ma real estate: Foreclosure List For MAssachusetts - A Website - 08/01/16 05:08 AM
Foreclosure List For MAssachusetts - A Website
You can finally get a Foreclosure List For Massachusetts from A Website that was just hatched. MA lawmakers apparently passed a new requirement that all legal notices be placed online as well as being printed in an appropriate off-line publication. One of the issues with the new directive is the cost of placing the notices on websites, and which is / are the correct / best ones to post them on.
Enter the MNPA (MASSACHUSETTS NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION), with all their publications, and viola a solution. They have provided an outlet for the public notices which should help anyone find the … (0 comments)

ma real estate: MA Sales Still Rising - stats better for sellers than buyers in MA - 12/08/13 10:30 PM
In a nutshell, the housing statistics are stronger for sellers than for buyers in Massachusetts. According to a report dated November 26, 2013, the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, MAR, states that in almost every statistic, housing data is stronger that it has been over MANY years.
The report has a couple of titles with one being Most closed October single-family home sales since 2004 .  The other statistics are also positive for sellers.  I know that on Cape Cod, we have experienced a good year, and in Falmouth sales in the luxury market are up.
To add fuel to sellers' positions that their property … (0 comments)

ma real estate: 91 Olde Knoll Road Marion MA 02738 Luxury Real Estate 1.5 Acres - 01/12/12 05:41 AM


ma real estate: 5+ Acres Mattapoisett MA Waterfront Real Estate - 01/02/12 07:43 AM


ma real estate: Provincetown MA Never Ending Views - 02/22/11 09:00 AM
Luxury Real Estate Provincetown MA Robert Paul Properties


ma real estate: Is Stock Selling Preceding Real Estate Buying?! - 11/08/10 03:00 AM
The election is over. Business planners can forecast the next two years better than they have for some time. Real estate values all over the country are lower than they have been in years. Interest rates are lower than they have been since Eisenhower was President.
When I look at the stock market and I see the selling of stocks, when I read that savings are historically high, and when I see my real estate market moving faster than it has in years, I am excited by the possibilities.
Is the selling of stock preceding increased real estate buying?!  While we continue to … (1 comments)

ma real estate: Funny Showing Instructions - 08/17/10 09:01 AM
I had to throw my head back and laugh at this one. WYSIWYG pictures and hilarious showing instructions make this one good for a giggle. The house is in an estate.  The contents are strewn throughout, the landscaping hasn't been maintained, and the building needs a BIG hug (TLC).
What made me laugh are the showing instructions that are for other agents and brokers: "Call us to let us know you're going in case we need to send out a search party." The public description is pretty clear for buyers, too.  "Why so cheap? Well here's the bad news: It needs lots … (59 comments)

ma real estate: Plymouth MA Movie on the Green! Free! - 07/14/10 09:50 AM
Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy FREE Movies on The Village Green Every Thursday Night in July
It's a drive-in movie without the car! Bring a blanket, a chair, and the whole family and enjoy.
Where? In The Pine Hills on the Village Green!
July 8: The Blind SideJuly 15: Where the Wild Things AreJuly 22: NineJuly 29: Casablanca
Movies begin at dusk (around 8:15PM) each week.The movies are FREE and open to the Public (includes free parking).
Do You Want Dinner Before the Movie?
Try:Café Olio - Grilling on the Patio: burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn and more 508-224-4200Martha's Stone … (1 comments)

ma real estate: Radon Test Procedures - 06/24/10 07:09 AM
Here is what the EPA says should be done for a correctly administered radon test. You will see some parts are hard to control if you are not in control of the activity at the property. When I spoke to Roger Parras at the MA Department of Health, he stated that if you aren't living in the home, you can't control the conditions that will produce the best test results.
These EPA instructions can be found on the EPA website:
When You Place The Radon Test Kit(s) Yourself
For a short-term test (less than a four day period):- close all windows … (1 comments)

ma real estate: A Home In The Kennedy Compound Is For Sale In Hyannis Port - 05/03/10 10:29 AM
There is a magnificent property within the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port that has recently become available for purchase. This is not a property owned by any of the Kennedys, but it is within the compound area on Marchant Ave.  It is a water front property and across the street from the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's home.
This property has been in the same family for over 50 years. Priced at $13,500,000 and shown to qualified buyers, this is a unique opportunity on Cape Cod.
The property has sweeping views of Nantucket Sound. It has seven bedrooms, and of course, there is … (2 comments)

ma real estate: Tax Credit ALERT! The Deadline is Approaching! - 03/27/10 01:21 AM
The first time buyers tax credit is still available. This is an $8,000 tax credit that is available for home buyers who have a home under agreement before April 30, 2010. The closing needs to take place before the end of June.  There is still time to BUY A HOME!
Buyers who are "Moving Up" are included. And buyers who are downsizing may take advantage of the credit also.
There is also a provision for people selling their home who are not first time buyers. A $6,500 tax credit that is available for those who have a fully executed Offer to … (4 comments)

