reindex: Bank Of America Short Sale Help Manual For Agents and Homeowners - 07/12/10 03:17 AM
Bank of America has an online manual that may help agents and homeowners with a short sale. It can be found and copied by clicking on the link below. The first pages of the 40 page document show agents of a homeowner how to set up an account, and the how to utilize the BOA system - this is for the BOA system only.
Keep in mind, you still have to know what you are doing! If you haven't done a short sale before, you might set up an account, read all the steps, use a search engine to study what the components of each … (3 comments)

reindex: Do you like to see text links or Thumbnail pic links before you click? - 01/02/10 08:43 AM
In an effort to make my free real estate directory more user friendly, we are considering changing the text only links to thumbnail pics of each site we link to. Do you like having just a text link or do you prefer to see a thumbnail of the site you are being directed to as part of the link?
I do this for free to agents, have been for ten years. If you aren't linked, we just haven't found you yet - we do still have to sell real estate you know...
I just added the thumbnails to the Woodbridge VApage … (8 comments)

reindex: Save Your Old Sports Equipment - Until March Or Drop It Off - 12/13/09 05:15 AM
When you are given a Christmas gift, or buy for your self, some new sports equipment this season, save the old stuff. In the coming months, the Falmouth Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) is going to have a "Re-Sale" for all donated items.
For 27 years, Falmouth VIPS has been enhancing education for Falmouth students. VIPS do a lot of things like tutoring, mentoring, and funding activities. In March of 2010, they will have the 2nd annual Used Sports Equipment Sale Fundraiser. You can either wait until March, or drop the items off in the VIPS office now. Call them for the … (0 comments)

reindex: R U having Trouble With Indy M ac?... Court Cancels This Loan - 12/06/09 09:17 AM
There was a legal case in New York recently that, although unique in some of its merits, opens the door to a public discussion. The case contains legalese and a clouded view of the problems with the current Owner of a loan/Servicer of a loan/Borrower  triangle. But there are some interesting, discussable points that result in the debt being discharged.
In the case linked below, a borrower has made repeated efforts to make arrangements to work out the debt she owes. The Court also tries to get the servicing company to meet and negotiate a resolution to the debt. In the end, however, the servicer is … (1 comments)

reindex: NF King And Sons, Excavation and Septic System Inspection - 12/02/09 11:14 AM
I met Neil King this week in Plymouth. He and his sons and nephew are hard working and local excavation specialists. They also inspect septic systems.
One of the necessary inspections for selling a home in MA is a Title V septic inspection. The section of the MA laws governing septics is called Title V, so many people ask me, "Is this a Title V system?" In fact, the answer to that question can be misleading.
A better question, and more correct is, "Does this system pass the Title V inspection criteria?" And that one should be followed up with, "When … (0 comments)

reindex: Appleseeds Clothing Catalog Films in Falmouth MA! - 11/19/09 01:01 PM
A short while ago I noticed a pretty woman sitting on a bench outside my Cape Group real estate office . Of course I notice pretty women, but this one had cameras and light screens and a crew all around her. It was like a version of Cape Cod's Next Top Model.
I watched for a few minutes and then asked what the pictures would be used for. It turns out that this was for the Appleseeds Clothing store catalog. They chose a few more locations on Main Street in front of a few different shops and restaurants.
I asked how … (2 comments)

reindex: Unique ThanksGiving Cranberry Sauces! - 11/05/09 11:32 PM
If you need something different for Thanksgiving to spice up the usual cranberry sauce, take a look at the selection at Tihonet Market Village in Wareham, MA. They are actually the world's largest cranberry grower. I tried their cranberry vinaigrette salad dressing - very good!
During the growing and harvest season they have tours. I saw a few bogs still being harvested, but the tours have now ended for this year. They have some good pics on their site though.
The market area is open all day for food and cranberry specialties like the salad dressing I mentioned. I forgot to … (1 comments)

reindex: Foreclosure Statistical Data - 10/20/09 06:47 AM
Have you seen this information on foreclosures?
50% of United States foreclosures in 2008 came from 35 counties in only 12 states.20% of the United States' population lives in those 35 counties.
Eight counties in Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada were the source of 25% of foreclosures.Existing home sales in the US rose to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.7 million units in February, 2009, and only 860,000 homes were repossessed all of 2008.
If these things are correct and true, either 20% of the population controls the rest of the US, or the reporting is leading us to believe … (5 comments)

reindex: Falmouth MA 40B Project List - 10/20/09 02:58 AM
Have you ever wondered where the 40B (low income) developments are in Falmouth. The list below was provided to real estate professionals recently. The list includes the developer/applicant, acreage, zoning information, number of units, etc.
Some people don't want to be in or near a 40B subdivision. Their perception is that a 40B development is like the infamous "projects" so many cities have. But, this is not correct.
A 40B project is known as a "low income" development. This is not the same as Section 8 income assistance.  In a 40B development, 25% of the properties for sale are made available to buyers who have … (0 comments)

reindex: Falmouth Accessory Apartments List - 10/20/09 01:36 AM
(While this information is specific to Falmouth, MA, a smart investor will take note and include the information as they research property in other locations.)
In the town of Falmouth, we occasionally have property for sale with "Accessory Apartments".  This means that besides the main residence there is an attached or detached "other" residence on the same property. While there are many Falmouth residences being used as accessory apartments, not all of them are approved by the town.
What does approved have to do with anything? Approved is a protection for tenants, owners, and even lenders. Without town approval, a property may … (0 comments)

reindex: Cape Cod Housing Stats - 10/10/09 05:40 AM
Preliminary Cape Cod & Island MLS Statistics for September 2009 compared with September 2008:
Total number of transactions is down 13%
Total dollar volume is down 7%
Single family sales are down 11% and median price is now $329,000
Condominium sales are down 8% and median price is now $235,000
Pending sales for September 2009 (445) are higher than they were in September 2008 (367) and higher than they were in August 2009 (367)!  So there is good news on the horizon!
Most offices here on the Cape are reporting more properties going under agreement and more customers out looking!

