massachusetts real estate: 91 Olde Knoll Road Marion MA 02738 Luxury Real Estate 1.5 Acres - 01/12/12 05:41 AM


massachusetts real estate: Massachusetts Foreclosures - Hold Your Horses Wells Fargo And The Rest - 12/16/11 09:38 AM
This month, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley initiated a lawsuit against 5 major US banks. They have allegedly illegally seized properties, filed fraudulent foreclosure documents, and failed to help struggling borrowers who could have stayed in their homes if those borrowers had been allowed to make lower mortgage payments through a loan modification.
The lawsuit is against Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup Inc., and GMAC, a subsidiary of Ally Financial Inc. It also names MERS, also known as Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Inc. and its parent company MERSCORP as defendants.
Ms. Coakley says … (1 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Here's A Nice Property In Marion! - 09/21/10 09:41 AM
Just Listed on South Coast 16 Vine Street in Marion MA … (0 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Beautiful, Privacy, Attached in Law in East falmouth Cape Cod! - 08/09/10 03:31 AM
What is not to like here?! A 4 bedroom Colonial home WITH an approved, in-law apartment. Set on a private acre, this home is in move in condition.
Gas fireplace, wood floors, and room for a pool outside! There is a first floor master bedroom and a second floor master, too. Both masters have private baths. The over-sized two car garage is large and attached. The level yard has privacy and space to play! Discover this gem on Cape Cod!

This home is easy to show and is ready for your family and friends!


massachusetts real estate: West Falmouth Cape Cod 4 Bedroom With A Barn! - 07/18/10 09:05 AM
This Antique Cape was renovated in the late 1990s, and is sited on 0.58 acres in the heart of the village of West Falmouth! The main house was recently an office, and now it is waiting to be used as a residence again. Beautiful wood floors throughout, 4 bedrooms with 2 baths, and just a stroll to West Falmouth Harbor after you pick up your favorite sandwich from the West Falmouth Market!
To the rear of the property is a large barn. There is even the possibility to use the barn as a 1 bedroom apartment! If you have been wanting to buy … (3 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Water Water Everywhere! And Lots of It To Drink! - 04/16/10 06:27 AM
This has been a rainy year on Cape Cod. A report this month from the Cape Cod Commission says that "... Cape water tables are at record highs." It seems that Cape Cod has an unusual abundance of water.
While flooding that has been seen in other parts of the country has not happened here, high water tables do have an impact on real estate. Engineers use the water table levels to plan future projects and to adjust known factors that affect things like septics, sewers, and foundations. The "extra water" causes re-calculation for annual events, or 50 year or 100 year … (3 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Tax Credit ALERT! The Deadline is Approaching! - 03/27/10 01:21 AM
The first time buyers tax credit is still available. This is an $8,000 tax credit that is available for home buyers who have a home under agreement before April 30, 2010. The closing needs to take place before the end of June.  There is still time to BUY A HOME!
Buyers who are "Moving Up" are included. And buyers who are downsizing may take advantage of the credit also.
There is also a provision for people selling their home who are not first time buyers. A $6,500 tax credit that is available for those who have a fully executed Offer to … (4 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Good Attorneys Make Life Easier - 03/27/10 01:04 AM
I had the pleasure of closing a deal this week. One of the reasons the deal closed on time was the Hyannis attorney that was involved. In this case he was representing the Buyer of a property on Cape Cod.
Alexander T. Senatori, or Alex as I now know him, was thorough, patient, persistent, and very communicative. He made requests for what he needed, and responded when he had received what filled each request. He was persistent without being frustrated when we had to request the same thing many times from the other side of the transaction - even to the … (5 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Yesterday's Worry is Today's Problem - New Tax May Mean Job Loss In MA - 03/26/10 12:50 AM
The Boston Globe made the point yesterday in an article by Jay Fitzgerald, that the medical device industry in MA will be changed by the new health care package. The companies that have been making their devices in MA, may have to move their operations out of the state in order to stay competitively priced.
New taxes that come from the latest vote in Washington, were possible early yesterday, and now are definite after the vote later in the day.  The manufacturing companies may try to pass on the new fees to customers, but that will affect sales. how much affect it … (0 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Cape Cod Real Estate Statistics For January Are Up! - 02/05/10 07:37 AM
On Cape Cod, in the month of January, the median sale price of a single family home was up over $62K! Last year the median price was just over $297K. This year it is at $360K.
The median sale price for a condo was also higher. The $192K mark in '09 increased to $242K last month. That is an increase of $50K.
There were 18 more sales in January of this year than there were last year. The total volume for all sales increased by almost seven million dollars on Cape Cod. 
With many indicators pointing toward higher interest rates, now is probably … (0 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Quincy Adams Builders Pymouth County MA - 12/22/09 01:45 AM
I recently met Tony Antonellis of Quincy Adams Builders. He and his staff were completing the remodel of a home right on the coast in Marshfield, MA. The crew that Tony has assembled works hard to get the job done right with the correct materials.
One thing I got to see was the way windows need to be installed when you are very close to the water. The window has to be rated for high wind, and there are a few extra procedures for their correct installation. High wind windows are one way to meet the regulations when close to the water, … (1 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Cape Cod Statistics - 11/06/09 08:04 AM
Preliminary CC&IMLS Statistics for October 2009
Single Family | #Sales | Median | $Value | DOM
October 2009 | 330 | $336,700 | $154,029,292 | 150 October 2008 | 296 | $337,250 | $155,716,315 | 157
October 2009 | 79 | $260,000 | $20,972,155 | 224 October 2008 | 79 | $259,500 | $21,961,262 | 192 All Sales
October 2009 | 431 | $184,528,417 October 2008 | 393 | $183,596,997 The Information shows an uptick in volume!

