real estate: The Power of Immediacy in Real Estate - 10/31/22 02:07 PM
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Real estate transactions used to function at a plodding pace, hampered by procedural inefficiencies and slowed by manual processes. Anyone who bought their property before 2010 can attest to this fact; a homebuyer had to skim the Yellow Pages for a realtor, visit several homes, hold several (inessential) meetings, and wait with bated breath for documents and assessments to roll in slowly.
And if a consumer wanted actionable data to aid them in the buying/selling process, they were most likely out of luck – as real estate micro-trends, up-to-the-minute median prices, and other indispensable data simply weren’t available.
In other … (2 comments)

real estate: Mortgage Brokers Help Your Home Give Back - 10/12/22 12:28 PM
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The price of housing has gotten so astronomical lately that it’s only fair that, sometimes, your home gives something back. If you’re savvy and connect with a great mortgage broker, the longer you’ve made regular payments, the more leverage you have to borrow funds. 
For more on this, please continue reading.
Home Equity Loan
Some things in life were always expensive but have only risen in price. Other times, life throws curveballs your way, and there are unexpected costs you must bear. In either situation, homeowners can apply for a home equity loan to get the money they require.
Here’s how it … (0 comments)

real estate: Optimize Your Rental Property to Attract Quality Tenants - 09/13/22 07:47 AM
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Landlords like yourself are increasingly wary of renting out properties to less-than-ideal tenants. Such tenants can cause significant monetary losses as well as anxiety and stress. The wrong renter may stop paying rent, damage your property, or use it for undesirable or illegal activity. 
You must optimize your property to attract quality tenants that pay top rental rates. Remember, with renters; the first impression is often the last impression. Unlike homebuyers, tenants aren't looking at your property's potential — they're looking at what state your property is currently in. 
Try some of these steps to optimize your rental property … (0 comments)

real estate: Understanding the 3 Types of Big Data - 09/08/22 01:26 PM
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If you’ve recently scoured the pages of a tech magazine or combed through a business blog, chances are you’ve come across the term “big data.”
No, it doesn’t refer to the consolidated market forces behind data (the way some pundits use “big pharma” or “big ag” to drum up tension). Instead, big data is far more literal: it simply refers to data sets too complex, quick and vast for everyday computing software to store, manage or interpret.
These unmanageable data sets are invaluable to companies – provided they know how to use them. When a company mines big data with … (0 comments)

real estate: Kitchen Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home - 09/08/22 01:18 PM
Credit: Sidekix Media via Unsplash
It’s often said that the kitchen sells a home. A well-functioning, stylish kitchen makes an excellent hub for a family and makes life easier. For that reason, a beautiful, well-thought-out kitchen is high on the list for most people looking to buy a new home.
That makes kitchen renovations high on the list for homeowners planning to sell their homes in the not-too-distant future. If you’re making upgrades, it makes sense to make them in the room where they will be most appreciated. Kitchen upgrades generally have a high return on investment. However, it’s important to remember that … (1 comments)

real estate: What Is the Future of Virtual Reality in Real Estate? - 07/18/22 12:14 PM

Credit: andranik.h90 via Freepik
The virtual tour has already become a new standard in real estate, allowing prospective buyers to get a more in-depth look at listings with higher quality, 360-degree photography and video tours, but there’s further for the industry to go.
The rapid evolution of virtual reality technology and falling hardware prices presents an opportunity to further enhance the experience of prospective buyers before they have to book a viewing.
The future of VR in real estate is a bright one, and industry players can expect to see high consumer demand for new features and experiences like these.
1) Remote VR Viewing
The virtual … (0 comments)

real estate: How Recommending an Online Real Estate Lawyer Can Win You Client Loyalty - 06/10/22 12:39 PM
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels
To say that Ontario real estate markets, especially Toronto’s, have been anything but boring over the last few years would be putting it mildly. As a real estate professional, you’ve likely had little to no rest recently, and neither have your clients as they navigate the rollercoaster of emotions that come with seeing several listings, organizing their finances and fighting in the trenches of multiple bidding wars. 
As a real estate professional, you also know the value of having a network of reliable real estate lawyers in Toronto and how referring your clients to the right professionals … (1 comments)

real estate: These Real Estate Technology Innovations Are Making Big Waves in 2022 - 05/06/22 08:36 AM
Credit: wirestock Via Freepik
Real estate is getting more technologically plugged in with each passing year, thanks to rapidly increasing internet penetration, the growing prevalence of emerging technologies, and a new crop of thought leaders eager to shake up the industry.
In this article, let’s review a few real estate tech trends to keep your eye on – whether you’re buying, selling, or working in real estate.
Immersive AR/VR Technologies for Property Touring 
The pandemic was a major catalyst for change in the real estate industry. As restrictions forced people indoors, homebuyers and sellers sought alternative ways to show and tour homes. And out of necessity … (1 comments)

real estate: How Blockchain is Evolving the Real Estate Industry - 05/06/22 08:10 AM
Credit: acidj via Freepik
The real estate industry is known for its reluctance to change and adopt new technologies. But as blockchain technology finds new applications, it’s evolving the real estate industry whether entrenched players are ready for it or not.
While blockchain technology has introduced concepts such as NFT-minted property rights and blockchain-based title searches, the most radical development offered by blockchain might be in its potential to transform real estate contracts.
Tracking and Managing Contracts with Blockchain 
The real estate industry is clogged with contracts, starting long before anyone agrees to purchase a property. It’s a necessary pain point in a complex industry with high financial … (0 comments)

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