good real estate markets: The Bottom Of The Real Estate Market Is June 2011! - 06/20/11 01:01 PM
That is a pretty big title. There better be data to support it. So is data from Harvard good enough?
Harvard has produced a report that indicates that the bottom is here. Magazine has an article this month that says 16 million housing units are needed to meet housing needs in the next ten years. This will be a faster pace than the decade leading up to the latest bust. So where can the report be found?
Here's the report:
So why does one report indicate The Bottom Of The Real Estate Market!? If the growth forecasted is realistic, … (0 comments)

good real estate markets: Top States For Real Estate Searches in April - 05/06/09 11:03 PM
The Top Ten States list is an indication of future real estate interest.  Because most people are now using the Internet for 2 to 3 months before they talk to any agent or broker, this list is a good indicator of places that future real estate activity will occur.  When you know where people are spending their time studying property and market information, you can plan your lending packages, your inspection marketing, your buyer marketing pushes, etc.
Supporting data from the government's"Housing Price Indicator" shows that the bottom may have been reached last November (2008).  Nationally, February pricing data shows that prices in … (5 comments)

good real estate markets: Where did they look for property in April? - 04/27/09 07:23 AM
Can you believe May is only a few days away.  The sun is shining and the weather is improving and the Red Sox are beating the Yankees...  (I'm a Texan, but here in New England, you have to mention the Red Sox when they are doing well.)
I will be posting the monthly results that we prepare from the search activity on  Because the average "real estate researcher", sometimes called a buyer, is now looking on the net for over 6 weeks before they schedule anything with a broker or agent, this surfing data is interesting.
When the data is … (4 comments)

good real estate markets: Where Were People Searching In March? - 04/04/09 12:34 AM
There were some new states that appeared in the Top Ten States Searched in the month of March. While the large states gathered the most numbers because of their large land area and population sizes, there were many small to medium states that had lots of search activity. When the size of state is taken into account, some of the smaller states had a lot of activity.
We use this information for a few things. One is to see if there is an area of the country that is developing faster than others. Another is to see if the activity from … (3 comments)

good real estate markets: Is "Mark To Market" why they aren't lending? - 03/12/09 05:27 AM
It seems that because of Mark to Market, some of the bail out money given to banks has only helped re-balance their out of balance ratios.  They still can't make new loans because that would cause their ratios to move out of balance again.  The ratios I am speaking of are the deposits to loans ratios every bank is required to maintain.  Those ratios are for banks like the old 28/36 ratios were in the old days for buying real estate.  Less than 28/36 meant you were a buyer.  29/37 meant you were out of balance.
Simply put, "Mark To Market" … (6 comments)

good real estate markets: How can I make this a positive? Or No-where to go but up! - 03/07/09 06:37 AM
The OFHEO (Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight) aka the FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency) produced another smattering of data that is hard to make into a positive blog.  Here is my try at interpreting the data.
There we six states that have showed positive appreciation in the last year.  They are North Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, Texas, Hawaii, and South Dakota.  These states were the leaders in home price appreciation (and the only positive states in the list.)
There are a few other states that were close to being positive, too.  Many of the other 44 states have started to see an increase in real estate … (0 comments)

good real estate markets: Ohio in Top Ten States Searched for Real Estate - 03/04/09 04:43 AM
The Ohio communities are being searched for real estate!  Only two states had more search traffic according to the monthly reports on, The Site Engine®.   There have been reports that Ohio markets are struggling, but that hasn't stopped people from looking at real estate on-line there.
I know of one developer who is working on a large shopping and artisan complex in the Columbus area.  Once the banks figure out how the latest bailout money will affect their lending practices, maybe they'll free up some funds for good projects.  Until then, it appears that investors and buyers are starting … (4 comments)

good real estate markets: Here's A Link To a "Fair Market Rent Calculator" provided by HUD - 01/22/09 06:44 AM
Real Estate investors ask "How much could this rent for?" and tenants ask "Is this a fair rent?"  Well I found a government website that takes the liability off of us brokers.  It can be found in the mish-mash of HUD web sites and information. 
For my area it is pretty accurate.  Rents here are between $700 and $1500 a month year round, depending on bedrooms and location.  With more waterfront that any other town in the country, Falmouth has some good locations.
Real estate in Falmouth MA can be rented by the week in the summer and by the month … (10 comments)

good real estate markets: Are Banks holding funds rather than lending? - So they can take over other banks? - 01/13/09 08:36 AM
I just heard a new take on the bail out funds and why they haven't hit the streets yet.  The idea was postulated that the larger banks are holding funds rather than lending them with the plan/hope to buy some smaller banks.  This idea is becoming more well traveled (especially since I heard about it).  So now there may be some pressure from the bail out gods for those holding money to begin lending instead of holding.
If they are holding funds to try an take over other financial companies, and they are pushed/directed to start lending again, we may see movement … (10 comments)

good real estate markets: Here's where "they" searched for real estate in December 2008 - 01/08/09 02:04 AM
In December 2008, while reporting of the demise of real estate continues in the media, there is still a lot of activity in real estate markets across the country.  At, (pronounced Are-ee-index) we have started publishing reports of where our site visitors are looking at real estate.  The following is information that real estate buyers, sellers, and investors will find interesting.
The top states searched on in December were: New York, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Virginia.  These states were searched most often on  Each town in every state has a separate page on … (4 comments)

good real estate markets: Alabama real estate is still appreciating! - 12/13/08 03:05 AM
Alabama real estate is appreciating!
The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) produced a report in November that indicates Alabama real estate has been appreciating, even though most areas of the country are still experiencing a troubled real estate market.  Alabama was number 4 in the list of US states that are appreciating.  The report shows almost 3% appreciation which is a result of the local economic successes of the Mobile, Huntsville, and Decatur areas. 
In this area of the country, there are federal tax incentives for investment.  Known as the "Go Zone," investors that meet certain requirements get huge tax breaks for investing … (6 comments)

good real estate markets: Movie Stars are Coming! Movie Stars are Coming! - 11/12/08 03:32 AM
The plans for "Hollywood East" appear to be firming up.  There are more rumblings in Southeast Massachusetts around Cape Cod about the development of a new sound stage and movie studio facilities.  A golf course on route three has given notice to is employees that their jobs will no longer exist at the end of 2009.  Only a few of the staff will have any association with the "new project" that will begin then. 
For a few months, there was speculation that the southeast complex was dead in the water, after a proposed site just north of the Bourne Bridge ran … (3 comments)

good real estate markets: Finally A Good News Real Estate Article!! - 03/29/08 04:18 AM
Wow! Finally an article talking about real estate in a positive way! Opportunity abounds for some people.
An article in the Boston Globe talks about keeping the real estate opportunities on Cape Cod quiet. The author is trying to find a house to buy and she doesn't want to compete with others going over the bridge. It is a long time coming, but the tide of reporting may be changing!
I have been making offers for buyers for months now. Other agents report they are showing more homes and getting more under agreement. There are some slow price ranges, but there … (3 comments)

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