real estate agent: Are You Listening OR Telling? - 06/27/11 04:20 AM
Here on Cape Cod we do mostly accompanied showings. Lock boxes are not very common, so we often view a property with the listing agent/broker. The experience of the listing agnet/broker makes a difference how the property is shown.
There are some who show berdooms, baths, deck, and kitchen. But those who are actuall selling real estate (what I call ASRs) are asking what the buyer is looking for before the showing, highlighting those things, and also listening while at the showing to identify other desires that could be highlighted.
Rather than focusing on the property being sold, there should be … (6 comments)

real estate agent: Bank Of America Short Sale Help Manual For Agents and Homeowners - 07/12/10 03:17 AM
Bank of America has an online manual that may help agents and homeowners with a short sale. It can be found and copied by clicking on the link below. The first pages of the 40 page document show agents of a homeowner how to set up an account, and the how to utilize the BOA system - this is for the BOA system only.
Keep in mind, you still have to know what you are doing! If you haven't done a short sale before, you might set up an account, read all the steps, use a search engine to study what the components of each … (3 comments)

real estate agent: Falmouth Housing Data - 15 Months - 06/28/10 10:48 AM
Here is some housing market data for Falmouth MA. It shows that there have been twice as many properties coming on the market as have been sold. And the current inventory is almost 1 year. This chart is for Non-Waterfront properties only. While Falmouth has more waterfront that any other town in the country, there are many more homes in Falmouth that are not on the water.

The average list to sale price shows 95%. The only problem I have with that nymber/percentage is that is relative to the listing price at the time it went under agreement. This does not take … (3 comments)

real estate agent: Using A Certified Radon Tester Or Radon Testing Company - 06/24/10 06:44 AM
I didn't know there are "certified" radon testing companies and testers. If you want to find a "certified" radon company or inspector, you can search the National Radon safety Board here or you can search the National Environmental Health Organization here for a "measurement provider/technician". Both of these organizations are national so you can find someone in each state. Radon test kits are available to anyone from a number of places and you do not have to be certified to use them.
In my conversation with Roger Parras at the MA Department of Public Health, he suggested that it is better to … (2 comments)

real estate agent: Who Should Pick Up A Radon Test? - 06/24/10 05:41 AM
I have just spent a half hour on the phone with Roger Perras in the MA Dept. of Public Health Radiation Control Program. His phone number is 800-723-6695 (or 800-Radon95). This conversation was informative.
My question to him was in reference to the issue in my previous blog about home inspectors passing off the responsibility of picking up a radon test. Roger said he has been getting more inquiries like mine. However, currently this is an unaddressed part of the radon testing industry.
Roger said that he suggests:- using a certified radon tester or testing company- understanding the testing procedure and … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Radon Test Liability - Are You Being Asked To Take It On? - 06/23/10 06:44 AM
Some inspection companies are asking real estate licensees to be responsible for picking up a radon test, sealing it, and mailing it.
There are some inexperienced people who will do this, not understanding the liability it creates.
Other more experienced professionals are more aware of the liability that this creates for a person who handles the test, other than the inspector or the buyer.
Returning to the property to pick up the test seems to be too time consuming for some inspectors.
Causing an person to get involved in the test who is not the inspector or the buyer seems unprofessional … (2 comments)

real estate agent: Pictures Of A Beach? But The Property Doesn't Even Have WaterView!? - 01/18/10 01:33 AM
I saw a new listing today that is not waterfront, but the agent made the first picture a picture of a beach!? This is frustrating to me. I work very had to present our company listings with WYSIWYGpictures. WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get. It is pronounced wiz-ee-wig.
It seems to me that there are no "rules" for adding pictures to a listing. I consider this a form of bait and switch advertising. When I am showing listings to customers, I often have to say, "That property doesn't have A view - let alone That view." This often causes … (0 comments)

real estate agent: A GPS For Social Media Marketing! - 10/29/09 02:56 AM
You can buy an ebook for every social media site. You can take every course offered for each social media site. There are tons of social media specialists.
But this article, "10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips" by Ross Kimbarovsky is one of the most concise and complete quick lists I have seen. He goes through what the most well known concepts and sites are and how to use them. There is a section under each one for the novice and for the advanced user.
If you need to start a Social Media Map, then this article can be your GPS.
Happy listing and … (4 comments)

real estate agent: Renters Can Lose $8000 This Year on December 1! - 09/29/09 12:32 AM
If you are renting on December 1, 2009 you just lost $8000. Here's why!
People who have not owned a home in the last three years are called First Time Buyers by the US Government.  Those First Time Buyers can get $8000 IF they close on a property before December 1, 2009.  So how much house can a renter buy?
One of the old calculators I use shows how much real estate a person with the following income levels might be able to purchase.
The numbers below are as follows: Annual Income (AI), Monthly Income (MI), Maximum Monthly Payment (MMP), Other Monthly Debts … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Real Estate Is A Courageous Business Effort - 09/15/09 11:53 PM
"Courage is the form of every virtue at the testing point." CS Lewis
The real estate business is a business that could be called courage inducing. There is no guaranteed paycheck for a commissioned salesman. There is only the possibility of success. And with each success, the possibility begins again.
Throughout each part of a transaction, from the initial meeting to the deposit of the check after the sale, courage is a requirement.  Sometimes courage is required to make the initial phone call.  Sometimes it is required to co-broke with an obstinate business person. Sometimes courage is required to choose what … (3 comments)