ma real estate: Good Attorneys Make Life Easier - 03/27/10 01:04 AM
I had the pleasure of closing a deal this week. One of the reasons the deal closed on time was the Hyannis attorney that was involved. In this case he was representing the Buyer of a property on Cape Cod.
Alexander T. Senatori, or Alex as I now know him, was thorough, patient, persistent, and very communicative. He made requests for what he needed, and responded when he had received what filled each request. He was persistent without being frustrated when we had to request the same thing many times from the other side of the transaction - even to the … (5 comments)

ma real estate: Yesterday's Worry is Today's Problem - New Tax May Mean Job Loss In MA - 03/26/10 12:50 AM
The Boston Globe made the point yesterday in an article by Jay Fitzgerald, that the medical device industry in MA will be changed by the new health care package. The companies that have been making their devices in MA, may have to move their operations out of the state in order to stay competitively priced.
New taxes that come from the latest vote in Washington, were possible early yesterday, and now are definite after the vote later in the day.  The manufacturing companies may try to pass on the new fees to customers, but that will affect sales. how much affect it … (0 comments)

ma real estate: Oyster Harbors For Under $1,000,000! - 03/17/10 06:49 AM
Oh My Goodness! If you know Oyster Harbors in Osterville on Cape Cod, then you will know that this is an opportunity! This gated community has not seen a possibility like this for quite some time - and may not again for awhile.
Properties in Oyster Harbors, that are available, range from two to five or more times this price. Here is an opportunity to not only have a great lot, but a home, a guest house and a garage to use while your architect plans your personal modifications.
This comfortable Cape style residence has five bedrooms and four full baths. Its graciously proportioned rooms … (3 comments)

ma real estate: Cape Cod Real Estate Statistics For January Are Up! - 02/05/10 07:37 AM
On Cape Cod, in the month of January, the median sale price of a single family home was up over $62K! Last year the median price was just over $297K. This year it is at $360K.
The median sale price for a condo was also higher. The $192K mark in '09 increased to $242K last month. That is an increase of $50K.
There were 18 more sales in January of this year than there were last year. The total volume for all sales increased by almost seven million dollars on Cape Cod. 
With many indicators pointing toward higher interest rates, now is probably … (0 comments)

ma real estate: How Does Scott Brown Affect Real Estate? BUY NOW And Avoid The Rush! - 01/19/10 10:52 PM
Companies and businesses have been watching for the predictors that will help them make economic decisions. They will now watch for both the reactions of Congressmen and for the reaction of people in other states. When Congressmen start voting on their own, companies and businesses will gain confidence in the predictors.
When people begin to vote on the Candidate and not the party, companies and businesses will gain confidence in the predictors. When companies and businesses gain confidence in the predictors, they make buying decisions. When financial planners can foresee future tax structures and expenses, they advise in favor of buying decisions. When … (2 comments)

ma real estate: Quincy Adams Builders Pymouth County MA - 12/22/09 01:45 AM
I recently met Tony Antonellis of Quincy Adams Builders. He and his staff were completing the remodel of a home right on the coast in Marshfield, MA. The crew that Tony has assembled works hard to get the job done right with the correct materials.
One thing I got to see was the way windows need to be installed when you are very close to the water. The window has to be rated for high wind, and there are a few extra procedures for their correct installation. High wind windows are one way to meet the regulations when close to the water, … (1 comments)

ma real estate: Plymouth Rock Studios Moves Forward To Construction! - 11/01/09 06:10 AM
The Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs has issued an environmental certificateto Plymouth Rock Studios. This is another foundational part of the construction of Hollywood East in Plymouth, MA. The certification came on Friday.
The PRS press release (found here) includes the following information:
"This decision demonstrates that the project will create jobs and establish a clean new industry in the Commonwealth. The Secretary's certificate represents a comprehensive review of the environmental impacts related to the project," said Plymouth Rock Real Estate Investments, President and CEO, Bill Wynne. "This certificate not only allows us to move forward but also validates … (0 comments)

ma real estate: Wordless Wed: Vineyard View (Martha's Vineyard) - 10/28/09 06:19 AM
It was a peaceful morning on the Vineyard as I walked by this small fishing shack. It was a short trip to check on a house. There were a few ducks and birds still swimming around that had not gone south yet. The leaves on the Vineyard trees were still changing. They are probably peaking right now. I'll be back on the Vineyard for a class in the afternoon. It wil probably more busy.


ma real estate: MA Court Rules That A Foreclosure May NOT Be A Foreclosure! - 10/16/09 07:13 AM
Massachusetts has joined the list of states with "foreclosure confusion". A judge ruled yesterday that because a bank did not prove it owned a couple of loans before it foreclosed on them, the foreclosures are not valid! Oops - to say the least.
In one of my blogs last year: I tried to summarize what my research on MERS had shown me. It seems that these two loans were both examples of that kind of "lost paperwork".
This judge's decision raises some questions. 1) If banks now have to prove ownership before they foreclose, will that delay the foreclosure process?  2) If … (0 comments)

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