falmouth ma real estate: New Taxes in MA on "Transient Accommodations" - 05/21/09 11:39 PM
Last Friday Beacon Hill (Boston) took testimony on the Municipal Relief Bill, by expanding the Hotel/Motel tax.
The bill that was being debated included provisions to expand the H/M tax to include all "transient accommodations" - which would have included timeshares, condos, all B & Bs currently exempt, duplexes, and single family homes.   The version of the bill that was passed by the State Senate did expand the definition of 'transient accommodations" to all of the above EXCEPT single family homes.  
If the current version of the bill becomes law, the H/M tax will apply to all condos, timeshares, duplexes … (0 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: Another Beautiful Day On Cape Cod! (pic) - 05/16/09 04:34 AM
I showed a nice colonial today to a great couple!  They liked it and now their current home needs a buyer.  Anyone looking for a great 3 bedroom 2 bath Cape on Cape Cod?!  $319000, pics on my web site.
Then I drove down to see the end of the Coast Guard's annual water rescue in Nantucket Sound.  They had just ended when I got there but here is a picture of the beach on Surf Drive in Falmouth, MA.  Come and go for a swim!

It is a breezy and cool morning.  The tourists are starting to visit. Shops … (1 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: Over 40 Swans Behind My House! - 05/15/09 03:58 AM
I couldn't believe there were so many swans behind my house yesterday.  I counted over 40!  They looked like a flock of snow geese at first.
As I approached, they all craned their necks and I thought I'd get attacked, but they turned out to be more afraid of me than I was of their herd.

It's a beautiful Day On Cape Cod!

falmouth ma real estate: Happy Mothers' Day - 05/10/09 05:39 AM
It is a beautiful day on Cape Cod (Falmouth).  My mom died a few years ago as the result of a fall.  My mother in law is nice, but I'd like to have mom back.  Take some time today to tell your mom what's on your mind.
My wife and her sister are taking their mom out later this afternoon.  Then 2 of my girls are fixing dinner for their mom.  The other two have already called from college. 
My mom would have loved this beautiful day.  Bright, cool, windy, and a Red Sox game later.
Happy selling and listing.

falmouth ma real estate: Video of the Quissett Harbor Dolphins, Falmouth MA on Cape Cod - 03/09/09 02:40 AM
Here is a short video showing the dolphins that came to visit Falmouth this weekend. There were a few more than are seen here, but these were the ones that came closest to the dock when we were there. Dolphins don't come to this part of the Cape too often, but they have been seen out in Nantucket Sound fairly regularly.

We went back a few times to see them. They had various crowds watching them over the weekend. Their presence was passed around by word of mouth.
Happy listing and selling!

falmouth ma real estate: 18,240 Piece Puzzle in Falmouth MA! Will you put in the last piece? - 02/26/09 04:57 AM
Here's a great idea!  The goal of a local toy shop in Falmouth MA is to complete an 18,240 piece puzzle in the store by the end of February!  The fastest know completion that Michelle Deutschmann (Kaleidoscope Toys' owner) has found is around 5 months.  It might get done if you drop by and help. ;^)
The toy store on Main Street in Falmouth has an energetic staff that has been concentrating on the puzzle all month.  If you are a puzzle aficionado, and think you can add to the success of their goal, stop by and see how they are doing!  You … (3 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: Falmouth ByLaw Change Will Tax Falmouth Landlords - 02/18/09 09:19 AM
There is something very important happening in Falmouth that directly affects the owners of a vacation home or visitors who vacation in Falmouth.    The town is considering a new tax on all Falmouth vacation rental properties that could be as high as 9.7%. 
We all know what this means! Landlords will need to pass this tax directly on to renters.   Some Cape Cod towns, like Harwich, have already voted a tax like this down.  If it passes, landlords will have another expense to cover when they are renting their properties.  Real estate investors will have to adjust their their operating calculations to include this … (1 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: WOW! A 3 bedroom in Falmouth MA for UNDER $100,000 The Bottom Is Here! - 02/17/09 12:42 AM
Well it has been a long time since I saw a 3 bedroom home in Falmouth for under $100,000!  But there it is in today's newest listings.  A 3 bedroom ranch on a 1/4 acre with one bath. 
So, if there is a reason to buy real estate in Falmouth MA, here it is!  This one had the pipes burst, so it needs work, but if this isn't the bottom, I don't know what will be.
There are other new listings that are good values, too.  I found another one yesterday that is a completely redone 3 bedroom 2 bath for … (2 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: Hollywood East Provides FREE acting classes! in Southestern Massachusetts. - 02/14/09 02:22 AM
Hollywood East, also known as Plymouth Rock Studios, is starting to provide free acting classes.  From the brief parts shown of the latest, it appears that they are preparing people to be extras.  The class that their daily video (called what else, "The Series") depicts shows a large crowd being coached on cheering at a football game.
Other information is presented to prepare people for the reality of shooting scenes like, "Ok, now we want you to do that 20 more times, and it is cold and snowing."  I think they are smart to prepare a local source of extras.  They can train them with a fresh … (2 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: An Insurance Policy For An Open House? - 01/19/09 03:06 AM
Open houses require attention by the attending agent that goes beyond letting customers walk through the property.  Now, I have received an advertisement from an insurance company offering an insurance policy for open houses.  This type of policy may have been available for awhile, but I haven't seen one offered before.  If I hadn't already curtailed my open house activity here in Falmouth MA, here is the encouragement to do so.
I have often been at an open house where more people than I can personally manage arrive and tour the home.  This takes a great awareness of what is in … (9 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: Close encounter with a Hawk. - 01/08/09 11:50 PM
This is a local post.  I love to watch hawks for some reason.  As a kid I read about them and watched them fly.  I have always loved to watch them soar.
Yesterday, as I went to an appointment in Falmouth, I ran across the one below and I had to stop an take a pic.  I walked up very close and he just turned his head to inspect me.  The pond he was watching has ducks and varmints around it so I'm sure he was planning lunch.
This isn't a real estateentry, but I enjoyed the encounter and so I post … (7 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: It's a beautiful day on Cape Cod! - 01/01/09 02:56 AM
Yesterday we got "some" snow.  Today the sun is shining and we are off to play soccer!  Indoor soccer that is.
A clean blanket of snow on a bright sunny day makes the world look fun.  The temp is colder than I prefer, but for the few days the snow will stay, I can enjoy bundling up too.
Enjoy the pics.  Woods Hole harbor before the storm, Main Street during the storm, and from the deck this New Year's day.

