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Wow! This post has been the biggest following yet. Good for all of us. For specific information about public housing programs such as Housing Choice Vouchers, contact your local Public Housing Agency. To view contact information for Public Housing Agencies in your city and state follow this link,...
HUD offers a program to help section 8 renters pay for a mortgage. It is called Homeownership Vouchers. I will be studying deeper into this subject and will reveal my findings. For more information the URL is:  For anyone working...
The current buzz on the home tax credit has prompted me to find online resources so here we go:$FILE/chart_homebuyer_tax_credit_.pdf
I have my notebook with a broadband connection at my open house for the purpose of providing online information when requested. Today at my open house a couple arrived and they were seeking directions to another open house in which they became lost. I asked for information about that home which w...
There is a useful web tool called website outlook that will provide you with an estimate of the value of your website. This is interesting for anyone who is curious to know that information and has plans of driving traffic with the purpose of adding value.   The more interesting feature for me is...
After watching McCain's speech I was impressed with his view on citizen's assuming the roles of being helper's within our communities which I am in total support. Assisting illiterates and the fewer unfortunates build our nations strength. I just missed something I want to ask the community of AR...
Whatever the topic or theme of your secondary pages SEO the title and content with the same keywords to rank your site higher. I optimize a Spanish site with key words on the agent page to emphasize bilingual skills for the consumers so I recommend doing the same. E.G. Agentes bilingüe de casa e ...
The Down Payment Assistance is closing in a few weeks. For consumers that are in need take advantage now and don't miss this opportunity. Below I have listed the sites to obtain information:
For those that are actively marketing to the Hispanic/Latino market I share the key words for SEO. Real estate = Bienes Y Raíces Homes/Houses = Casas/Viviendas Your state/region/county/city = the same in English Incorporate these keywords in your content and watch your ranking climb!! Try it for ...


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