real estate agent: 91,000,000 results in a search this morning - 07/21/09 03:41 AM
So I ask you, does having 91,000,000 results in a search for real estate help or hinder a customer's understanding of the real estate market they are looking to buy or sell in?  I don't think it helps. I search my own MLSs every day.  Because I do it every day, I know where to look, what to look for and HOW to look.
Even looking at the name of the listing agent in an MLS listing can tell me more about the listing than any picture can.  Many agents have tendencies - price too high, embellished descriptions, pictures of a beach when … (3 comments)

real estate agent: Beware the SEO Emails - 03/20/09 09:27 AM
Here's what I think you need to know about your own site before you answer the latest email you received from the "greatest seo guru".
First, are you in control of your code?  If you are using a template, you may not be able to change much of the seo coding.  If you have control over the code, how much?  Can you change the layout? Can you change the links? Colors? What?  It is not necessary to know how - just know what you can do with your site.  You have to know before you know what a programmer can fix.
Second, who … (6 comments)

real estate agent: Can you really delete yourself? - 03/10/09 08:46 AM
When you are tired of all the time you spend on all the social sites, what do you do to end your account?  I was surprised to find out that it isn't always easy to delete yourself.  Of course the time you spent updating them all should now be taken up by all the increased listing and buying activity you are involved in!
There was an article today in PC Magazine called "How to Delete Accounts from Any Website" that is pretty interesting.  The list of sites they address goes to show how many different places can take up your time.  Because we are … (15 comments)

real estate agent: How can I make this a positive? Or No-where to go but up! - 03/07/09 06:37 AM
The OFHEO (Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight) aka the FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency) produced another smattering of data that is hard to make into a positive blog.  Here is my try at interpreting the data.
There we six states that have showed positive appreciation in the last year.  They are North Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, Texas, Hawaii, and South Dakota.  These states were the leaders in home price appreciation (and the only positive states in the list.)
There are a few other states that were close to being positive, too.  Many of the other 44 states have started to see an increase in real estate … (0 comments)

real estate agent: Suggestions For Those Facing Foreclosure - 02/25/09 12:56 PM
If you haven't heard yet, there are some very helpful things you can do if you are facing real estate foreclosure.  The first is to find out if your state is a Judicial foreclosure state or not.  This will help you know how to proceed further.
Next you should find a lawyer in your state that is talking about causing the forclosing entity to produce the paper that gives them the authority to do so.  Consider hiring one if you are able.  This can be searched for in places like or in blog searches or right here in Active Rain.
If … (2 comments)

real estate agent: An Aerial View of the new Hollywood East location - 02/18/09 09:05 AM
The new location of Hollywood East can be seen in this video.  It is part of the daily series that the studio is making available on-line.  The location is in Plymouth MA between exits 3 and 5 of Route 3 South.  (There is not a 4 on the south side - because this is MA.)
While golfers may be disappointed that they are losing a few sand traps, most of the surrounding towns are glad to have some new businesses coming to the Cape Cod area!  Plymouth is just north of the Sagamore Bridge on the Cape Cod Canal.
With prices … (0 comments)

real estate agent: The average agent works in five towns. - 02/15/09 04:46 AM
I have been looking at the websites of real estate agents from all over the country for over 9 years, and I have found that most agents actually work in only five towns.  The towns are their own, and those directly to the north, south, east, and west of their own town.  This of course makes sense because that is usually a lot of property to cover and learn.
Some web sites I have seen, list every town in the county.  Oathers include every town in the state in their list.  For small states like Rhode Island or Delaware, that may … (10 comments)

real estate agent: Only 11,200,000 results for Brooklyn Real Estate, But 19,600,000 results for Dallas Real Estate? - 02/13/09 03:45 AM
How can there be so many more web pages available for Dallas real estate than for Brooklyn real estate? Aren't there more people living in Brooklyn that there are in Dallas? Well, OK, maybe if you take all of the Dallas area and compare it to Brooklyn you'll get more people. But 11,200,000 is still a lot of results just to find local real estate.
If there are less than two and a half million licensed real estate agents in the whole United States, how are there so many pages of information about Brooklyn real estate? Well, of course the answer … (2 comments)

real estate agent: 19,600,000 results for Dallas real estate? - 02/12/09 08:41 AM
How can there be so many web pages available for Dallas real estate, if there are less than two and a half million licensed real estate agents in the whole United States?  Well, of course the answer is that there are many pages in every web site.  And, many, many, many sites that mention Dallas real estate, so there could actually be more than 19,600,000 results when searching for Dallas real estate.
Well, lets say that the average real estate agent has at least 10 pages on their web site.  Those pages might be called 1)About Me, and 2)Featured Listings/My Listings.  There might be information … (3 comments)

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