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East Bay Mortgage News Mid Week Update Economic News:  Tuesday's Case-Shiller Home Price Index extended its recent gains with a seasonally adjusted .40% pricing increase.  The Consumer Confidence was reported at the middle of the expected range with a reading of 52.5.  This number is better than ...
Many of us in the real estate industry are fortunate to be able to work from our home offices. In the last 5 years in my previous incarnation as a mortgage underwriter and today as an originator, I have worked from home and I love it! However, it does present its own unique set of challenges. Num...
Earlier today home builder Lennar Chicago posted a terrific, informative blog post cautioning home buyers to avoid possible problems in claiming the home buyer tax credit. Anyone who has bought a home recently and has or is planning to claim the up to $8,000 tax credit would do well to read the p...
Beginning of the Week Update Economic News:  The Personal Income & Outlay figures were reported this morning.    Nothing really dramatic to report as personal income came in at the lower end of the expected range and spending softened with a decline in auto sales.  At the end of last week Governo...
End of the Week Update Economic News:  The Jobless Claims numbers released yesterday were positive and continued the trend of month to month improvement in the payroll numbers.  New claims were reported at 442,000 versus the expected 450,000.  This morning the 4th Quarter GDP numbers were revised...
"Broker or banker?"  That's usually a question I get from others in the industry when I introduce myself as a lender. I proudly answer that I am part of one of the largest privately held mortgage brokers in Northern California. That gets some eyebrows raised. Wouldn't I feel more secure aligned w...
Mid Week Update Economic News:  Existing Home Sales data was released yesterday.  The figures remained lackluster with a .60 decrease from the January levels and supply rising over the last three months.  Distressed sales made up 35% of the market and all cash deals were at 27%.  The Midwest & No...
Start of the Week Update Economic News:  Today is a relatively slow day but there is a good deal of data due in this week.  In addition, there is $115+ Billion dollars of notes and bonds which will be sold, and depending on the outcome, could have an effect on rates.  Keep in mind that the home b...
Here's some more great info regarding home maintenance from Gene in IL. Spring is coming so make a list of what you need to do and then knock out a few tasks each weekend to keep your home in tip-top shape!            Thought I would post this helpful quiz I found on the National Association of H...
Green has always been my favorite color. I am a quarter Irish. I don't like corned beef or cooked cabbage or ale so I'm not a very good Irish I guess.... Okay, that's enough about me. Here are some St. Paddy's Day facts that are actually interesting! Have a happy, festive day (and go easy on the ...

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