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Both of my grandmothers had PhDs in Worrying.  And, although I'm pedigreed when it comes to worrying, the following statement made perfect sense to me when I heard it long ago:  Worrying Is Like Rocking In A Rocking Chair – It Gives You Something To Do But It Doesn’t Get You Anywhere!  So, when w...
We've got squatters!  Lately, there seems to be an increasing number of squatters found living in homes throughout various Dallas area suburbs.  Plus, apparently a few of them have developed exquisite taste in real estate too.  It appears that some of these unwelcomed 'tenants without permission'...
Many years ago, one of my girlfriends fixed me up on a blind date.  Without much coaxing, her 'inner cupid' emerged as she convinced herself of the following:  “Carie is single.  He is single.  Sounds Like A Perfect Match!”  Well, the blind date was a huge disappointment, primarily because we had...
In my quest to find a new apartment in Chicago many years ago, I remember asking a potential landlord if he could please change the locks prior to my move in.  I explained to him that I was a single girl living alone, and I would feel more comfortable knowing there were no duplicate keys to my ap...
Last night, I was snuggled up in bed, so cozy and comfortable under a mound of sheets and a fluffy comforter.  Sound asleep and in the middle of a happy dream, I was startled by an annoying sound that awakened me instantly.  BEEP!  BEEP!  BEEP!  That familiar sound when the battery in your smoke ...
What’s wrong with being organized?  I like being an organized person.  I’ve always been an organized person.  I function better as an organized person.  Last week, one of my childhood friends jokingly suggested that I am a "perfectionist" because of my affection for details and order.  We reminis...
Last week, I spent 8 hours immersed in a one-day business seminar.  I was seated next to a gentleman I did not know, and throughout the day we engaged in casual conversation during the breaks.  He seemed like a very nice guy, sharp, well dressed, very personable -- and every other word out of his...
Today, I noticed that ActiveRain is having a webinar called “Dominate With Facebook” – learning how to use Facebook as a lead generator.  This prompted a discussion with one of my friends about Facebook and the potential benefits of using that social media platform for professional incentives.  S...
My football team didn't win the Super Bowl this year.  That's because the Chicago Bears didn't play in the Super Bowl this year.  Actually, the Chicago Bears haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1985 ... but I digress.  Anyway, all the Super Bowl hype is finally over and the big game is a faint memory....
Has a buyer client ever asked you this question?  After reading a few recent posts about disclosure of non-material facts, I wondered how this situation might best be handled.  As we all know, problematic neighbors can be a potential liability to the sale of a property.  So, what if a seller is a...

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