reindex: Does Your Mortgage Originator Have A "Unique Identifier"? - 10/10/09 05:35 AM
According to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System every mortgage originator is now going to be fingerprinted, registered in a registry, and tracked through their life as an originator. This is evidently intended to monitor the originator and the loans they write.
If you ask your mortgage originator for their "Unique Identifier" and they don't know what you mean, they may not be current on the developments in their industry. The answer should be, "That isn't in effect yet, but I will get it to you when I get one."
Once more, government is making everything we do … (0 comments)

reindex: Renters Can Lose $8000 This Year on December 1! - 09/29/09 12:32 AM
If you are renting on December 1, 2009 you just lost $8000. Here's why!
People who have not owned a home in the last three years are called First Time Buyers by the US Government.  Those First Time Buyers can get $8000 IF they close on a property before December 1, 2009.  So how much house can a renter buy?
One of the old calculators I use shows how much real estate a person with the following income levels might be able to purchase.
The numbers below are as follows: Annual Income (AI), Monthly Income (MI), Maximum Monthly Payment (MMP), Other Monthly Debts … (0 comments)

reindex: Hollywood East To Begin Construction! JOBS In South Eastern Mass! - 09/25/09 06:17 AM
$550,000,000! That is Five Hundred and Fifty MILLION Dollars! In A Down Economy! For Construction!
Well it must be a good project! Plymouth Rock Studios announced today that it has secured a $550 million construction loan from a Florida company called Prosperity International. Now the Plymouth Rock Studios can close on the Waverly Oaks Golf Course and begin building! "Building what?," you ask.
The high tech complex will consist of 14 sound stages, a 10-acre back lot, production and post-production facilities, a theater and amenity (shops/entertainment) village. Producers will now be able to make movies and television shows from start to finish at … (0 comments)

reindex: Dryer Can Be A Fire Hazard - If you Don't Clean - 09/25/09 05:15 AM
How often should you move the dryer and vacuum around the laundry room - even the walls? The professionals say twice a year. Maybe if you plan to do it twice a year you will get it done once. This is in addition to removing the vent hose to clean the lint build up in it.
Electric dryers and gas dryers should be cleaned more often when there are a large number of loads being done.  Do you at least clean the lint screen when you put a new load in? That can reduce the time it takes to dry a … (1 comments)

reindex: Hollywood East Secures Financing! - 09/24/09 12:13 PM
Hollywood East, the brain child of some experienced movie executives from Californiahas secured their construction financing! What does this mean? JOBS JOBS JOBS!!!
Not only are there construction jobs coming soon, but the 14 sound stages, 10 acre back lot, production facilities, offices, hotels, and shopping area will bring in more than 2000 jobs after construction. When you add the ancillary businesses and opportunities that will come to this area as supporting jobs, there could be as many a 20,000 new jobs.
Coupled with the new interest from notable people who want to have a home to use while they are doing … (0 comments)

reindex: Short Sale Preparation List: Necessary For Completing A Short Sale - 09/22/09 01:39 AM
The following is a Document Checklist That Is Necessary For Completing A Short Sale
- A Financial Information Form showing your debts and assets- Monthly statement(s) or information for all mortgages and liens against the property including: Mortgage/lien holder company nameAccount numberBalance and monthly payment- Your Contact information
- Hardship Letter explaining your circumstances - Last two years of income tax returns - Last two months bank statements - Last two paycheck stubs
- A broker's explanation of the property's current value
- A letter authorizing your broker or agent to negotiate with the lender and/or the servicer about your loan.

reindex: Let's Get The First Time Buyer Credit Extended! - 09/21/09 06:18 AM
If you haven't done so already, email your reps and the prez with your request for an extension of the First Time Buyer Tax Credit. Interest rates usually rise in the second year of a new president, so we will need some help for the first timers early next year.
If we don't start asking now, we might see another slowdown. If your market can benefit with the First Time Buyer Tax Credit extension, here's where you can find out who to contact.
Go to and enter your zip code. You will see who your reps are and how to … (1 comments)

reindex: The Average Web Site Is Down How Many Minutes? - 09/16/09 12:11 AM
I receive weekly updates from a few site monitors. Some are sales gimmicks and some have interesting information.
Today one of them mentioned that of the over 1 million sites they are monitoring, the average down time is almost 1 hour. Over a week that doesn't seem to be too bad. 24 x 7 = 168 hours so one hour may not be a problem.
But, if that hour is during the time a customer was searching for you, it could be a problem. Such a small amount of downtime is less problematic than other Internet issues. Most people have learned … (0 comments)

reindex: Real Estate Is A Courageous Business Effort - 09/15/09 11:53 PM
"Courage is the form of every virtue at the testing point." CS Lewis
The real estate business is a business that could be called courage inducing. There is no guaranteed paycheck for a commissioned salesman. There is only the possibility of success. And with each success, the possibility begins again.
Throughout each part of a transaction, from the initial meeting to the deposit of the check after the sale, courage is a requirement.  Sometimes courage is required to make the initial phone call.  Sometimes it is required to co-broke with an obstinate business person. Sometimes courage is required to choose what … (3 comments)

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