We are looking forward to a great year in real estate!

falmouth ma real estate: Falmouth Christmas Parade 2008 Falmouth MA - 12/19/08 04:52 AM
Well, the snow storm is still coming, so I went through the Falmouth Christmas Parade pics I took on Sunday and put them on a web page.  There are 105 because I tried to get one of every group that passed my Main Street real estate office.  The FalmouthChristmas Parade is the largest in Southern New England.  (And Falmouth MA has more waterfront that any other town in the country.)
I had only one daughter in it this year.  Hadlee plays clarinet in the Lawrence Middle School band.  She was waling with her friends and yucking it up.  It was a sunny … (1 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: How many people get to: - 10/28/08 08:29 AM
How many people get to:Drive their kids to school every morning so you can start their day with a laugh and positive comments?Drive by the beach and watch the sunrise every morning?Occasionally take a heated, enclosed ferryboat to an island, where there is a comfortable house and more beaches?Look for seals, watch the gulls, see the colors in the trees surrounding a picturesque New England shoreline?
Falmouth, MA is reputed to have more waterfront than any other town in the United States.It is one of the largest towns on Cape Cod, and I think it is the best year round town … (6 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: 10 years of home sales in Falmouth MA. Is this the bottom? - 10/09/08 06:37 AM
The chart below is a visual representation of single family home sales in Falmouth MA over the last 10 years.  As can be seen, there was definitely a peak in 2006.  Since that time there has been a steady decline in the number of sales.
Well, is this good news?  Many real estate analysts say that real estate works in 10 year cycles.  So it the peak was in 2006, we must be at or near the bottom of the downturn.  When you add in the lowest interest rates in awhile and the availability of foreclosed properties, there are some opportunities to … (2 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: It was a beautiful day on Cape Cod! - 05/18/08 01:30 PM
Well, despite forecasts of rain all day, the sun shone.  I was able to mow the yard, and fix a swing for the kids, and work on the dock, and then watch the Celtics and Red Sox win.
Falmouth is an interesting location.  So often the forecasters predict bad weather and then the storm moves to the north of the Cape Cod Canal or South of Martha's Vineyard.  We have nice weather more often than not - even when they say it won't be.

falmouth ma real estate: Do you charge $XXX.xx for a looker's first tour? - 05/17/08 09:09 AM
I ran across and idea today that I am considering implimenting in my business Cape Group Real Estate.  It isn't something that I am totally confident will work, so I am throwing it out here for comment. 
I have an office on Main Street.  And, we are a summer vacation town.  I can tell when the weather is bad by the number of "customers" who come in wanting to look at real estate.  With gas closing in on $5/gallon, I am thinking of requesting (not requiring) a $100 "deposit" to look at property - especially on gray days.
This will be … (13 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: Pre-foreclosures on Cape Cod (Provincetown, MA) - 05/10/08 06:18 AM
When I did some research on pre-foreclosures in Cape Cod towns on May 6, 2008, P-Town was one of the Cap Cod towns that had only a few properties in pre-foreclosure.  Only 1.3% of the 140,000(+-) homes on the Cape were at the stage of pre-foreclosure on that date.  Most homes on the cape are owner occupied, but in Provincetown almost 60% of the 2400 residential properties are second homes.  Most other communities on the Cape have less than half of their homes designated as second homes.  Commercial properties are not included in the pre-foreclosure data I found. 
Provincetown, MA is … (3 comments)

falmouth ma real estate: Pre-foreclosures on Cape Cod (Mashpee, MA) - 05/08/08 05:59 AM
On May 6, 2008, there were just over 1900 properties in the pre-foreclosure stages on Cape Cod.  With some 140,000 homes on the Cape, this is only a small fraction of real estate on Cape Cod.   Less than half of those homes are second homes, and this does not account for commercial properties.  Most homes on Cape Cod are owner occupied, even though some specific communities have more than 50% vacation home or investment status.
Mashpee is between Falmouth and Barnstable, the two largest towns on Cape Cod.  Mashpee includes the areas know as New Seabury and Popponesset.  Mashpee is the … (0 comments)

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