hollywood east: Plymouth Rock Studios Moves Forward To Construction! - 11/01/09 06:10 AM
The Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs has issued an environmental certificateto Plymouth Rock Studios. This is another foundational part of the construction of Hollywood East in Plymouth, MA. The certification came on Friday.
The PRS press release (found here) includes the following information:
"This decision demonstrates that the project will create jobs and establish a clean new industry in the Commonwealth. The Secretary's certificate represents a comprehensive review of the environmental impacts related to the project," said Plymouth Rock Real Estate Investments, President and CEO, Bill Wynne. "This certificate not only allows us to move forward but also validates … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East Suggests NEW Businesses for MA! (Joe DiLorenzo) - 10/26/09 02:16 AM
When asked what other businesses MA needs to support the studios at Plymouth Rock, he has more than a few suggestions. This is good news for the Massachusetts economy! There are about 2000 initial jobs being created by the construction of the studio. Other businesses have opportunity for growth and development similar to the growth and development of the studios themselves. (By the way, they use a question I contributed, in the interview!)
He mentions CGI, pre and post production companies, and even more sound stages in other parts of the state. The video below mentions Joe's background financial background with … (2 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood (East) Calls For Zombie Videos! - 10/22/09 07:50 AM
Halloween is on its way! Hollywood East was hired to make a new music video for a Boston band called the Longwalls. Their video will be published to the Internet on 10/31 to support the song Zombies, after it is shown as a fundraiser. In the video below from The Series on Hollywood East's web site, one of the Hollywood East staffers calls for your videos! "Zombies are the new vampires!"


hollywood east: Have Your Wedding Or Event On the Sets of Hollywood East! - 10/21/09 12:35 AM
Have you ever wanted to have a wedding or event in Europe or New York but couldn't afford the logistical expense, or schedule all the participants easily? Now you can!
The developers of Hollywood East have a vision of their sets and sound stages becoming a premier location for special events when the sets and stages are not being used for tv or movie production! Now you can host your party or event in the safety of the US, with all scheduling, services, and even the weather, planned and prepared in one location. Below is a video that explains their creative … (1 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East! Green Is Not Just The Color Of Money! - 10/21/09 12:16 AM
The planners of Hollywood East have found a way to improve their access road! By redesigning the roadway into the Plymouth Rock Studios, more trees and open space are able to be left in place. This is another thoughful example of the developers' efforts to keep the all the green parts of the project in mind - both the environmental impact and the dollars involved.

Here is a short video explaining their approach for meeting with all parts of the Plymouth population. The time put into preparation and the thought put into the past revisions are building the trust of locals, … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Foreclosure Statistical Data - 10/20/09 06:47 AM
Have you seen this information on foreclosures?
50% of United States foreclosures in 2008 came from 35 counties in only 12 states.20% of the United States' population lives in those 35 counties.
Eight counties in Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada were the source of 25% of foreclosures.Existing home sales in the US rose to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.7 million units in February, 2009, and only 860,000 homes were repossessed all of 2008.
If these things are correct and true, either 20% of the population controls the rest of the US, or the reporting is leading us to believe … (5 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East Founder (Past President of Paramount) Answers Common Questions - 10/12/09 05:26 AM
Here is a current interview with David Kirkpatrick. He is a past president of Paramount and one of the founders of Hollywood East. These are brief answers to questions everyone is asking. (And the names of those asking the questions are a good reminder to choose a good online name.)
Here is the link:
Find more videos like this on Hollywood East TV
He answers common questions on many people's minds like when "you" could begin working at the studios!

hollywood east: Planning To Work At Hollywood East? - 10/09/09 04:23 AM
If you're planning to work at the Hollywood East studioson the East Coast, then you'll need comfortable real estate on Cape Cod! Here is an example of a peaceful and private spot that could become a haven while you're finishing your next movie at the Plymouth Rock Studios.
Expansive views of sunsets will make you think you're on the west coast! And the New England charm of this 8500 square foot residence will remind you of fun movies like Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give. This pleasant getaway is under $7 million!
Work hard then relax easy! Places like … (2 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East To Begin Construction! JOBS In South Eastern Mass! - 09/25/09 06:17 AM
$550,000,000! That is Five Hundred and Fifty MILLION Dollars! In A Down Economy! For Construction!
Well it must be a good project! Plymouth Rock Studios announced today that it has secured a $550 million construction loan from a Florida company called Prosperity International. Now the Plymouth Rock Studios can close on the Waverly Oaks Golf Course and begin building! "Building what?," you ask.
The high tech complex will consist of 14 sound stages, a 10-acre back lot, production and post-production facilities, a theater and amenity (shops/entertainment) village. Producers will now be able to make movies and television shows from start to finish at … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East Secures Financing! - 09/24/09 12:13 PM
Hollywood East, the brain child of some experienced movie executives from Californiahas secured their construction financing! What does this mean? JOBS JOBS JOBS!!!
Not only are there construction jobs coming soon, but the 14 sound stages, 10 acre back lot, production facilities, offices, hotels, and shopping area will bring in more than 2000 jobs after construction. When you add the ancillary businesses and opportunities that will come to this area as supporting jobs, there could be as many a 20,000 new jobs.
Coupled with the new interest from notable people who want to have a home to use while they are doing … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East Update? - 09/17/09 01:27 AM
Southeastern New England is waiting for the final words that will tell the world Hollywood East is an actuality. For years the project has been planning, organizing, and promoting the possibility of a new, highly technically relevant movie studio and production facility.
The funding for the project is the last hurdle in the future of the Massachusetts movie industry's effort to encourage movie making and production in the Bay State. Plymouth town residents are watching for developments like a Red Sox fan watches a possible no hitter developing.
This is the month of decision. When the funding comes, Massachusetts will become the place … (1 comments)

