homes: Property Re-listing: Success Depends on Re-examination - 10/17/13 10:46 PM
Even though Columbus, GA area property prices continue to recover, the current market can still present challenges. No one understands this better than homeowners who are re-listing this Fall and Winter season. For some of them, surrounding seas of “For Sale” signs created a less-than-appealing neighborhood setting. Others drew buyers who weren’t able to secure financing in the uncertain mortgage environment. Whatever the reason, it can be disheartening for anyone who has to re-list their property.
Once you undertake a repeat attempt to sell your Columbus, GA area home, you want to be certain the job gets done right. A key … (0 comments)

homes: Thinking about selling your home "For Sale By Owner" - 07/09/13 06:04 AM
FSBO: “For Sale By Owner” - it can be a siren’s call when you first mull over the prospects for selling your house.  A Columbus, GA For Sale By Owner listing promises to allow a homeowner to sell without even consulting a Columbus, GA/ Phenix City, AL area real estate agents! Depending on a home’s final sale price, the commission saved looks to be substantial.
While there are certainly theoretical attractions to the idea of working on your own, time and again statistics prove it is not only more efficient to work with a real estate agent -- it also … (1 comments)

homes: Listing Agent, Buyers' Agent, Sellers' Agent: Who is My Agent? - 01/09/13 09:00 AM
Buyers’ agent, sellers’ agent – what does it mean? In every Columbus, GA/Phenix City, AL area real estate transaction, the differences are easy to understand, right? Not quite. A potential linguistic trapdoor can lie right around the corner. 
            For openers, that sellers' agent may also be called the “listing agent” – both mean the same thing. The trapdoor is a further complication that comes into play once a contract is in place -- after which the buyer’s agent may also properly be called the “selling” agent!
            The potential confusion between seller’s agent and selling agent doesn’t usually have much … (2 comments)

homes: Getting a Mortgage - Understanding the GFE - 01/09/13 08:43 AM
When you plan on getting a mortgage in the Columbus, GA/Phenix City, AL area anytime this year, you’re fairly certain to run into something known as the GFE. It’s the acronym for ‘Good Faith Estimate’-- and despite the reassuring name, the federal government decided they had better make it mandatory. 
The GFE has a new format dictated by the federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act which requires lenders to provide an estimate of the charges and fees due at closing. Lenders have three days to make it available.
The GFE looks like a bill. It features a list of fees and … (0 comments)

homes: Home Listings Trends for the Future - 01/09/13 08:37 AM
Homeowners who are puzzling over whether to add their property to the Columbus, GA/Phenix City, AL area home listings this winter (rather than hold back until spring) have more than just timing to factor into their decision. How their offering will stack up alongside the other home listings is a prime consideration.
The residential market has made good progress this year – and a strong majority of pundits expect more of the same for 2013. I deal with the home-buying public all the time, and so get an inside look and listen to what features and qualities wind up having the … (0 comments)

homes: Selling your home? Think like a buyer! - 01/09/13 05:24 AM
One of the effects of the steady national rise in home prices is a shift in attitude by previously cautious consumers. It’s only natural to find more people focused on buying homes in the Columbus, GA/Phenix City, AL area while it is still relatively inexpensive to do so.
Homeowners who are listing their own Columbus, GA area properties this year are well advised to be mindful of those and other considerations bound to be motivating prospective customers. Buying homes – especially homes in a far away locale – gives rise to many concerns. Positioning the way a home is marketed to … (4 comments)

homes: Technique that helps sell Columbus GA Homes - 11/09/12 12:03 AM
Success in selling Columbus GA area homes can depend on being able to distinguish what is important to buyers from what is not.  Proactive homeowners know that one room usually gets more attention than does any other: the kitchen.
There are many good reasons why this is so (we have discussed them before) -- but one kitchen detail in particular can have a disproportionate impact. It's a detail that is all too easy to overlook: the condition of the appliances.
Realty Times declares, “Sellers should update their appliances." I don't think I would go quite that far, but the gist is right. … (1 comments)

homes: Swimming Pool Pros and Cons - 08/03/12 05:27 AM
At last! To the joy of every child (and most adults) you know, your Columbus, GA area home has a swimming pool! Whether you just bought the property or have recently installed a pool yourself, this is a feature that's not only a pleasure to look at, but also a true centerpiece -- a magnet for socializing and relaxing throughout the hot summer months. 
 Also true: that pool carries a few drawbacks, as well. You should consider both when it comes to writing an offer or selling a home with a pool
Pro 1: Boost Your Property's Value
In today's super-competitive housing market, … (1 comments)

