real estate in ma: Real Estate Foreclosures In MAssachusetts - Finding Them - 02/06/15 11:50 PM
Real Estate Foreclosures In MAssachusetts - Finding Them
Finding foreclosures in MAssachusetts is a matter of knowing how and where to look - and then what to do next.  If you know how to look for pre-foreclosures, you may be able to find owners who would like to sell instead of being foreclosed on.  But not all foreclosures or pre-foreclosures are worth spending time researching.
In MAssachusetts, anyone can find details for any property - if the seeker knows where to look and what to look for.  One thing that can be found is a document that is required in order for a mortgage … (1 comments)

real estate in ma: 47 Salt Marsh in Pocasset Waterfront Cape Cod - 02/06/11 07:26 AM
47 Salt Marsh Pocasset Cape Cod

real estate in ma: Is Stock Selling Preceding Real Estate Buying?! - 11/08/10 03:00 AM
The election is over. Business planners can forecast the next two years better than they have for some time. Real estate values all over the country are lower than they have been in years. Interest rates are lower than they have been since Eisenhower was President.
When I look at the stock market and I see the selling of stocks, when I read that savings are historically high, and when I see my real estate market moving faster than it has in years, I am excited by the possibilities.
Is the selling of stock preceding increased real estate buying?!  While we continue to … (1 comments)

real estate in ma: Open House in Provincetown 10-3-2010 Sunday! - 10/02/10 09:09 AM
Open House in Provincetown 10-3-2010 Sunday! … (1 comments)

real estate in ma: Skype Me To See What The Weather Is Like On Main Street In Falmouth On Cape Cod! - 05/23/10 05:55 AM
Most weather forecasts tell you what they "think" is happening on Cape Cod. My office is on Main Street in Falmouth MA. If you Skype me, I'll give you a live shot of the beautiful day that is on Cape Cod!
We find that the weather forecasters are all on the Boston side of the bridges. Their radar and predictions don't always show the reality of a beautiful Cape Cod day. But a live shot from my Skype connection can!
So if you have a question about the weather on Cape Cod, particularly Falmouth MA, connect on Skype and we'll give … (4 comments)

real estate in ma: Yesterday's Worry is Today's Problem - New Tax May Mean Job Loss In MA - 03/26/10 12:50 AM
The Boston Globe made the point yesterday in an article by Jay Fitzgerald, that the medical device industry in MA will be changed by the new health care package. The companies that have been making their devices in MA, may have to move their operations out of the state in order to stay competitively priced.
New taxes that come from the latest vote in Washington, were possible early yesterday, and now are definite after the vote later in the day.  The manufacturing companies may try to pass on the new fees to customers, but that will affect sales. how much affect it … (0 comments)

real estate in ma: Scott Brown Elected! US Economy Saved - 01/15/10 12:33 PM
When economists try to predict the future, one of the variables they can be confident in is that Congress won't do anything. This variable is only available when there is no one group in control of decisions. If Scott Brown is elected in MA, it could be good for the whole US economy.
It isn't his pledge to vote against proposed health fixes that might change things. Instead, it is the fact tha MA will have elected a Republican to fill Ted Kennedy's seat in Congress. If MA can express that much discontent with Democrats, then other congressmen will look more … (3 comments)

real estate in ma: Cape Cod Housing Stats - 10/10/09 05:40 AM
Preliminary Cape Cod & Island MLS Statistics for September 2009 compared with September 2008:
Total number of transactions is down 13%
Total dollar volume is down 7%
Single family sales are down 11% and median price is now $329,000
Condominium sales are down 8% and median price is now $235,000
Pending sales for September 2009 (445) are higher than they were in September 2008 (367) and higher than they were in August 2009 (367)!  So there is good news on the horizon!
Most offices here on the Cape are reporting more properties going under agreement and more customers out looking!

real estate in ma: Hollywood East To Begin Construction! JOBS In South Eastern Mass! - 09/25/09 06:17 AM
$550,000,000! That is Five Hundred and Fifty MILLION Dollars! In A Down Economy! For Construction!
Well it must be a good project! Plymouth Rock Studios announced today that it has secured a $550 million construction loan from a Florida company called Prosperity International. Now the Plymouth Rock Studios can close on the Waverly Oaks Golf Course and begin building! "Building what?," you ask.
The high tech complex will consist of 14 sound stages, a 10-acre back lot, production and post-production facilities, a theater and amenity (shops/entertainment) village. Producers will now be able to make movies and television shows from start to finish at … (0 comments)

real estate in ma: 3 bedroom 2 bath Cape On Cape Cod! Falmouth MA - 05/30/09 07:49 AM
Here's a new youtube video of a great 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Falmouth. It is on over 1/2 acre. There is a fresh water beach a short walk to the west. And, because Falmouth has more waterfront than any other town in the US, beaches are very nearby.
As with all listings, this house is best seen in person. Contact to shcedule an appointment and visit to see more properties.
Here's the youtube!