massachusetts real estate: Should you get a septic inspection? - 11/03/09 01:40 AM
Should you get a septic inspection? It is extremely important to have a proper, thorough, inspection of the septic system components if you are buying a home with a septic system. Unfortunately for many home buyers, the typical brief septic inspection tells you very little about the real state of the septic system. In my state, the tank is uncovered and viewed, and the scum level and depth is noted. A diagram is drawn indicating the location of the components. Septic inspections for the sale/purchase of a home is a limited visual inspection to determine the condition of the septic field … (0 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Plymouth Rock Studios Moves Forward To Construction! - 11/01/09 06:10 AM
The Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs has issued an environmental certificateto Plymouth Rock Studios. This is another foundational part of the construction of Hollywood East in Plymouth, MA. The certification came on Friday.
The PRS press release (found here) includes the following information:
"This decision demonstrates that the project will create jobs and establish a clean new industry in the Commonwealth. The Secretary's certificate represents a comprehensive review of the environmental impacts related to the project," said Plymouth Rock Real Estate Investments, President and CEO, Bill Wynne. "This certificate not only allows us to move forward but also validates … (0 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Have Your Wedding Or Event On the Sets of Hollywood East! - 10/21/09 12:35 AM
Have you ever wanted to have a wedding or event in Europe or New York but couldn't afford the logistical expense, or schedule all the participants easily? Now you can!
The developers of Hollywood East have a vision of their sets and sound stages becoming a premier location for special events when the sets and stages are not being used for tv or movie production! Now you can host your party or event in the safety of the US, with all scheduling, services, and even the weather, planned and prepared in one location. Below is a video that explains their creative … (1 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Hollywood East! Green Is Not Just The Color Of Money! - 10/21/09 12:16 AM
The planners of Hollywood East have found a way to improve their access road! By redesigning the roadway into the Plymouth Rock Studios, more trees and open space are able to be left in place. This is another thoughful example of the developers' efforts to keep the all the green parts of the project in mind - both the environmental impact and the dollars involved.

Here is a short video explaining their approach for meeting with all parts of the Plymouth population. The time put into preparation and the thought put into the past revisions are building the trust of locals, … (0 comments)

massachusetts real estate: MA Court Rules That A Foreclosure May NOT Be A Foreclosure! - 10/16/09 07:13 AM
Massachusetts has joined the list of states with "foreclosure confusion". A judge ruled yesterday that because a bank did not prove it owned a couple of loans before it foreclosed on them, the foreclosures are not valid! Oops - to say the least.
In one of my blogs last year: I tried to summarize what my research on MERS had shown me. It seems that these two loans were both examples of that kind of "lost paperwork".
This judge's decision raises some questions. 1) If banks now have to prove ownership before they foreclose, will that delay the foreclosure process?  2) If … (0 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Does Your Mortgage Originator Have A "Unique Identifier"? - 10/10/09 05:35 AM
According to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System every mortgage originator is now going to be fingerprinted, registered in a registry, and tracked through their life as an originator. This is evidently intended to monitor the originator and the loans they write.
If you ask your mortgage originator for their "Unique Identifier" and they don't know what you mean, they may not be current on the developments in their industry. The answer should be, "That isn't in effect yet, but I will get it to you when I get one."
Once more, government is making everything we do … (0 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Hollywood East To Begin Construction! JOBS In South Eastern Mass! - 09/25/09 06:17 AM
$550,000,000! That is Five Hundred and Fifty MILLION Dollars! In A Down Economy! For Construction!
Well it must be a good project! Plymouth Rock Studios announced today that it has secured a $550 million construction loan from a Florida company called Prosperity International. Now the Plymouth Rock Studios can close on the Waverly Oaks Golf Course and begin building! "Building what?," you ask.
The high tech complex will consist of 14 sound stages, a 10-acre back lot, production and post-production facilities, a theater and amenity (shops/entertainment) village. Producers will now be able to make movies and television shows from start to finish at … (0 comments)

massachusetts real estate: Hollywood East Update? - 09/17/09 01:27 AM
Southeastern New England is waiting for the final words that will tell the world Hollywood East is an actuality. For years the project has been planning, organizing, and promoting the possibility of a new, highly technically relevant movie studio and production facility.
The funding for the project is the last hurdle in the future of the Massachusetts movie industry's effort to encourage movie making and production in the Bay State. Plymouth town residents are watching for developments like a Red Sox fan watches a possible no hitter developing.
This is the month of decision. When the funding comes, Massachusetts will become the place … (1 comments)

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