homes: Hot Colors for the Kitchen! - 08/03/12 04:47 AM
Designers of today's Columbus, GA new homes and remodeled homes are continuing to regard the kitchen as the functioning central gathering place - the family's social hub, where a great deal more than meal preparation takes place. The trend toward bigger kitchens is on track: many feature kitchens designed with open space for family gatherings as well as multi-generational cooking. Many new homes deck out their kitchens in the hottest new colors (it's become a widespread international fashion trend).
When you are making decisions about your own kitchen, if you decide to keep future home values in mind, your color choices may differ … (1 comments)

homes: Advice for Relocating to Ft. Benning, GA and Columbus, GA - 07/18/12 01:47 PM
As moving time approaches, most internal stress meters start twitching around the time we have to figure out how many cartons it's going to take. A cross-town move is  one thing -- sometimes you can even handle it yourself (with the help of bribable friends and relatives, of course).
 But suppose you have just accepted a new job promotion in the Columbus, GA area or assigned to Ft. Benning. Of course, you're immediately excited by the adventurous prospect of the summer's relocation.  But suppose Columbus, GA is located in a new zip code - and maybe even a new state. Your move up … (2 comments)

homes: How Safe is Your Home from Break-Ins? - 07/18/12 01:15 PM
Ahhhh! At the end of a busy day, who doesn't look forward to the surge of well being that comes with closing the door behind you, finally able to relax now that the world is at bay. Whether living in apartments or homes, everyone deserves that feeling of safety and security. Yet, like most everything else, real security has to be earned.
In the area of home security, we've come across both good and bad news. The good: the most recent FBI report shows that the number of burglaries is decreasing across the nation. The bad: burglaries are still responsible for … (2 comments)

homes: Time to Sell Your Columbus, GA Home? - 07/18/12 01:05 PM
Every homeowner can have all sorts of reasons for selling their Columbus, GA house. Those in the boomer generation can be in one of the traditional phases of retirement (planning, transitioning, initiating) or perhaps in one of the newly-popular phases (postponing, rejecting).
For them and everyone else, the decision about whether to sell the house falls into one of two categories: those triggered by economic pressures - or all the other reasons. In all cases, being in control of the timing of your house sale will put you in control of the process. That pays off.
Even if the money factor … (1 comments)

homes: Advantages of Advanced Home Inspections - 07/15/12 04:04 AM
When the time nears to sell your Columbus, GA home, one extra bit of due diligence can pay off in the most meaningful way: helping you to get the best return on your investment. It's not a requirement that every listing agent may suggest, but particularly if yours is an older home or if you don't like surprises, it is one you should consider: ordering an advance inspection.
Ordering your own advance inspection, like the proverbial 'stitch in time,' can alert you to deferred maintenance items that might derail a closing. Things do have a remarkable tendency to cause trouble at … (0 comments)

homes: Virtual Tours Help Sell Your Home! - 06/18/12 11:11 PM
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words might a video's flood of pictures be worth? The scientists at George Washington University approached the topic a few years ago in connection with real estate virtual tours. To those of us whose profession is helping our clients buy and sell homes in the Columbus, GA area, their findings were - to say the least - interesting:

They arrived at this conclusion: “Adding a virtual tour decreases the expected marketing time of selling a home by about 20% and increases the expected sales price by about 2%." … (1 comments)

homes: Yard Signs still sell Homes! - 06/13/12 03:00 AM
When it comes to Columbus, GA property search resources, one tool house hunters rely on without hesitation is so simple they probably don’t even think about it. Online sites and search engines are incredibly valuable and by far are the leading tools in searching for homes. Classified ads may be tried and true, but often require searchers to make a phone inquiry to learn the address in question. But there is a low-demand, high-yield, unequivocal property search aid that gets buyers interested: the good ol’ frontyard ‘For Sale’ sign. 
It may seem like an awfully old-fashioned marketing method, but that sign … (0 comments)

homes: Outdoor living features sell homes - Columbus GA - 06/05/12 12:28 PM
Those of us who focus professionally on our Columbus, GA real estate trends can vouch for it: outdoor living sells! And depending on what life phase their family is in,homebuyers’ choices tend to follow similar lines. If you are looking to update and modernize your Columbus, GA area home with an eye on possibly selling it sometime in the future, you should be following some of these trends.
The 2012 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Surveyconfirms again how important those backyard grills and dining areas are when it comes to what most people have at the top of their minds when they think … (0 comments)

homes: Sell Your Columbus, GA Home by Adding Luxury - 05/29/12 11:55 AM
When the Columbus, GA real estate market undergoes the kind of wide changes we’ve seen recently, you would expect changes in how prospective buyers approach their choices. No surprise there.
With lending tight and larger deposits often being sought by lenders, many Columbus, GA homebuyers are seeking ‘move-in ready’ properties - homes that require little or no out-of-pocket cash before moving in.  That growing segment of the buying public has grown weary of bargain-hunting, are tired of viewing REO’s/Foreclosures and short sales - and just want to be able to settle into their new Columbus, GA home as-is. They want a bottom line cost that's … (0 comments)

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