fl miramar: The evolution of the buyer - 11/18/09 06:35 AM
Buyers are evolving, and for the better. Up until the beginning of 2009, an abundance of inventory, coupled with a 'sky is falling" mentality lead many to believe that the real estate market was theirs for the taking. They were now in the driver's seat! And as a result they were submitting such ridiculously low-ball offers that most often didn't stand a chance of being considered. They made these obscene offers very often because "a friend of a friend of a friend" got such a phenomenal deal on a home , that it must be possible to do. And they tried … (2 comments)

fl miramar: Take me home... - 07/31/09 06:13 AM
I need a home!  
Here's a new friend to anyone out there that wants a great family pet... This is real estate related.................Right????please call:Monica Gaitan (305)668-1629 … (0 comments)

fl miramar: mortgage rates in the immediate future- - 07/30/09 07:16 AM
Hello all, I came across this great video from a real expert on rates and the overall mortgage market:
Check it out, he's right on the money!

fl miramar: Predictable Equilibium - 07/19/09 02:55 AM
Everybody wants to know when the depreciation will finally stop.  Truth is, that you can ask 10 different real estate professionals where the bottom of the market is, or whether we're perhaps there already, and you'll get 11 different answers.  So for the already skiddish consumer, the seemingly contradicting advice that they're getting from us further contributes to their anxiousness about buying or selling real estate.  Furthermore, the mass media with their all-too-common "sky is falling" reporting now has many consumers in a state of sheer panic.
From 1980 to 2000 real estate prices in The United States appreciated at a rate of roughly … (1 comments)

fl miramar: The "Real" real estate market-Part III - 07/13/09 05:44 AM
Today's challenge for would-be home sellers is to create a perception of value in a depreciating marketplace.  No quantity or quality of marketing can achieve this.  The only way that this is possible is through a pro-active positioning strategy, in conjunction with the use of the most extensive market exposure available.  It is the only way to truly know if a given price point (asking price) is at level that the buyer pool is willing to bear.  Logically, home owners who employ limited services brokerages with limited marketing resources, and especially those who choose to go it alone as ‘For  Sale … (0 comments)

fl miramar: The "Real" real estate market-Part II - 07/13/09 03:11 AM
Unfortunately, in real estate we rarely, if ever, give commodity markets any thought.  If we understand what real estate really is, and by contrast what it is not, then we will be well on our way to understanding what motivates the market, and how to use it to our advantage as home sellers, regardless of market conditions.  Real estate is a commodity. Real estate is a commodity.  Real estate is a commodity.    However, we consistently treat it like a product, expecting our marketing to be able to sell it. It never has, and never will.  Two important attributes of any commodity marketplace are:

fl miramar: FHA and condominium - 06/28/09 02:44 AM
Hello all,
Here's a quick link that will let you know if the condominium that your client is considering making an offer on is FHA approved.

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