listing pictures: No Interior Pics? Clever Or Not? ... Do you Prefer To Visit To Verify? - 07/29/10 05:50 AM
What would happen if agents stopped putting interior pictures of their listings on the Internet? Oh yes, there would be an outcry from surfers and hobbyists who love to see what is inside. And there would be some agents who don't understand the usefulness of actually communicating with buyers.
So why would one think of that no interior pics would be useful? Maybe it would be so more people would make an appointment to look at a property. Maybe it would be to make the interior pics on your personal or company web site more useful that the listing sites are. maybe it … (3 comments)

listing pictures: Pictures Of A Beach? But The Property Doesn't Even Have WaterView!? - 01/18/10 01:33 AM
I saw a new listing today that is not waterfront, but the agent made the first picture a picture of a beach!? This is frustrating to me. I work very had to present our company listings with WYSIWYGpictures. WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get. It is pronounced wiz-ee-wig.
It seems to me that there are no "rules" for adding pictures to a listing. I consider this a form of bait and switch advertising. When I am showing listings to customers, I often have to say, "That property doesn't have A view - let alone That view." This often causes … (0 comments)

listing pictures: 10 questions before putting your listing on someone else's site. - 05/23/08 02:32 AM
They are all important, so they are all numbered 1.  The list is below.  As you read the questions, ask yourself which you think is most important?  And, are you following the leads of others, or leading the followers?  Listings are the inventory of your personal business.  Do you treat them with the respect they deserve?  Do you have the same approach to your inventory that other businesses have? 
1. Will you have to go to the site to change the listing for price or status changes?1. Will the content you place there help or hurt your own web site rankings? … (7 comments)

listing pictures: Listing Picture Suggestion - 04/14/08 03:41 AM
Taking a good picture of a listing is an imperative in this business.  Most homes can be made attrative with a camera and others - well, there are others.  One thing to keep in mind when taking the pictures, is that the angle you shoot from can actually put a bad feeling in a viewers head uncontiously.
When you line up your picture, try to keep the lines verticle and horizontal.  If you are taking the picture from below or from above, the picture can have what is called "parallax" lines.   This is where vertical lines tilt inward at the top or … (4 comments)

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