attract visitors.
If the camera posted in this blog is down, you can go to the web site:
It's a beautiful day … (1 comments)

cape cod: Its A Beautiful Day On Cape Cod in Falmouth MA! - 07/24/10 03:07 AM
The reports of rain on Cape Cod are once again creating an opportunity! If you are wondering WEATHER or not you should let the CLOUDY reports of anti-BEACH sky DAMPen your travel plans - wonder no longer! There are a few gray areas still, but the SUN is starting to dominate!
It is interesting how often the forecasters in Boston and Providence, the area tv stations, get the weather on this side of the bridges, wrong. We often have bright sunny days when there are storms just across The Canal.
If you are wondering if you should wander down, wonder no longer! Falmouth … (1 comments)

cape cod: Need A Unique Closing Gift Or For Another Occasion? - 07/17/10 07:48 AM
Here in Falmouth, Kevin and Beth Juaire have a great shop that is fun to browse and remember in! It is called Blast From The Past and it is full of just that - memories. They have one of the best selections of nostalgic memorabilia that can be found.
They have Comics, Tin Signs and Lunch Boxes , Collectible Figures, Lunch Boxes, Die-Cast Cars, Reproduction Gas Pumps, Coke Coolers, and Retro Diner Furniture to name a few things! Kevin knows his business and the items in his shop, too. If you ask for a "whatchamacallit", he either has one or knows where … (2 comments)

cape cod: Falmouth Artists Guild Raises Funds For An Elevator - 07/17/10 06:20 AM
On Thursday evening my wife and I attended the Falmouth Artists Guild fundraiser. We were there with other agents and friends from Robert Paul Properties. There was good food, dancing, music was provided by Four Guys In Tuxes, and there was a lot of art and goodies to bid on at the auction. We had a very nice evening.
One of the activities was an open call for donations toward the installation of an elevator at the new Falmouth Artists Guildbuilding on Gifford and Dillingham. The guild web site begins with, "The Falmouth Artists Guild is dedicated to the visual arts, providing … (1 comments)

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