carlos a fernandez: My Top 10 Reason Why Homeowners Sell & Move! - 02/10/11 07:06 AM
1.  *Job TransferIn many cases the main motivation behind a family packing up and moving is a more lucrative career move for either spouse, or forced to move because of the job itself is being relocated.  Families fall in love with a home and neighborhood but the career trumps it all, it is the livelihood that makes owning a home even possible.2.  * Cash In on EquityThere is no greater feeling than being a homeowner, let me rephrase that.  No greater feeling than being a homeowner with built up equity in that home, meaning they purchased it at a certain price and now … (1 comments)

carlos a fernandez: "Life Spawns In Bernal Heights" - 01/03/11 06:44 AM
Bernal Heights lies south of San Francisco's Mission District!Bernal is a glorious neighborhood nestled on a rocky mountain hill with an origin that dates back to 1839.It has been a part of daily life in my family since the late 1960's.   The most recognizable feature it has is a microwave tower sitting on top of Bernal Heights Mountain Park.  The best way to describe the way my neighborhood looks from a distance, say... Twin Peaks, is sort of a behive effect, little homes wrapping themselves around this huge rocky hill we all call Bernal, as if the homes are all hives … (2 comments)

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