Happy Searching

real estate in ma: Live in a Resort! If you can.... - 04/24/09 08:40 AM
I drove to work by the beach this morning.  It is a 4 mile drive and a lot of it goes right by Nantucket Sound.  I saw boats going to the Vineyard, and seagulls, and the sun was shining.
I also saw license plates from New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and others I can't remember.  All this made me remember, "I live in a resort!"  I have been watching the increased traffic on Main Street in Falmouth all day from my office windows.
I was on the Vineyard (Martha's Vineyard) yesterday for an overnite with the family.  Saw … (4 comments)

real estate in ma: Swans on Bourne's Pond - 03/19/09 12:54 AM
Bourne's Pond isn't actually a pond the way I understood one growing up, because it opens to the Atlantic Ocean.  But here in MA a pond is defined a little differently - especially on the coast.  Here a pond is a body of water smaller than a lake, usually fed by a stream, but mostly still. 
Bourne's "Pond" has tidal action and lots of coming and going of water, but it is 2 miles from the top inlet to the bottom ocean outlet so maybe some of it moves more than the rest.  We canoe out here and catch/release a few fish … (4 comments)

real estate in ma: Video of the Quissett Harbor Dolphins, Falmouth MA on Cape Cod - 03/09/09 02:40 AM
Here is a short video showing the dolphins that came to visit Falmouth this weekend. There were a few more than are seen here, but these were the ones that came closest to the dock when we were there. Dolphins don't come to this part of the Cape too often, but they have been seen out in Nantucket Sound fairly regularly.

We went back a few times to see them. They had various crowds watching them over the weekend. Their presence was passed around by word of mouth.
Happy listing and selling!

real estate in ma: Dolphins in Quisset Harbor, Falmouth MA, Last Night And Today! - 03/07/09 05:15 AM
Last night my daughter called me from Quissett Harbor excitedly telling me she was looking at dolphins.  I was in the process of adding links to a few AZ real estate sites to so I couldn't run right down there.  But, as soon as I was done, I drove the 3 miles from my office to the harbor and got to see them myself!  The sun was setting, but sure enough there were dolphins.  (Quissett Harbor is on the West Coast of Falmouth MA - yes there is a west coast on the east coast!)

I just got … (0 comments)

real estate in ma: Hollywood East Gets Approval For Their Road To Progress! - 03/05/09 02:23 AM
Hollywood East has permission for the road to progress! The Town of Plymouth board that approves roads gave a unanimous and positive approval for the Hollywood East road development. Patience, thoughtfulness, and a clear vision by the developers and the town board members have the project started off on the right path.
Here in MA, small town governments are comprised of boards, selectmen, and commissions that create an environment for egos to battle, bruise, and bewilder. The Plymouth board did a good review, with reasonable questions and requests. The Plymouth Rock team coherently applied the requirements and applied their own … (0 comments)

real estate in ma: I am feeling abundantly positive. Positively! - 02/21/09 06:49 AM
My wife and I were talking and she excitedly expressed an idea that made me change my thinking.  She said that it's amazing there are so many pine cones from one pine tree.  The ground was covered with cones.
That got us thinking that there is so much abundance around us.  The limits we experience are placed by our own actions, thoughts, or attitudes.  The world seems to be designed to express and to offer us abundance!
What keeps me from accepting that abundance?  My own limits.  Not enough time.  Not enough energy.  Not enough this.  Not enough that.  Because one … (14 comments)

real estate in ma: Southeastern New England is excited about the future! - 02/20/09 03:34 AM
14 sound stages2 Multi-level office buildingsHuge post production buildings and facilitiesA 10 acre back lot with various facadesAnd a shopping/tourist/amenity village with ancillary businesses
Compared to LA County California's 350 sound stages, these 14 may seem a small number.  But few are as state of the art and as user friendly as those at Plymouth Rock Studios will be.  The studios are already receiving support from television producers and advertising creators as well as the film industry.
The actual complex is planning over 2000 skilled employment openings.  The introduction of a formerly non-existant industry will also create new business opportunities in … (0 comments)

real estate in ma: A World Class Destination That Makes Stories Come to Life! - 02/20/09 01:58 AM
Once again the Hollywood East daily video (below) is an exciting view of how they are thoughtfully planning and building the future movie business facilities on the East Coast. With an amazing opportunity to "re-create" sound stages and movie making support infrastructure, the Hollywood East group, aka Plymouth Rock Studios, has an exciting opportunity to start from scratch.
Plymouth Rock Studios will be as different from other production locations as the special effects are in the first Star Wars vs the last. Technology, construction, and processing today are not what they were when Hollywood West began sprawling. The latest, most useful, … (0 comments)

real estate in ma: Hollywood East Is Being Built Green And With Fresh Technology! - 02/19/09 02:40 AM
The new sound stage development being created in Plymouth MA on the East Coast is dreaming using current green ideas and industry strategies. The goal is to bring to the movie world, and to Massachusetts, an exemplary melding of the latest technology and the latest consciousness in movies and construction.
The short movie below is a part of "the series" that Plymouth Rock Studios lets escape from their busy planning and creativeness schedules. The new sound stages, hotel(s), and infrastructure are being designed to provide state of the art production facilities and state of green consciousness planning in one excellent package.

real estate in ma: An Aerial View of the new Hollywood East location - 02/18/09 09:05 AM
The new location of Hollywood East can be seen in this video.  It is part of the daily series that the studio is making available on-line.  The location is in Plymouth MA between exits 3 and 5 of Route 3 South.  (There is not a 4 on the south side - because this is MA.)
While golfers may be disappointed that they are losing a few sand traps, most of the surrounding towns are glad to have some new businesses coming to the Cape Cod area!  Plymouth is just north of the Sagamore Bridge on the Cape Cod Canal.
With prices … (0 comments)

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