carlo gobba: DONT LOSE SIGHT OF THE BIG PICTURE - 05/11/10 04:52 PM
Recently, I have heard numerous prospective sellers tell me that they decided to hold off on their move because they didn't feel they had much if any equity in their homes. When you look at your situation, today's real estate market can be slightly depressing to say the least. When looking at the big picture however, you may have noticed that there are numerous properties on the market that are already priced well below value and previously sold prices. Some are still asking slightly more than what they are worth in today's market and it's unbelievable BUT there are a few that … (4 comments)

They key to a successful sale must take into consideration the current neighborhood absorption rate. In a sellers market, absorption rate may have played a factor into a sale but not as much. What is an absorption rate you ask? Well, it's a tool that your real estate agent SHOULD take into consideration when pricing your home but many do not!If you were in need of getting your home sold in less than 6 months, it may be less than a 50-50%. With current market conditions telling us that the average time to get a home sold in the Metro-Detroit area … (1 comments)

PRICE TO SELL NOW OR HOLD ON FOR THE RIDE!It still amazes me that even after all the doom and gloom in the last few years that the majority of sellers that contact me and want to sell are still using an old and outdated strategy of pricing their properties to negotiate rather than pricing them ahead of the downward curve and price them to sell! Statistics show that property values in the Metro-Detroit area are declining 1-2% per month. Once a seller has interviewed several agents and selected the agent they fell is best suited for them (generally basing their … (3 comments)

carlo gobba: DON'T LOSE YOUR HOME TO FORECLOSURE - 05/11/10 03:46 PM
#1 You may be responsible for any defaults after foreclosure. The difference between what you owed plus costs and what the bank was able to sell your home for could result in never ending collections for an indeterminate period of time. A Short Sale gives you the opportunity to negotiate with the bank to forgive the debt.
#2 While it may not seem like it now, there will come a time where your current financial troubles will pass. You will feel much better knowing that you did everything possible to avoid the feeling of hopelessness and … (0 comments)

carlo gobba: 25 HOT TIPS TO HELP SELL YOUR HOUSE - 05/10/10 03:39 PM
Once you have decided to put your home up for sale you may begin to look at it differently. At least, you should. The best way is to look at it through the eyes of a prospective buyer.
I have invested in and offer a special video that not only helps you visualize your home and prepare it successfully for showings. The video, "Dress Your Home For Success" is available free of charge (on loan from me to prospective sellers.)
There are six key steps to giving your home a winning look! 1.) KEEP IT UNCLUTTERED: It will look neater and larger. You … (2 comments)

carlo gobba: Pricing Your Home for Success! - 05/04/10 03:44 AM
Surprising as it may seem, I've seen agents break pricing rules in real estate sales as long as I have been in the business (which has been since 1996) and thought I would share a very easy technique that I began using my first days in the business and it still works today. What do they say if something aint broke, then don't fix it, right?? LOL
If you pay attention to many of the major real estate websites which advertise your listing such as, they all price in $5k, $10k and $25k price brackets. So when I discovered this, … (4 comments)

carlo gobba: HOME FOR SALE BUT SHOW SOME RESPECT! - 04/21/10 06:47 AM
After being in the real estate business since 1996, I have had home owners time and time again complain that as soon as the for sale sign goes up they feel as though they are being trampled on by some prospective home buyers. There seems to be a lack of etiquette in the business of home buying and frankly, I thought I would write about it.
YES, in many markets around the country their are many many foreclosures for sale. YES, these homes are vacant. YES, its exciting to be starting out the home buying process and maybe find a HOT new … (0 comments)

carlo gobba: Why Buy Troy?? - 01/04/10 01:49 PM
It's interesting that while many cities are currently in financial trouble (because of our economy and the simple fact that so may cities tied their income so closely to property taxes) that the City of Troy REMAINS one of the most sought after areas to live in Michigan!
 About the City of Troy, Michigan
Where can you find the best city to live in Michigan that is also one of the safest in the nation and second most ethnically diverse in the state? What city offers affordable housing, A+ rated schools, quality public services, and a solid bond rating? Where … (0 comments)

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