hollywood east: Buy Now On Cape Cod Before Everyone Else Drives Up Prices! - 07/10/09 03:11 AM
If you are planning to have a place on Cape Cod while you're working at the Hollywood East studios, you should buy now.  The privacy factor is not as easy to achieve on Cape Cod as you might think. Still, there are some interesting buys right now that could provide you and your family privacy from the summer crowds.
The Cape has long been a place for vacationers. As such, many of the properties have been built close together on smaller lots. As more quiet interest in the Cape develops from people who have to work a little harder to find … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Movie & Television Production Class By Hollywood East! - 06/30/09 04:21 AM
Here is something that will impact commercial and residential real estate in southeastern MA in the near future.  As Hollywood East continues to gain momentum, more and more attention will be focused on the real estate here.
College On The Lot is an introduction to motion picture and television production. If you are making You-Tubes and think you know that producing and or directing is in your future, you may want to spend the $275 for the 8 workshops.
From July 14 to November 5, the workshops will meet per the schedule on their web page. If you are at least 16 … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East Gets Their Site Plan Approval! - 06/17/09 06:34 AM
Next stop? Hollywood East! The town of Plymouth MA (where the pilgrims are reputed to have landed and started the settlements that have become the USA) now has a new place in history! Hollywood East is a development that will impact the world almost as much as Myles Standish and Squanto!
With the opportunity to build a brand new media production facility, the Plymouth Rock Studios development team has begun a new era in media history. High tech with a green building focus will produce one of the most advanced movie and tv studios in the world. 14 sound stages, 10 … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood West Will Be Envious! And Probably Suportive! - 06/02/09 04:54 AM
The overall idea of Hollywood East is to utilize the opportunity for a fresh start! They don't have to fix or improve or retread anything. They get to start from the beginning and incorporate all the lessons, wishes, and improvements that other studios have provided. And the implimentation of new technologies that both enhance the media business and the environment is exciting to watch.
The vision to build a studio that provides the maker with all the newest facility improvements and incorporates all the things that other stdios lack in part or in whole is creative and attractive. Adding in the trendy … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East is Greener than the California Desert! - 06/02/09 04:39 AM
The planers of Hollywood East are working hard to not only build green, but to have planned green from the beginning. In the clip below there are MIT techies studying ways to help plan Plymouth Rock Studios inot a green development.
A green development is one that incorporates conservation with use and function. Sort of green feng shui. (I wonder if the word function comes from feng shui?)
One of the goals of the Hollywood East developers is to build an exemplary studio complex that can be studied from all kinds of bulding perspectives. From cities and towns that want to grow to … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East is Attracting Commercial Attention - 05/27/09 02:10 AM
Hollywood East is Attracting Commercial Attention! If you haven't heard about Hollywood East, it is a huge, state of the art commercial media production facility (movies, tv, etc.) that is under development in Plymouth MA near Cape Cod! It is the most advanced studio in the country!
Recently, one of the staff of developers, Joe DiLorenzo, visited the National Association of Industrial Office Properties (NAIOP) to talk a bit about the studio. He spoke to a packed room of interested commercial real estate professionals. Those pros paid close attention to the thousands of jobs the studio is producing as well as the … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East Moves forward toward construction! - 05/05/09 11:08 PM
Plymouth MA is the stage and 240 acres is the screen! The latest in technology, the most carefully planned, and the most one stop media production facility got preliminary approval for construction this week.
Plymouth Rock Studios and the town of Plymouth are working toward building the most state of the art movie and television production complex in the northeastern US, and possibly the country.
The planning board in the historic town of Plymouth has given approval for Hollywood East to continue toward full development approval.  In the next 40 days, the town and the developers will work out the details of … (2 comments)

hollywood east: Hollywood East vs. Other out dated production locations - 04/22/09 04:18 AM
What makes Hollywood East a better place to film movies and produce TV shows?  Well maybe it is the state of the art facilities.  Or it could be the fresh attitudes of the people and businesses in New England.  Or it could be the tax incentives that can transform a one million dollar budget into a one million two hundred fifty thousand dollar budget.
Whether it is the tax incentives, the self contained facilities, or the fresh faces of the people, the Plymouth Rock Studios is building the future at Hollywood East.  With over 200 Colleges and Universities in the Boston area … (0 comments)

hollywood east: Why Make Movies In Massachusetts? Money!! $1 = $1.25 in MAss! - 04/17/09 06:48 AM
Money!  On a recent visit to the Massachusetts Film Office, Nick Paleologis explains the tax credits available to movie makers in MAss.  His explanation is that $1 is actually $1.25 in MA.  So the million dollar budget gets stretched much farther in MA.
Which business CEO doesn't like to get a 25% bonus!? Are movie makers different from other businesses?  And, the facilities being built at the Plymouth Rock Studios in Plymouth MA are state of the art and soup to nuts.  From back lot, to sound stage, to offices, the site has it all!
And you get to enjoy Cape … (0 comments)

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